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Candy's Legacy
by rootf95

Candy's Legacy is the story of Lily, she just broke up with her boyfriend.
Lily is tired of her boring life, her boring looks, and her boring self... Doctor Silicon and Candy (known from "Crucial investigation") helps her to become a sexy woman (a bimbo? who knows).



  • unexpected problems in the office
  • new client and new type of therapy
  • Therapist update (sunday, lv.51)
  • fixed Bar events and added some more


  • Therapist update (bar, lv.50)
  • story continuation and new ending
  • minor home update


  • new random event in the Bar
  • sis small update
  • laptop archive updated (new office, Patient No.9)
  • minor random event (new office)


  • Therapist update (sunday, lv.49)
  • Ava pool update
  • Rachel update (pool)
  • minor random event (home and office)
  • Amanda small random event
  • fixed Kelly treatment room at level 16
  • cool intro effect in the laptop archive (probably no one will notice)
  • changed some fade effects


  • Rachel update (pool)
  • Bar new effects
  • Therapist update (sunday, lv.44+)
  • Olivia's house update
  • sister's visit event
  • new patreon effects
  • fixed Kelly event
  • fixed - some events were not displayed correctly
  • fixed: treatment room and more tips at level 16


  • Doctor update
  • sis visit (new office, wait a few days)
  • pool random events update
  • fixed:some MC animations were not displayed correctly


  • Doctor update
  • Therapist update (sunday, lv.40)
  • Ava pool update
  • fixed random event


  • Kelly's mother update (apartment)
  • Olivia random events update (new office)
  • archive on the laptop updated (new office) and minor changes at the beginning of the adventure
  • some visual improvements



  • neighbor new event
  • laptop/home update (at the beginning of the game too)
  • office owner random event update (new office)
  • laptop update (at the beginning of the game)
  • new MC 3D animations (swimming pool: outfit for two types of hairstyles)
  • Kelly's mother update (apartment)
  • UI Improvement
  • max stats update
  • bug fixes

Skipping game events:

(experimental feature - save your game!)

  • Morning routine (Makeup & shower in one button)




  • Kelly weekend event update & first ending
  • Ava pool update
  • minor home and new office update

1.10 shortcut version

  • new character/client (swimming pool new event)
  • photoshoot event and laptop new clips: at the beginning of the game (level 1-4)
  • office owner update (random event in the Bar)
  • dreams update
  • Amanda bar update
  • Miranda update (office)
  • Miranda's mother update
  • Pool update (Boys)
  • Home random events update (makeup etc.)
  • Rachel minor update (house)
  • minor office update (patients)
  • some visual improvements
  • UI Improvement

Skipping game events:
(experimental feature - save your game!)

  • Day+ button, you can skip the weekday
  • you can skip days without going to work, just get up, take a shower and go to sleep again
  • now you have buttons to skip/complete some events (should work, save game before use)
  • quick transformation: after reaching level 10 press $5000 button in clinic


- new hairstyles and events

- Kate update (Bar-weekend, clinic)
- office owner update (house rebuilding)

- Therapist update (sunday)
- Kate update (clinic)
minor changes:
- Olivia's house update
- Rachel update (house)

- Kate update (clinic)
- minor Miranda's mother update
- new location: hairdresser

- new 4K intro
- new 3D renders and video effects
- archive on the laptop updated (new office)
- Miranda's mother update
- few improvements on lv 2-10

- new MC 3D animations, all outfits update
- UI change
- Kate random event update (new office)

- Miranda and Rachel house update
- added some blinking messages and fixed bugs (lv. 24-27)

- Kate update
- Miranda and Rachel house update

- Miranda and Rachel house update
- minor update in home, bar

- Miranda's mother update
- Rachel update (house)
- home and new office minor update

- Rachel minor update (house)
- Miranda's house minor update (mother)

- Miranda's house update (sis & mother)
- Rachel update (house)

- archive on the laptop updated (new office)
- Rachel minor update (house)
- added some blinking messages and fixed a lot of bugs (lv. 18-24)

- Rachel update (clinic and house)
- Therapist update (pool)
- changed some random events (home, new office)

- Amanda update (Bar)
- Olivia's house minor update
- small fixes in the office and home
- I changed the stats and added some blinking messages to make it easier to play (lv. 1-17)

- Miranda update (sis)
- fixed Kelly event
- laptop update (new office, patreon ver. only)

- Miranda update (sis)
- Rachel update

- story progress with Rachel
- changed some random events

- new character/client (new office)
- sauna update
- some new visual effects
- new event/location: Fashion Agency

- laptop update (new office)
- new location: Sauna (sunday)
- fixed:some events were not displayed correctly

- Olivia's house update
- laptop update (new office)
- Miranda update (sis)
- Therapist update (sunday)

- laptop update (new office)
- Miranda update (sis)
- Therapist pool update

- laptop update (new office)
- Therapist pool update
- Kate update

- Olivia's house update
- Amanda update (Bar)
- office owner update (new office)
- home minor update

- Therapist pool update
- Kate update
- Miranda update (sis)
- patreon online content (laptop)

- office owner update
- Miranda update (sis)
- home events minor update

- Kate update
- Olivia's house update
- Therapist pool update
- Miranda update (sis)

- Therapist pool update and random vents
- Miranda update (sis)

- Miranda update (sis)
- Olivia's house update
- new office random events update and fix

- new intro
- Olivia's house update
- Miranda update (sis)
- stats update

- Miranda update (sis)
- Kate update
- pool random events update

- Kate update
- Cinema update
- fixed some display error (bathroom)
- pool update
- Miranda update (sis)

- Miranda update (sis)
- Bar update
- Kelly random event update
- Landlord, home update

- Miranda update (sis)
- Kelly random event update
- Landlord update
- pool new random event

- Miranda update (sis)
- office, home minor update
- fixed office error

- Miranda update (new location, characters)
- Therapist update (25 lvl)


- bar update and new location
- pool update
- Kelly random event
- friends minor update

- Amanda new random events
- call girl job update
- pool minor update
- bikini outfit
- bug fixes

- call girl job (weekend)
- pool girl update
- some other minor fixes


- Miranda new events (office, apartament)
- office owner update
- changelog button
- fixed - some events were not displayed correctly


- new location: pool
- bar update
- Therapist update (22 lvl)
- minor update: new office random events update

- new character/client
- office random events update


- office owner (surprising) update, visit couple times
- home random events update
- clinic random events update
- friends update
- fixed - some events were not displayed correctly

- Kelly path: end of treatment and home update
- minor update: Doctor, Cinema, Olivia house, office owner, friends, random events in the office
- fixed - some events were not displayed correctly
- stats update

- Kelly treatment update
- Doctor visits update (friday visits)
- new character/client (visit "Clinic/Treatment Room" several times)
- office owner update
- random events update
- new location - cinema
- stats fixed

- Therapist update (visit few times)
- Kelly treatment update
- Doctor visits update (friday at the clinic)
- new random events
- Comic-final version (New chapter coming soon!)
- Amanda path update

- Kelly treatment update
- new Doctor visits
- bar update
minor update:
- Tyrell update
- webcam
- babysitter job

- Kelly treatment update
- Tyrell update
- Comic demo :)

- new storyline
- new character
- new location
- new outfit

- new intro
- new gallery
- new character
- new random event
- Olivia's house fix
- Olivia story update
- new location
- minor update: friends, Amanda and Kelly
- new storyline
- new characters
- new location
- UI improvement
- Kelly path update
- new location
- new videos
- Amanda path update
- new location
- new videos
- bug fixes
(I am working also on 3D models so you may expect some crappy graphics like above :D
- new storyline
- new characters
- new location
- new visual effects
- bug fixes
- new clinic path
- new characters
- new random event
- new videos
-new clinic path (work in clinic couple days)
-new place
-new office outfit
Fixed display errors and some new events were added.
The Next Stage is ready, (almost) all paths are updated (You must have bimbo lvl 10, earn $5000 and go to the clinic).
Minor update:
- Kelly night adventure
- new slutty outfit
- code improvement
- new special job
- laptop/webcam event
- events update
- bug fixes
- fixed "new job" (begins in babysitter random event)
- story progress with all paths
- new job
- new videos
- story progress with all paths
- new outfit
- new videos
- new job
- story progress with Kelly, Therapist
- new videos
- new clinic event
- story progress with Kelly, Therapist
- new babysitter random events (basement etc.)
- new outfit
- new videos
New version here: v0.10
-babysitter job
-new characters
-new vids
Have fun!
-story progress with Lily
-new characters
-new vids

Review by bisubsissyslut

Version reviewed: 1.31 on 06/07/2024

a year after my first review below and still the grindiest "game" on here.  if you like clicking needlessly this game is for you.  It's sad because this could be a fun game.


The grind was ok the first time I played as I was discovering more gifs.  Now it's just grind grind grind to the point I believe I may unfollow this game.  So much grinding....    I believe it can easily be remedied a few different ways, either increase $ earned per job and amount of bimbo hypno gained or increase speed at which things happen.

Would be nice if the end was ever in sight....  I hope there is a less grind version released. 


.79. Grind grind grind....  also needless clicks...  last time I checked in was .57 and there is the same level of grindfest it feels.  a lot of unecessary clicking.  If I do babysitter job then 4 extra clicks,  landlord job 2 extra clicks, go to bed? extra click to sleep but you can't do anything in bed except sleep, extra needless clicks, every day and almost every event.....  guess I will have to wait and see if any of these get read and if anything gets done about it

Review by Zenz

Version reviewed: 1.27 on 04/07/2024

Newest Review:

The author went to the admins about my harsh comments about this game over a year ago and promised them to fix the grind that so many of the players complained about, in return from me backing off. A year later and absolutely nothing has changed (according to newer reviews), making the author a huge liar.

New Review:

I downloaded the newest version because the changelog said the game was made easier. Which made me believe some of the grind had been removed. It wasn't and the statement was a lie. It took 63 game days for the first stage to complete. It's not a game. It's a click simulator.

Old Review:

I played this right before it got added to this site and I think it's visually well made, but it's a complete grindfest. You have to make a lot of clicks before you can end each day. Doing everything you have to do gives you very little money and basically the entire week is the same until you get to the weekend unless you get some random event during those clicks so that you have to do even more clicks. Some buttons only shows up at random and can even disappear if you click another one before those. Even if you go back those buttons might be gone due to RNG.

I played about 200 game days before I reached what seems to be the current end and while some things changed during the playthrough, it didn't feel like I got anywhere. I would love it if there actually was some gameplay and choices to make instead of just clicking the same buttons every day. It takes 9 weeks before you get something that feels new,

Another thing that was a bit annoying was the fact you had to keep restocking the makeup every week unless you hoarded a bunch. And since you don't really have any idea of how long the game would be, you had to keep on buying more.

Even the clothing system was boring since once you had to shop for some new clothes, you were stuck with the same outfit until something new was added to the store. You couldn't even change back to the previous outfit even if you wanted to.

So basically what it comes down to, I'd love to see more freedom to roam around to meet new people even if they aren't tied to the main story and more choices with the clothes. Once it's established that you need restocking makeup, why not set up an option to have it delivered to you every 4 weeks and remove to cost just like you do with rent.

Update: The author doesn't seem to care at all what the players think about the grind or they would have addressed the issue already. I made my original review on 0.48 and it's now 0.73 and nothing has changed. There's no chance I'm willing to go through the torment of playing this game again just to see the new things a week after starting again.

Review by edg

Version reviewed: 1.23 on 01/22/2024

tl;dr - I played for 3 hours and it is not worth it unless you really just like bimbo videos but if thats the case just go watch them without the clicking and waiting and grinding. Nothing from previous reviews has changed in the past year, just more 'content' you can grind for. 

I started writing this review when I downloaded the game so, like the game itself it is going to be all over the place.
I've watched this game get constant updates but never downloaded due to the worries from the reviews. I've finally started playing v1.23 and my first concerns are confusion over the writing and layout but we've all seen worse.
To put this review into context, anything in square brackets was added some time after I originally wrote down my thought. 

The buttons that allow you to progress appear in order (only allowing new options after you've arbritarily clicked things like shower).
The change in which option you're allowed to pick next appears to be the only way context is delivered, meaning that the opening sequence is more like a visual novel than choice dependent game.

I do like the instant updating of the avatar on the left of the screen, when you get new clothes she puts them on. Although I do find the constant walking idle a bit distracting. [Wow I expected way more customisation than literally just a progress tracker]

The clicking is made so much worse by all the slow fade in of images, I've actually seen this seen 25 times before I assure you I'm not gonna be surprised then the blurred image reveal happens.


The first couple of days in this game (and what they offer) go as follows:
-click bathroom (showering .gif)
-click makeup (.gif) [I think the Dev added a button to combine these two as theres a tutorial on the right sidebar but maybe I haven't unlocked the actual combine button yet] [WHERE IS MY 4 BUTTON SKIP DEV STOP TAUNTING ME I DONT CARE ABOUT THESE TWO GIFS OF A BATH AND MIRROR ANYMORE.]
-click laptop (hypno .gif) [These repeat] [after a while this is worthless mechanically]
-click clinic (F/F content that repeats images but sequence slowly expands)
-click bed AND THEN click sleep (dream .gif) [Theres only like 3 or 4 dreams]

Okay there's simply WAY TOO MUCH CLICKING. My hopes that all the reviews mentioning this would at some point be taken into consideration were in vain.


There is no context for anything that happens. The entire game loop is keep clicking the next button (and theres only the illusion of choice for what order you can do events it literally does not matter) to get the next two .gifs of porn.
This means that every week in-game is doing the same cycle, and every second day you might get an addition image in that sequence.
e.g. the photoshoot job that you get early on just means rocking up every day and then after a week you get one .gif added, then after more clicking one more added. There's no interest or stakes to any of the relationships Lily has with characters it's just "I need money to be loved how about sex?"
Fortunately some of these have flashing text saying 'END OF ROUTE' when you've clicked it enough and gotten all 5 videos (wow!). But at this point I was so acclimated to clicking I accidentally did these events a couple more times.
Theres a scene with the landord early to get money but theres no real stakes its just a blowjob for cash, then the landlord button keeps appearing but goes nowhere plotwise.


I'm at day 30 and the only progression I'm actually seeing is the weekend when you visit the therapist and your friend kelly. The Devs solution to having nothing useful during the week was to add a skip day button.

Apparently the next part of each sequence is tied to your bimbo level (which at this stage can only be increased by weekend events) so my new game cycle is:
-skip day (x4, ignoring tues-friday)
-click bathroom - click makeup (still mad about this)
-do weekly events to see if theres a new 2 videos in each sequence
-one more friend encounter [actually seems to be like every second week] [and then ends abruptly with no sequence complete warning]
-one more therapist step

The reward for everything in this game is just so low.


It has taken me two hours to get to the first primary transformation sequence. I have unlocked the morning routine button, finally when I would actually be interested in the changed content, does the Dev allow me to skip it.
Images have changed to reflect the transformation, which I do respect. After 2 hours of grinding, I will actually see changes in the events that I've been clicking for 65 days game time.

I made a deal that I would get to day 100, just to see if any content or story is worth it or even exists at all. I did not make it to day 100.
My breaking point was the new office content, a sequence filled with plenty of clicking, in which you had to do an encounter successfully 10 times (with no change in image content) AND IT WAS BASED ON RNG, meaning that some days literally nothing progressed at all.

This 'game' is literally just clicking links to watch porn that sometimes adds another part of the video. 


Review by Sessh

Version reviewed: 1.14 on 09/17/2023

whos this for koreans? grindy as hell, had to stop playing becuase you repeat the same stuff for no rewards.

Review by TheGreenGoblin

Version reviewed: 1.05 on 05/14/2023

Review Update 5/14/23

So many updates and not a single player complaint has been addressed.  At this point we have to ask who is this game for?  Is it a passion project only to please its creator?  Then what is it doing here?  Is it a game for the players?  Then why is no feedback respected?  Here's a summary of what the players want to see:

  • Less grind.  This is the biggest complaint, completely ignored.
  • Coherent stats.  Players should know what each number in each stat does, why it's important, and be able to go somewhere to raise/lower the stat as desired.  This makes the game fun.  
  • Proofread.  There's a whole forum of native English speakers who will help you write your game.  

Almost every time this game is updated reviews come out and they all ask for the same three improvements.  This means everyone can see how good this game *could* be, and we're all waiting for that magic update.


Old Review:

I see this game updated a lot and I'm thankful for every bit of it.  I'm thankful the creator still has the passion to work on the game.  I'm thankful it's here at all.  I'm thankful the game's flaws are being minded, and that new content is being added.  


Among all these improvements, the main gripe of all players never gets fixed.  The gameplay is TOO repetitive.  New events are too few and too far between for the story to have any kind of lasting erotic effect.  What is the point of adding Week 15 Therapy Session if it's too boring to play all the way through to that content?  

Make the game fast-paced.  Make things happen early and often.  

Right now the game only turns you into a bimbo if you play EXACTLY RIGHT.  These games work best when you get a bimbofication scene for playing wrong.

Stranded, Bimbo House, and Debt work so well because of their fast pace and their difficulty.  The player is trying to win but it's just so hard. This gives weight, consequence, and meaning to each scene where an enemy corners you and makes you look at hypno images.  Meanwhile in Candy's Legacy, we have to slog hard through repetitive bullshit, fighting for the next image.  And when we finally get our prize it's ineffective because of the long slog to the next set of images.  

We love that the game is being worked on but LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS.  


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