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Version: 2.01

Version: 2.0

Version: 1.5

Version: 1.1

Version: 1.0.0

The Vampire's Curse

You play as 'Samuel', a hapless farmer who finds a strange necklace.

This necklace soon curses him, and it's a race against the clock to cure himself!

Assuming 'he' will even want a cure by the end...


This game contains some puzzle elements, and the player must go out of their way to recruit party members.

It may take a couple tries to get the hang of the game. 

If you find yourself getting stuck, check your Key Items for the current quest!

Also: You can check the walkthrough for tips

Some anti-virus systems might freak out when you try to download this^^
I can asure you, this is not a virus.(I realize that saying that might sound suspicious, but what else am I supposed to say?)


Aside from possible bug fixes, this game is now complete :D

On a cool spring morning, Samuel decided to explore a small cave near his village.

Inside this cave, he found a...coffin? And inside the coffin, he found...a necklace!

He foolishly put it on...

Samuel (Player)

Katrina: A dark mage obsessed with vampires

Nicholas: Samuels best friend, and a decent mage

Hector: A wandering sellsword - Can be found in the Pub

And various NPCs

After getting some feedback, I've decided to add some tips and hints to make some things more clear^^

-Day/Night cycle: Depending on the difficulty you choose, 1 hour will be 10, 20, or 30 seconds in game.

Because of how the game processes this, travelling to a new area will advance the game clock by 1 hour.


-Sunlight damage: The sun will NOT insta-kill you! It will just slowly reduce your HP,

and reduce your MAX HP and MAX magic by half. Don't be too scared to go out in the sun.

 -Blood Ring: Hidden inside the cave from the prologue, this ring will help you against the sun.

-Corruption: Every game hour, corrution will increase by 1% on Hard, 0.66% on Normal, and 0.33% on Easy.

In V 1.1, 100% results in gameover.

In V 1.5 and above, 100% will cause the vampire questline to start. Your goal will change from curing yourself, to killing the Arch Mage.

Also, certain actions will increase your corruption, such as feeding, or using Blood Magic.


-Business hours: Businesses like the shop and pub won't always be open. If it's late at night or early in the morning, they will likely be closed. Try back again during the day.


V 1.0: Initial release


V 1.1:

-Corruption system overhaul, now signifigantly slower on lower difficulties.

-Drinking healing potions no longer permanantly poisons the player, instead, the player must walk 100 tiles for it to wear off.

-Reduced the TP cost of "Vampire Bite" to 10.

-Removed "Hex" in crypt, was only there for playtesting^^

-Fixed bug in quest "Crypt 3", now displays the right instructions.

-Added a bed to the abandoned house.

-Resting until night will now restore party's Magic, and party members HP somewhat.


V 1.5:

-Added "Vampire" questline to game.

-Added ability to turn Katrina into a vampire.

-Added ability to turn Nicholas into a *female* vampire.

-Due to 3 possible vampires, re-did blood potion system. Blood potions no longer help with thirst, they just restore HP.

-Fixed "walkthrough" walls in Wimborne^^

-Made it more clear that the Blood Ring protects against the sun.

-Added the ability to disable sun damage alerts.

-Fixed collision error in Pub.

-Made the thieves on Stratham Road less common.

-Buffed the "Skeleton" enemies slightly.

-Added new "Blood Skeleton" enemy to crypt.


V 2.0:
-Added 5 mages to the mage college.

-Added the ability to spend "Essence" to create undead minions, potions, and enchanted rings.

-Minor bug fixes.


Additional updates:

-Made it possible to walk "under" trees.

-Fixed small Alchemy bug.

-Fixed HP bug when certain stages of TF happen.





Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by awokenchange

Version reviewed: 2.01 on 06/25/2021

Solid! Quite challenging until you get used to the various systems, surprising replay value in terms of choices of how to spend your gold and your time.

Review by Tizzzy

Version reviewed: 2.01 on 03/10/2021

The dev seems to have conistant updates with new cool faatures, the art is great too, if you're a fan of Crimson Viel and Vamp tfs with TG i wouild recomend this!

Review by hand578

Version reviewed: 2.0 on 03/06/2021

Once you start on the Alchemy table you can't stop until you are out of essance.

Review by Rydan

Version reviewed: 1.5 on 02/27/2021

So, will you add a tailor/clothing shop?

What about a shoemaker/shoe shop?

Horses, sadles & wagons?

A smith/armory?

A Red lLght district?

More towns, villages, caves & forrested places and massively more vampire lore, books, text, items and so on.


Undercover operations?

Able to leave your minions behind or give them a task?

Working as a waitress or so???

Breaking into the Royal Palace, stealing vampire items from the vault(s), acting as a guest, getting your name on the Royal Ball guest list, sabotaging the anti-vampire protecting that is still working or finding ways past them, corrupting the Princess, Queen, ambassadors & (the royal) maids.

Starting a new trend in terms of how the wealth (female) people dress themselves, introduce bleaked/white skin being healthy or so, in order to get all the wealthy people to use paint or white poeder, to get a white skin.

Maybe causing a Costumed Royal Ball to be done, that has as theme, Vampires, Zombies and so on.


Turning or killing soldiers all over the realm, this so they can't hunt you down.

Make that Arch-mage just one of many, with the same difference between a village doctor or a hospital doctor of a big city.

With that Arch-mage being the village version, the city ones being way more powerfull.

Making corrupting the members of the Royal Palace, way more dangerous, but the only way to get access to certain stuff, like a crown that protects you from things not of your alignment, like good from evil, holy from corruption and so on.

A very cerrimonial(?) crown, thus stored in a very secured vault, but the only way to even enter the city it's mage academy, only the Royal Family can get access to this crown and only for those special days, this to protect from potential magics the mages could pull, when inspection their accademy.

It would turn the place you already made, into the village it's mage-school, thanks to travel distances & money, only the very best thus going to the city based mage-academy.

Thus thus also being the place where you could let vampire hunters being trained or equipped with their gear, for one.


Can you search that crypt it's coffins for stuff?

Like say finding more gothic/vampiric jewelry, clothing, boots, weapons and so on?

Especially fun if you're only female.

Some thight or crotch high, ballet & pony boots fusion, could be fun, for one.

A whip would work as well, same for other weapons, like a staff, a shield and several kinds of swords.


Body armor would also be good.

Something like the armor set shown in the below anime, first clip shows getting it, second shows it while in use, might work very well, I think.




Heh and for the route where you where almost fully a vampire in mind as well, but turned back into a human, could there be ways to undo what the arch-mage did to remove the vampire out of you?

Maybe even getting that vampie spellbook back or a more advanced one?

Also, would you still know those vampiric spells and be able to use them or not?

But most of all, can you make it so that the intro is actually fully playable as well?


Anyway, fun game, hope you can increase the fun, quite a bit.

Played true it, waaay too fast.

Still a fun game, hoping on more, but still thanks for what you currently made.

Review by Pakhawaj

Version reviewed: 1.5 on 02/22/2021

This is a very short RPG game with good, hand-drawn graphics.

The game has a time-limit of sorts, so I rushed through this one and probably missed most of the content, I saw two of the transformations (breasts and heels), but judging by the graphics at the start menu there are probably much more. I never bought or acquired any items (except quest items), just rushed through as quickly as I could while trying not to get lost.

I don't mean to say that the game is too easy, as it's enjoyable as it is. I would have probably enjoyed this more if I didn't know there was a time limit, so I would recommend taking your time to explore because the game is very lenient. The only difficulty in this game is finding out where you're supposed to go, so don't worry about damage or items or whatever, and don't be stressed by the time limit. Also pick "hard" rather than "normal", because I think that's how you get to see more of the transformations.

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