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Version: 1.1.0

The Uncanny Island

May, a rookie journalist, decides to go visit a strange island the appeared some time ago. No one knows what the island contains. People who visit this Uncanny Island rarely return. Those few that do come back can never remember what happened. May is hoping to snag a story and make her big break in the business. Little does she know, there is a very good reason why most people don't make it back.

Just a simple text based choose your own adventure game where you steer May through various areas in the world. Currently there isn't a lot of variation after making the first choice of where to go as that was more about setting hubs for the stories to springboard from. If I do more updates they will spin off from existing areas.

Currently there are 17 endings in game.

May. She's a woman. She's a girl. She only had one life. (Unless you count the reset at each ending...)

Twilight Forest
Forest Witch : Don't drink the witches brew when she offers it
Witches Cat Familiar : Drink up!
Red Cap Shroom : Try and take cover from the storm
White Cap Shroom : See above

Visitors Center
Packaged by Tape Drones : don't get a guest pass
Bunny Girl Breeder : take the guest pass

Research Tents
Bug Drone : Don't put on the reasearch suit
Bug Queen/Princess : opposite of the above

UFO Crash
Alien Stasis Pod : need the research suit to enter the UFO
Alien CPU : ditto

Furbles Farm
Pig girl : eat the slop
Cow girl : give the bull a piece of your mind

Manor House
Slave Maid : don't get angry
Escaped Maid : get your stab on
Fashion Bimbo : check out the east wing
Latex Fetish Model : check out the mirrors
Mimic Food : do some luggage theft

New Area
Furbles Farm found in the Rolling Meadows

New Endings
2 in Furbles Farm
2 in the Visitor's Center
1 in the Manor House
1 in the UFO
2 in the Twilight Forest

Changed story navigation to be dynamic
- Reworked passages to allow the player to explore with May a bit more
- Note that it will lock you in at certain points regadless
- Clicking the Start Again option once the ending is complete will bring the game bcak to the start and May will still have any items and conditions still unlocked
- To fully reset your progress use the Restart option.
Added Inventory
- Currently just displays special items when found
- It's not very robust so conflicts with other items and scenario text will be common.
Added list of endings and a brief walkthrough on how to get them

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Review by aaaac

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 02/16/2021

A fairly standard open form CYOA. Each area has it's own theme. Right now it seems to be Victorian manor, Fantasy swamp and Sci-fi desert. Writing is competent enough to get the message across. (though has a few typos) Lots of bondage, almost all of the transformations involve being restrained and forcibly remade. Does have Ant-girls.

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