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Version: 0.2

Version: 0.1.1

Version: 0.1.0a

Version: 0.1.0

Sin Adventure

In this game you will have to play as a traveler who finds himself in a cursed dungeon full of secrets and various monsters. Will he be able to keep his appearance and get out? Everything depends on you)

According to the plot of the game, a certain traveler finds himself in a strange dungeon, where everything around him threatens to subjugate him to his will. Only some letters say that there is an opportunity to escape if the hero succeeds in defeating all four kings who are imprisoned there.

Hero. An ordinary boy in the wrong place at the wrong time

Version 0.2

- redesigned the balance of skills and attacks
- redesigned enemy power balance
- fixed a bug with looping in the ending with goblins
- fixed a bug that does not allow you to fight with the third boss
- fixed some spelling errors in the descriptions
- added several new locations
- added several new endings
- added several new types of enemies and new classes

Version 0.1.1

1. Changed the balance with currency and potions
2. The new version is published in the archive
3. Changes on the status screen are now displayed more accurately.
4. Introduced new transformations that are not related to the battle.
5. The second King's "Shock" ability has been simplified.
6. When turning into a slime girl, the hero's level remains the same.
    a. The spell balance has been reworked and out of cost.
    b. Ice 2 can now slow down the enemy.
7. A fine has been introduced for removing damage from the statue.
8. Change the settings window. (removed unnecessary parameters)
9. Enemies now have mana that can be absorbed by the skill.
10. The world is developed after the defeat of the first boss
    a. The palace with the servants
    b. A complete change in the girl
    c. Events related to the servants and the king

        i. Transformation in the scientist (experiment)
        ii. Transformation in the novice (demon)
        iii. Transformation at the old lady
11. Expanded Goblin ending
12. Changed the image of the harpies
13. Fixed a bug with the ending from the poison puddle
14. Fixed text display in endings

Version 0.1.0a (Hotfix)

Fixed the balance of boss battles.

Revised interaction with toxic puddles in cave.


Version 0.1.0 is origin Demo Version

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by maximt61

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 03/10/2021

Good Start so far, I had a bit less trouble with the first boss, but I am used to grinding a few levels before I ever go against a boss. Think I was level 4 when I faced him, not a cake walk but doable. Still need to play a bit more since I got a TF that made me super weak and got wiped out. Looking forward to seeing how this goes from here.

Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 03/10/2021

The bosses are in no way balanced. The ability of them to randomly tripple attack you can cause a game over from what looks like a safe position. The ability to half health you every single turn with a double attack that has no apparent coold down further compounds the issue. The economy on potions is over priced and not enough drop to compensate for the amount of damage you take while fighting. This game is not much fun when you get screwed by rng 95 games out of 96. That is literally how many times I ran through first boss with only 1 win. of those I died fom over 300 hp 23times, 250 hp 42 times, from over 180 hp 11 times, and from running out of potions 19 times. I managed to beat the first boss once when misses and crits gave me a lucky break. I would not play this game until this issue is adressed. I had 4 potions when I faced the boss and was lvl 2.

Review by Rubzz

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 03/09/2021

First impressions is that the 1st boss isn't well balanced, i have not been able to beat him even when using all my potions and i have already killed all the enemies roaming around the floor for exp.

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