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Version: 2.5

Fame and Fortune

This is a Choose Your Own Adventure game.  Your character is in deep debt with some bad people, and is offered a way out: Allow them to change you into a girl, become a pop sensation, and escape after 5 years.

  • This project originally started as a simple conversion of u/animemeisje's Become an Idol CYOA into an interactive format. However, while I was working on the project I found ways that I could improve and enhance it. Eventually it became something much more than a simple conversion; more like a complete overhaul and extension. You can still see the bones of the original in there, but it's mostly a new beast (hence the name change).
  • According to the stats page for the software I used to generate this CYOA, there's ~289,000 characters, 600+ images, and took roughly 78 hours to create. Due to the extensive planning, testing, math, and balancing, I'd estimate it to be a bit higher (maybe 90-100).

  • This CYOA has 54 different endings, and the ones you are eligible to pick depend on your stats at the end. You'll almost always have at least a few choices to pick from.

  • I've done a bunch of testing for both balance and typos, but due to the sheer scale of the project I'm sure something slipped through. Please let me know if you find anything odd or find something that doesn't work.

  • I've tried to make sure everything is clear, but please also let me know if any of the instructions are confusing or misleading.

  • This CYOA makes extensive use of vertical space, and was designed for a 1080p monitor or higher in mind. Use full screen mode on your browser to gain extra vertical real estate. If everything still seems too tall/big, try making your browser window less wide (so it only takes up 3/4 of the screen). This should shrink the images without affecting the text.

Created with: https://intcyoacreator.onrender.com/

In addition to viewing on the website I've setup, you can download the project file (linked on the left) and use that project file with the CYOA Creator software (either the free web version or you can buy a desktop version for $2.50 from the creator).


You play as a young man who has fallen into a significant amount of debt to some bad people.  You've been unable to make the most recent payment and are worried that a gang of huge dudes is coming to bust down your door and beat you senseless anytime now.

But that's not what happens.

Instead, you're offered an alternate method of paying off your debt: Submit to gene therapy which will turn you into a young woman, and then spend 5 years attempting to break out as a pop idol.  If you hit it big, you'll have all your debt paid off and walk away with some extra cash.  If you fail...well...there are other ways of paying off your debt.

1.0 --> 2.0

  • Fixed a number of mechanical bugs and typos
  • Rebalanced the way player gains wealth
    • Toned down popularity provided by Body construction and Tropes
    • Rebalanced the Popularity --> Wealth conversion at the end (wealth attained from popularity is roughly 20% less than v1.x)
    • Rebalanced the wealth gained from concerts (wealth gained from concers is roughly 20% more than v1.x)
    • Added a ramping effect to the wealth provided by concerts.  Now each successive concert is held at a larger venue, and is therefore worth more wealth than the previous one
    • 1st Goal of these changes is to shift some value away from early popularity & Popularity granted by group members
    • 2nd Goal of these changes is to shift some value away from performance rolls and onto attendance rolls. 
    • End Result should be that promotions on the left ('normal' promotion) will be more valuable early (provide mroe performance/popularity) and promotions on the right will be more valuable for later concerts (provide more attendance/wealth).

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by the Morrigan

Version reviewed: 2.5 on 05/07/2021

So first, while this is TECHNICALLY a transformation game ... I guess ... we as players never actually see the MC as a male, and the transformation process is glossed over and essentially ignored. Personally, I hate this kind of thing in a transformation fantasy.

Second, this is not an RPG or a CYOA. There is barely any "story" to it at all, and what there is exists entirely in the introductory passage. In fact, it's barely a GAME at all, being more a set of game rules like an extremely limited version of a tabletop game like D&D. As far as I'm concerned, it's not actually a computer game (and definitely not a "Complete" computer game) when the player has to handle all the random number generation herself, via either outside RNG sites or (as is actually suggested) by rolling her own dice!

Since RNG, along with status tracking, is and integral, basic piece of every game engine I know of, this is a near-unforgivable oversight on the writer's part.

Still, the game does have a certain appeal as a resource control game with about four resources to control. It can be played through in about half an hour, does have some replay value and, most importantly, is actually fun to play. I'd give it an 8/10 if the author would simply add the necessary random number generators to the game, but as-is, I'd say it sits at about 6/10.

Review by Shouden

Version reviewed: 2.5 on 05/07/2021

If you like this game, you should check out Back Street Girls - Gogudols on Netflix. It's about three gangsters who are forced to become pop idols to pay off a debt.

Review by mimi69

Version reviewed: 2.0 on 05/05/2021

I like this game. It is neat and different, but still fun and pretty fast to play. 

Review by prole

Version reviewed: 2.0 on 05/05/2021

I don't really like the interface of this game - it's not very responsive at all (at least on my end). However, the content is very enjoyable and there's a TON of different choices to make to shape whatever you desire from the game (as long as what you desire is idol debauchery and sexy times).

Review by sigvin

Version reviewed: 2.0 on 05/04/2021

it makes no sense to me that this game has such high praise. the interface is refined in a sense by using fully graphic elements, but they're terribly designed. there's no attention given to what information is more or less relevant to the decisions the player has to make; it's all just purple text boxes that make the information run together just as much as if it were displayed in a wall of text with no separations.

and the instructions are insufficient. what does "How many lateral moves did you make on the above 4 rows?" mean and what effect does it have on the character or system? does it add points or subtract them? do perks cost points or add them? what *are* the points, what are the limits on them, what are the limits affected by, and how can the player see how many points they have?

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