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SHOUTOUT for art!
I am trying to make my games better, and work with an artist and friend, Pervy. 

Pervy had a hardware surge, though, and needs to replace power supply and video card. 
If you want to support my game making you can donate to his patreon so that I can get more art for both posted and future games: https://www.patreon.com/perversity
Pervy is a good fellow who some few gamebuilders as patreons. 

I hope he gets some support this way: afterwards I will take down this link again.  


Hope is a game about one of the mighty who have fallen. The work is still in progress! 

The game is in a World of Darkness-esque version of our own where the main character is struggling to start a new life after leaving his family home ...as a woman. 

An honour as bestowed by the Mother Of A Thosuand Young, but a fate worse than hell for a manly Tiger. 

Thankfully our mc is neither a worshipper of the Mother nor a standard Tiger (well: Rhakshasa). 

She is seeking a way to deal with strange new parts, old appetites and eldritch knowledge burnt into her brain. 

As of now there are the first weeks in her new home, with chances to start one of two pathes: or go a third way and end the game after the first weeks in Palepike/Montana. 

The MC can become 
-a whore
- an undercover investigator/stripper
or -a mortician. 

Being ...interested in death... and having a big sex drive (thanks to the Mother) means these pathes ALL have their lure...

Once you were mighty: now you are beautiful. 

You are still not human, of course. 

But at least you look the part. 


Here is my take on a born shapeshifter of the less than nice kind that turns (his?) back to some less than happy family traditions. Now she has to make her way in a society run -officially at least- by those pesky lesser beings: humans. 

The Main Character: who may become a whore or a mortician...

The Sheriff: A tough old gal. 

The (ex-)marshal: A tough old guy. 

A Charmer: a snake, so to speak!


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Review by kazuma

Version reviewed: 1 on 05/24/2021

Blauz, every game you make is better than previous ones. Keep up, please! I really like your stories!

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