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Version: 0.7.0

Version: 0.6.0

Version: 0.5.0

Version: 0.4.0

Version: 0.3.0

Slut Manager
by Lazuli

A brothel style management game heavily inspired by Whoremaker, however with a much heavier focus on MTF content and a few other unique takes on the idea.


This is my first game on this site, and im a bit new to coding and game development so I still have a lot to learn! The game is still in early development so a lot needs to be polished up still. If you are having trouble figuring out what to do in the game, dont be afraid to use the Cellphone to help you figure out what to do!


A lot of the writing is still unfinished and is just outlined for now. I will be filling in a lot of those events with better writing in future updates, but for now I just wanted to get the main story and events outlined. Max feminization is currently possible.


There is now a content filter in the game so make sure to use it to avoid certain types of content! (It is located in the settings menu)


This Game was created using Windows, so the Mac and Linux versions may have some issues. I will try to fix issues where they show up, but it is difficult due to not having access to a computer with a Mac or Linux operating system. 


Mac Users:

For Mac users, the game wont start up right away. You need to implement a solution due to the fact the game was compiled on a Windows computer.


This Link will take you to a forum to explain how to solve the issue and get the game to run on your computer. Sorry for the complications but this is the only solution I could find!


Game is currently very unbalanced. There is a cheat menu to help you see all the content, and the Game will be balanced in future versions once all the all the main mechanics are in place. 



-Some people have reported game crashes for events with videos. I am still trying to figure out how to fix this and will release a bug patch once I figure out how.


Plan To Add Next:

-Next update will focus on the Accidental MtF path (the current main one), and the Forced MtF path (when you dont pay your rent).

-After that, the updates will be focused on adding in the last major mechanics change of Reputation and a Customer system where you transform cutomers with potions to gain money or lust. A Reputation score will be used to unlock new types of potions. Other game mechanics will be refined to fit more into this new system and the game will finally have some semblance of difficulty balance hopefully.



If you enjoy the game and want to consider supporting me, then consider joining my Patreon!


You find yourself down on your luck with nowhere else to turn. When all hope is lost, the oppertunity of a lifetime presents itself. Roxanne (A succubus) offers you a deal. Work for her at a brothel to produce Lust, and your personal worries will be over. However, your soul is being kept as collateral so if you fail to meet your quota....well...She will find a way for you to pay her back one way or another.

Erik - The player character (name is changable)

Roxanne - Your Succubus Boss

Various other sex workers

Currently no walkthough. Use the Cellphone in-game if you need help figuring out what to do next. Cellphone works by showing you locations where important events are. (Event is still random to show up, but it will show you were they are located)


If you are having trouble with the game balance, feel free to use the Cheat menu to help you see all the content you want to see. Game balance will be fixed in future versions and is curently way off.

Version 0.7.0 (Content/Mechanics Update)

New Content

-Added in the intro to the game.

-Reworked the early events slightly to fit in with the new intro setting.

Other Changes

-Potions have now been implimented to work on Slaves. Many more potions are planned for the future, but the basic ones are in the game.

-Rent has been changed from a Money based rent to a Lust based rent. Slaves also produce Lust now instead of Money.

-Added in a button to change the player character into a girl in the Cheat menu. 


Version 0.6.0 (Content/Mechanics Update)

New Content

-Added in new minigame in Laboratory to Create potions. Potions still havent been fully implemented for their usage, but this will be likely be changed in this next update.

Quality of Life updates

-Updated Clothing Mechanics in the background to make everything easier to code. Also added in clothing to the side bar so players can see what they are wearing without having to go into the inventory.


Version 0.5.0 (Content/Mechanics Update)

New Content

-Added in new mechanics for Laboratory minigame to research potions. Potions will be used in the future to transform various people, although right now they do nothing and just the groundwork is in place.

Quality of Life updates

-Added in support for minigames to skip minigames for players who arent interested in playing them. 

-Added in transformation points which will be used in future updates as a secondary resource to help balance the game. (will be more fully implimented in next update)

-Added in freeplay option for first Minigame so players can play around with it.


Version 0.4.0 (Content Update)

New Content

-Added Service Customer Events for all perversion levels for both male and female player character.

-Added 3 Stripper Events

-Added Roxanne Office Event

-Slightly touched up some other events such as the explore town events or generic laboratory event.

Quality of Life updates

-Added Perversion levels to Cheat Menu.


Version 0.3.0 (Content Update)

New Content

-Added End of Week Slave events (which also can be viewed in "watch girls" event in camgirl room)

-Added Feminization Event to give slaves a Female Name

Quality of Life updates

-Added an Auto Save file for people who were struggling with crashing. (Im still looking into solutions for the crashes)


Version 0.2.0 (Content Update)

New Content

-Added Events for all Slave Enhance Events.

-Added a "Grow Penis" option to slave enhance events. (this also allows for sissy/shemale content for slaves)

-Wrote Main Feminization events 1-4.

-Added first Missed Rent Payment Event. (Note: This event is only possible if you miss rent while at 0 feminization)

Quality of Life updates

-Added Sissy/Shemale Content Filter (Images/Videos only)

Other Changes

-Changed some images to better suit theme. (not very many though)


Version 0.1.0 (Content Update)

New Content

-Added Events for all 5 Slave Training Options.

Quality of Life updates

-Added option to train 5 times at a time.

-Added ability to quickly skip events by pressing Enter/Space

-Added Feminization Indicator to clothing

-Added Content Filter to Settings Menu

-Added text showing income from Service Customer Events

Balance Changes and Bug Fixes

-Fixed bug with game updating resolution without being propmpted when opening Settings Menu.

-Some slight balance changes with how money is earned from Servicing Customers

-Some slight balance changes to how Slaves earn money

-Money resets to 0 if player fails to meet rent


Version 0.0.3 (bugfix)

-Fixed buttons like "Enter" or "Spacebar" breaking game during events.

Version 0.0.2 (bugfix/balance patch)

-Added "Settings Menu" where players can pick set resolution, quality settings, and fullscreen menu. This should help with some of the resizing issues. Still a bug with this where it fullscreens randomly when the menu is pulled up, not sure what causes this but will fix when I figure out why it happens.

-Performance Issues improved. Fixed some issues that were causing major drops in performance.

-Rent balance change. Rent increase lowered from 1200 to 800 to make the game a bit easier for now. Balancing will change a lot throughout the development of the game, but this will make it easier for players to see the content they want to for now.

Version 0.0.1 (bugfix)

-Added "Exit Game" button.

-Fixed obedience levels not updating properly

-Added windowed gamemode and Fullscreen button toggle.

Version 0.0.0

-Release Game

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Scientix3R

Version reviewed: 0.7.0 on 02/25/2022

I really enjoyed the contet so far.  Sure, it needs work... But I think there is definitely potential here.  

Review by Lady_Death

Version reviewed: 0.7.0 on 02/25/2022

I understand there is a comment about the game balance but wanted to throw my two cents anyway

The last patch with the lust essence has changed the game considerably and might possibly need a rebalance, as it stands there is no way at all to avoid the tfing anymore so the 'pure' route has died in flames, since the girls you have working for you earn so pitiful amounts of essence compared to what is neded and increasing it is gated behind an absurd amount of energy that you need to sink into getting improvements to the girls now with the 12+ energy spent just to research a potion and then more energy and RNG requirements to get the potions themselves which don't even boost the income that much.. as it stands the player is likely to have to whore themselves out constantly just to keep up with the greatly increasing demands each week and even then might struggle with it as there is a limit to that and no limit to the increases on payment afaik.

Still love the game, and the new intro and thematics are cute (big fan of that subject matter) but might need some tweaking unless it was intended to eliminate the male path for ease of future scene writing or whichever. the base demand and the increases to the 'rent' are currently a very steep climb with very few tools available to help scale it.

Review by max02

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 12/16/2021

need edits in the game, periodically crashes

Review by Ausdric

Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 08/16/2021

For a game that is still in development, it wasn't a bad experience or a bad game though the lack of content might have made it a bit dull though that is to be expected from an incomplete game, so I won't go too much other than that was a good fun porn game with a lackluster story that was just there, of which I hope is expanded upon. I also hope that the differing path (feminization and no feminization) has their path expanded on or their story given more depth, especially the feminization path that seems to be complete(?) I guess, though considering this is an incomplete game it might change. Also, echoing another reviewer's word previously the content for both seems to heavily favor more for the feminized path than the non-feminized path, with the slave being quite lackluster and any reason about their agreement in joining you is non-exsitent.

Another point is that certain images or scenes for certain events are just white boxes though I think that was because you didn't add any images or things to begin.

Overall, fine game for a quick one-night blitz, but don't expect anything too much due to how barebone it still is.


Review by Indeed

Version reviewed: 0.3.0 on 08/15/2021

Good game, though it seems really bare. If you don't go down the feminizaiton path then you quite literally have nothing to do after training slaves. Then when you go down the feminization route, halfway through it just doesn't have any videos or dialouge even. IMO there needs to be a route thats not forced feminization (eventually) and a complete  feminizaiton route. However if you just want to play a game for a quick night and be done with the game. Its a great choice (I mean this in a good way)

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