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0.7E Patch 1
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Version: 0.7E Patch 1

Version: 0.7D Patch 3

Version: 0.7 Patch 2

Version: 0.7 Patch 1

Version: 0.6D Patch 3

Swan Song of the White Angels
by Xetinel

New Lolita Standing Arts

In the near future, Earth is under attack by a mysterious organization called Kavliaris. They will stop at nothing to conquer the world. Only one group, calling themselves the White Angels, can oppose them.

After many defeats, Kavliaris has undergone a change in leadership. The White Angels suffered losses, were pushed back, and now Earth is on the brink of defeat. Each day, more White Angels are lost, captured, and suffer humiliating punishments on national TV.

One girl, Lolita, takes up the mantle of White Angel after her parents are taken from her. She does not believe her mother is dead, and continues to search for her. Is Lolita the one who can save the world, or will she become just another slave of Kavliaris?


0.7E have 53 lewd scenes includes it own Arts (23 Bad Ends and 30 lewd event).

See in the changelog tab to see what's new.

Game current fetish is: Mind-Control, Bondage, Rubber, Machines, Onaholes, Corruption, Futanari, Masturbation, Petrification, and MORE.

Thanks so much to Salty Justice for proofread the game again


See my patreons or Itch.io if your want the latest news and updates first, Thanks your for you patience and thanks for continuing support, I hope your enjoy it.

NEW Discord link https://discord.gg/2hzTFPNuxt

Itch.io: https://xetinel.itch.io/sswa

Lolita lives alone, searching for her missing mother. A fairy named Elena visits her and asks for her help. She becomes a White Angel, a magical girl who will save Earth from Kavliaris and liberate the Vit from their oppressive queen.

Lolita: A shy girl who spends a lot of time alone. She's searching for her missing mother.

Elena: A Vit, commonly called a fairy. She unlocks Lolita's magical powers to oppose Kavliaris.

Gaymax: The new leader of Kavliaris. Ruthless, cunning, and master of machines.

The game is entirely linear. but iin future updates it will have others things to do in the game

0.2D Changelog:

-Fix many typo and rewrite many better Englishdialog (Thanks to DeathKnight)

-Fix some bugs and balancing gameplay


0.3B Changelogs:

 6 new arts (3 bad ends and 3 is a lewd event in the story) in total there is 11 Lewd scenes in the game

-continue the story and 2 new missions

-improves some of the arts in 0.2

-new enemies

-replace old treasures box with modern one

-fix some bugs and improve gameplay

0.3C Changelog:

-Proofread many better English dialogues and fix typo (Thanks Salty Justic and DeathKnight002)
-fix some bugs and improve gameplay

0.3D Changelog:

-Replace three old slave sprites arts with a lewd slaves arts
-Fixed few English translations
-Fix bugs/error -_-
-gameplay improvement


0.4B Changelog:

1. Replace normal art KS. Mage to a lewd arts

2. increase the times enemies to chase your again when escape in first mission 

3. add more food in supermarket in Shion Town

4. Fix a small bug


0.4A Changelog:

1.  Add 2 new enemies

2. New one mission and continues the story

3. Improve and balance the gameplay

4. Two Bad End scenes arts, etc


 0.4D Changelog:

-Add Lolita Bunny Sprites Arts

-6 Hscenes (2 Bad End and 4 Lewd Event)

-3 new enemies (Their haven't have each own lewd arts yet)

-2 New maps (the Shion North town doesn't have purpose yet it been for the v0.5)

-few battle improvement

-Fix some bugs

-New one Mission Continue the story , etc

0.5B Changelog: 

 1. New 11 Lewd Arts Scenes (5 Bad Ends & 6 Lewds Scenes) 

 2. New stories, Map, NPC and Sprites 

 3. New Queen Irina Arts Standing 

 4. NPC would reach different on Lolita clothes 

 5. Balance some gameplay 

 6. Fix a old bugs 


0.5B Patch 1 Changelog: 

 1. Fix several bugs 

 2. change a little bit of one arts scenes position in gallery room 

 3. nerf and buff few enemies and Lolita skill 

 4. small updates on one of the map 

 5. When your click on the crystal in the gallery room it now show your preview Arts CG


0.5B Patch 2 Changelog: 

 1. Fix few typo 

 2. Fix one bugs

0.6B Patch 3 Changelog:
-Lolita new form Magical Girl Alita include new sprites and standing arts
-3 New enemies with they own lewd arts
-4 new lewds scenes (2 Bad end and 2 lewd event) there actually one more but it a statue gold sprite with just the text
-New map, story, mission and house
-New 2 skill after Lolita transformation
-New items
-Nerf and buff some enemies
-Fix some old bugs, and more
-Npc can now react to Lolita new transformation
-Add a music to the new map

0.6D Patch 3 Changelog:

  • Add New Mission, Map, Sprite
  • Add 4 lewd arts scenes, 2 lewd event and 2 bad ends
  • Add 4 new enemy, 2 of them have it own lewd standing arts
  • Fixed typos on previous 0.6
  • Fixed arts disappearaing millisecond when first-time displaying onscreen on few map and event
  • Proofread on the text I miss on
  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Change the Gallery room to be more nicer
  • Change the boring default title screen (Thank to Stinkehund for making the title screen)
  • Fix various bugs and proofread (Thank to Bloodly for bugs hunt)
  • Nerf and Buff some of the enemy and skil
  • Fix typo and proofread on the first conversation with Elena and the skill description


0.7 Patch 1 Changelog:

-3 New Mission

-New Map

-6 New Lewd Scenes

-4 New Enemies

-Add new lewd npc sprites

-Buff and nerf some of the enemies and skill

-Fix some old and new bugs


0.7 Patch 2 Changelog:

  • Nerf and buff some of the new enemies
  • Buff 2  Item Potion
  • Add a Key item when your choose to turn one new boss into a Dildo (Should have add this in the first place)

The item dildo can't do anything yet it be use for the next update.  This is all for now thanks for reading.

 0.7D Changelog:

  • 3 New mission (One is the main mission and Two is Side Quest)
  • New Items and Potions add to the vending machine
  • 9 New lewd CGs scene
  • 5 New Sprites
  • 3 New Enemies (Nabokov Templar,  Petrified Slave, The Perfectionist)
  • Nerf and Buff some of the enemies, items


0.7E Patch 1 Changelog:

  • Replaces Lolita old standing arts into a better one.
  • Fix a old bugs and typo.
  • etc.
  • 0.7E Patch 1 Release, your can check it on Patreon and Itch.io. -Fix In the lewd museum mission, the event that is supposed to play when entering the museum (when the "Meanwhile..." line plays) does not starts. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Review by Purzelkraut

Version reviewed: 0.2D on 06/28/2021

I like it! :) Keep up the good work. Kudos for the art!

Review by calarakien

Version reviewed: 0.2D on 06/27/2021

I have nothing but good things to say about this game. It's a pretty standard fare bad-end gallery with some other lewd scenes added on so far, but it's quite well executed with inspired use of some lovely kinks. Given a few updates, this could shape up to be something memorable.

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