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Transformation Tycoon

Transformation Tycoon is a transformation themed, tycoon-style business simulation game.


You have just unlocked a patented new technique to transform people into other sexes, animals, items, mythological beings, and more. What do you plan to do with this new knowledge?

Make money, of course!

You have rented a small clinic on a city street where visitors can be transformed into the body of their dreams--for a price, of course! In this business simulation / tycoons style game, you research new types of transformations to satisfy a growing pool of eager applicants. Hire employees to help you out and incentivize them with their own illustrated transformations. Take out loans to help you grow and begin advertisement campaigns to spread the word of your services.  Upgrade your transformation chambers and move to larger, more prestigious locations. Grow your fame to attract applicants from local legends, Hollywood stars, and all manners of international celebrities each with their own reason for being transformed, or having others in their inner circle be transformed.

Do all this to change the world one transformation at a time and become the ultimate TRANSFORMATION TYCOON!

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- The base client payment for some of the stabilizer crystals have been altered.
-- When factored into the base client payment for a completed transformation, regular transformation crystals and week stabilizer crystals continue to have a profit margin of 2x (ie, if you pay $100 for the crystal, the client pays $200).
-- Permanent Stabilizer crystals now have a profit margin of 1.4x instead of 2.0x
-- Year Stabilizer crystals now have a profit margin of 1.6x instead of 2.0x
-- Month Stabilizer crystals now have a profit margin of 1.8x instead of 2.0x

New Random/generated clients:
- Husband and wife podcaster body swap prestige level 3 client
- Man to butterfly girl spring seasonal client
- Trio of women into hummingbirds spring seasonal, prestige level 2 client
- Woman into surfboard summer, prestige level 3 seasonal client
- Fast food works into corporate mascots prestige level 2 client
- Boyfriend and girlfriend into sex-swapped sheep and wolf by Thriller54321 (https://www.deviantart.com/thriller54321)
- Man into large-chested woman for mardi gra by Thriller54321

New artwork:
- Stone Brew Decaf Coffee product artwork by AnthroMage
- Conjoinment Cotton Candy product artwork by Anthromage
- Mermaid Lotion product artwork by Anthromage
- Cat Ear Brunch product artwork by Anthromage
- Balloon Bites product artwork by Anthromage
- Fairy trio for Sweet Colleen and Her Fairies story client by AcuteGabby

- Fix for autosave incorrectly initializing to off instead of the expected default of every 3 days

- Employee portraits at the bottom of the page now show zoomed-in headshot images for employees rather than their full body pictures
- Changing the SFX volume slider plays a UI boop sound whenever the slider is moved.



New game features:
- Product Development! Products are foods, lotions, and other one-time-use items that are sold to customers for short-term, at-home transformations.
-- Product Development becomes available to clinics location tier 2 or greater.
-- Product Development requires a new employee role, Product Development & Sales. This role is not listed during employee scheduling until the location requirement is met.
-- Products must first be researched by employees in Product Development & Sales role.
--- There are multiple levels of research; higher research allows for more quality products to be synthesized.
--- Product quality levels are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Higher quality levels usually leads to higher customer satisfaction and more product sales.
--- Product research requires certain transformation types to have been researched and available to clients.
--- Product research requires some initial startup money and consumes transformation crystals. The precise amount scales with level.
- After being researched to at least bronze quality level, products can be synthesized.
-- Synthesizing products consumes transformation crystals. The quality of the product batches created is determined by the product research level as well as employee skill.
-- Synthesizing products takes multiple days. The time it takes to synthesize them can be reduced by skilled employees.
-- Once synthesized, products will be sold to customers hourly as long as at least one employee remains in the Product Development & Sales role.
-- Products can have their prices set by the player between a minimum and maximum range. Cheaper prices allow products to be sold more quickily while higher prices have a higher profit margin.
-- Unsold products expire after a base period of 14 days. This can be extended by having skilled employees.
-- Products can be discarded at will to ensure customers are purchasing higher quality products.
-- Customers who purchase a product may leave a product review with a 1 to 10 star review and sometimes a short description of their transformation experience.
-- 1 and 2 star product reviews very slightly lower clinic fame while 9 and 10 star reviews increase clinic fame.
-- The number of products that can be synthesized and kept in stock is limited based on the current clinic location. Higher tier locations allow for more space.
-- Products can be synthesized in bulk for all products that meet the player-specified critera, so long as no products of that type are already being synthesized.
-- Products can have auto-synthesis enabled, automatically synthesizing products back to certain player-specified levels. Auto synthesis is performed immediately after product sales.

- The employee context panel (the box showing employee effects that appears on the bottom-left of certain panels) now only shows one effect at a time but rotates through them automatically. Clicking on the effect text automatically rotates to the next one.
- The auto restock level of a transformation crystal on the advanced restock panel can now be typed in addition to using the -5/-1/+1/+5 buttons.

- Researching a transformation crystal now requires completing 4 test subjects that fulfill that research type instead of only 3.
-- Already-completed research from older save files will automatically gain another research point so as to remain completed.
- The second location, 7275 E. 9th Ave, is now in Tier 2 instead of Tier 1, allowing for product development to begin earlier. Every other location aside from the starting location has its tier set 1 higher.

New employees:
- Roxanne into Roxy Matthews, girl into doe-woman

New Random/generated clients:
- Woman into cartoony t-rex mascot by PedanticCheesecake (https://www.deviantart.com/pedanticcheesecake)

New story clients:
- Twinkle Sprinkle IV, V, and VI by Thriller54321 (https://www.deviantart.com/thriller54321). Each has two possible versions depending on the choice made in Twinkle Sprinkle III.
- Amber The Dragon I, II, and III by Thriller54321 and PedanticCheesecake.
- Gerda The Griffon I, II, and III by Thriller54321.
- Private Eyes, Always Watching You, Parts I through V. Requires infamy to trigger.

New research subjects
- Emily Green, woman into sheepgirl shepard. Satisfies Feralization, Purification, and Month Stabilizer research.
- Eleanor Keller, woman into Folk Hero Woodcutter Giant. Satisfies Masculinization, Defeminization, Growth, and Personality research.
- Braylan Terell, man into sylph, a female wind elemental. Satisfies Demasculinization, Feminization, Fantasticalization, and Personality research.
- Horace Harker, Hestia Harker, twins merged into a double-souled dark circus master. Fulfills Corruption, Merging, and Permanent Stabilizer research.
- Sir Harold Wantachest IV, a man into a windup tin soldier automaton. Fulfills Inanimation, Shrinking, and Month Stabilizer research.

Updated research subjects:
- Casey Canopli (tf into tree) now also fulfills Week Stabilizer research
- Marnie Underhill (tf into kangaroo) now also fulfills Year Stabilizer research

New artwork:
- Roxy Matthews employee artwork by Balile
- TG Cola Venus product before and after graphics by AnthroMage
- TG Cola Mars product before and after graphics by AnthroMage
- Mermaid trio artwork for the Under the Sea - III and up story client by Mizuho

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Agent069

Version reviewed: on 04/30/2022

Transformation Tycoon is a transformation themedtycoon-style business simulation game. And true to its word it is. The revolves around that you have created a clinic that transforms you into creatures of your dreams for a price, now with the new concept of product development where you send the transformation to them. The game is thorough with hundreds or maybe even thousands of customers, some randomized, and some are a part of a storyline that will not repeat. The game has addicting gameplay that can keep you entertained for hours and even days with full and engaging content. It has a fairly large fanbase who have made its own customers due to the client creator in the gamer itself. The gameplay itself is fairly straightforward, start the day, gain a customer, play a reaction based minigame, put them in a transformation chamber, and depending on how well you did, is the same amount of money you get. Repeat until you end the day, buy chrystals, receive them the next day, and repeat. If you fail the minigame, you gain no money and you lose the transformation calibration chrystals used in the transformation. Calibration chrystals are chrystals used to transform people. And if you do disappoint in the minigame they pay you less, if you do good they will pay you the amount, and if you do suburb then you get happy customers who pay extra. The way to increase this is to use employees, there are many different jobs employees can do, and they can help improve public image which lowers your infamy. Your infamy is used to see how sketchy your business is, the more you get, the more suspicion you get. The more of both you get, the more bad people go to your business and the more people will keep you under surveillance. They can make the transformation time lower and a whole lot more to help your business. The employees at one point also want to be transformed at one point as well. The transformation chamber can be upgraded and you can create more depending on what location you are at, the first location only allows one transformation chamber, the second location allows two, and the third allows three. The better location you go to the more popular or influential people visits your business. Then after you complete the day you can order more transformation chrystals. To up your chance of getting a customer you can use advertisements to increase it. You can also acquire loans. However, before you can access most of the transformation chrystals you need to research them, you pay cash for people to test them out at your clinic. There are two modes to begin this, one where you already have the Musculisation, Demusculiation, Femiliztion, and Defemilisation already researched. Or where you have none already researched at all. You open your store at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm. So there is a time crunch, there are also season specific and timed customers, 7 days a week, 2 weeks in a month, a month in a season, 4 seasons a year. There is also the topic of random events, depending on various variables random events can occur that you must solve before starting the next. The random event is about an influencer who might be real or not, all the way to a charity. Now, the game itself is only downloadable as an exe file, but don't you worry as the easiest way to solve this is to download it and then use Wineskin Winery to play it on another device. In summary, this is an extremely fun, enjoyable, and addicting game that is well worth your time to play and contribute. I hope you have a fun time playing this game!

Review by whatoncewasback

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 09/07/2021

A fairly straightforward game, but it has fairly addicting gameplay. This invokes the spirit of the older sim games. Well worth the time to try it out.

Review by Tolkien46

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 09/01/2021

It has potential and isn't bad overall. 

I don't like the Calibration system, I realise reflex mini games are probably easy to program but not everyone has the reflexes to do it.

Besides This is not how most calibrations systems work.


It also lacks any feeling of investment. It's there you do stuff and that's it.


Though my main complaint is still the reflex calibration game.

Might be worth considering an alternative.

Review by Shard

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 08/31/2021

I'm a bit torn: while I like the idea of a TF game that's more than just an HTML-based text game, this game falls into the trap that some other TF games that try similar things fall into: the 'gameplay' is mostly grindy, tedious padding between moments where we get to experience what we're here to experience. Namely, the well-written TFs.

If there was a culmination, some persistent story, or just a reason to actually play the game beyond the TFs themselves, I wouldn't necessarily mind disabling debug commands for non-patreon players, but with the game in this early state it feels more like forcing grind onto people who don't want to pay.

Review by soupeau56

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 08/31/2021

A management game with an interesting and unique gameplay, although quite repetitive.
Need to be able to skip the calibration permanently, this mini game becomes a real pain in the ass. It can be avoided but the time penalties become too important to consider it as a viable option.

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