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Transformation Tycoon

Transformation Tycoon is a transformation themed, tycoon-style business simulation game.


You have just unlocked a patented new technique to transform people into other sexes, animals, items, mythological beings, and more. What do you plan to do with this new knowledge?

Make money, of course!

You have rented a small clinic on a city street where visitors can be transformed into the body of their dreams--for a price, of course! In this business simulation / tycoons style game, you research new types of transformations to satisfy a growing pool of eager applicants. Hire employees to help you out and incentivize them with their own illustrated transformations. Take out loans to help you grow and begin advertisement campaigns to spread the word of your services.  Upgrade your transformation chambers and move to larger, more prestigious locations. Grow your fame to attract applicants from local legends, Hollywood stars, and all manners of international celebrities each with their own reason for being transformed, or having others in their inner circle be transformed.

Do all this to change the world one transformation at a time and become the ultimate TRANSFORMATION TYCOON!

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New music:
- New theme song, Transformation for Fun and Profit, composed by caeluswindcat! ( https://linktr.ee/floraliamusic )

New Random/generated clients:
- Husband into dirndl-wearing Oktoberfest woman autumn seasonal client

New story clients:
- Lady V - VII, transforming a trio of men into a mannequin, fishnet stockings, and bustier

New products:
- Lamia Lime Tequila Shots, transforming the drinker into a lamia
- Fairy Sugar Dust, transforming the eater into energetic fairies
- Dragon Ade, a boba energy lemonade that transforms the drinker into an antrho dragon
- Foxy Time Tea, a tea that turns the drinker into a suave fox person!
- Rocking Raven mouthwash that turns the user into a punk raven person

New artwork:
- Lamia by LadyCleopatra
- Fox person by LadyCleopatra
- Modern party fairy by MohMohpd (https://www.deviantart.com/mohmohpd)
- Surfer dragon girl by MohMohpd
- Rocking raven man by MohMohpd
- Autumn storefront variant images by Iridius (https://www.deviantart.com/iridiusthestygian)

- Added some keyboard controls for transformation slider minigame:
-- Press X to lock along the X axis
-- Press C to lock along the Y axis



New game features:
- Added ability to train employees to help them grow skills, particularly at lower levels.
-- This should make it easy to train employees up to operate a transform-o-bile without having to change their schedule.
-- Training has an up-front cost based on the duration of training and the skill or skills being trained.
-- Training can last 1 to 5 days. When 3 days or fewer, the employee will then take a day off at the completion of their training, or 2 days if they trained for more.
-- Training can be either for a specific skill, or generalist training which teaches all skills at once.
-- Employees with higher morale learn faster in training, and employees with low morale learn more slowly.
-- The higher level an employee is in a skill they are training, the less effective training will be. Above level 6, it may be better simply have the employee work as normal.
-- Each day spent in training drops that employee's morale by .1 .
- Added an end of day transition scene that shows the clinic name, address, and artwork.

- Employee skill gain rate is now clamped between .25 and 2.0 the normal rate, meaning an employee with maxed out morale of 5 now only gains 2x instead of 5x.
- Client application rate bonuses and penalties are now totaled together first, then multiplied against the base generation rate. Previously the bonus from employees and advertisement were added, then multiplied by the passive effect bonus, leading to confusing numbers on the client application panel.
-- In practical concerns, this means passive effects have less influence over client application rate when bonuses from employees and advertisements are also present.

New Random/generated clients:
- Wife's arm removal and breast enlargement for a party by Naya Nyxx https://twitter.com/nayanyxx
- Girl into beach ball summer seasonal client
- Married couple into pigeons summer seasonal client
- Woman into anthro clownfish person summer seasonal client

New story clients:
- The Undercroft of Desire - VII: a pair of male debtors into ponygirls to serve as living furniture
- Lady V - VI: a purse-snatcher transformed into a womens' handbag as replacement

Updated random clients:
- Alternate request for boutique owner into mannequin now requires and generates infamy.

New research subjects:
- Jason Miller and Remi Fulton transforming into a two-headed oni. Fulfills Growth, Corruption and Merging research.

New transform-o-bile missions:
- Billionaire who wants all of his servants transformed into busty female French maids

New artwork:
- Chubby otter woman artwork for Heraclitus' Parable story parts I-III. Artwork drawn by AcuteGabby.
- Bugged Out - I hornet-woman hybrid. Artwork drawn by LadyCleopatra.
- Added Winter seasonal variants for the clinic location artwork for 5 of 6 locations. Artwork drawn by Iridius ( https://www.deviantart.com/iridiusthestygian ).

- Fix for the story client A Taste of Femininity III being a complete duplicate of A Taste of Femininity III
- Fixed exploit of being able to spam-click the Lock X and Lock Y buttons in the transformation minigame when Lock On Key Down is toggled on.
- Minor bugfix for random event notification initially displaying when starting or loading a game even when the event count was 0 and should have been hidden.
- Bugfix for random/generated employee-related clients not being processed by employee delegation when enabled
- Bugfix for game becoming unpaused when closing escape menu despite the fact it should stay paused, such as when a client application is being read
- Description of passive effects corrected to read "client application rate" instead of "mission application rate"
- Description of passive effects corrected to read "client payment rate" instead of "mission payment rate"

- "Transformation Chamber [name] has been fixed" changed to "Transformation Chamber [name] is available" as there are various reasons why it may be unavailable, ie being used in the doomsayer random event
- Transformation duration passive effect should now display as red instead of green as taking more time to transform is generally an undesirable effect.
- Manage Employee now disables the Transform! button at the bottom while the employee is operating a transform-o-bile.
- Multiple spelling corrections pointed out by Discord member Stitch-Nose
- The predicted client payment now factors in passive effects that influence the payment amount, ie ten percent off coupons
- Added a text notice on the inventory side panel that indicates how many crystals have been ordered but not yet delivered.



New game features:
- Some random events now scale requirements and outcomes to employee count (all hired employees, including those off-shift) and your clinic's location tier.
- Some random events can be now be postponed.
-- Postponed events go back into the front of the event queue, allowing the player to finish up transformations and open up a transformation chamber, take out a loan for more money, and more. This should allow for more flexibility when dealing with random events.
-- Events that can be postponed can be postponed between 1-4 hours, or 8 hours. Not all events can be postponed, and events vary on how long they can be postponed for.
-- If an event is postponed, no new events will enter the event queue until that event is completed.
-- Players can now start the next day if there is only 1 event in the event queue and that event is postponed.
-- Postponed events will automatically launch once the chosen number of hours since postponement have elapsed. If the player is performing research or otherwise unavailable, the event will launch the first chance it can get.
-- When an event is postponed, the event notice display on the HUD turns yellow-tinted in color. Clicking on it will immediately relaunch that same event again.
-- Events cannot be postponed multiple times, regardless of how many hours it was postponed for, or if the event was manually launched again before the original postponement time has elapsed.
- Transform-o-biles! These are essentially transformation chambers mounted on a truck that are dispatched to far-away client sites for bulk transformations. These require employees to operate.
-- Transform-o-bile Missions are similar to client applications. Missions require an available transform-o-bile and an available employee and will last up to several days.
-- Transform-o-bile missions refresh on Sundays. The number of available missions increases based on clinic game and employees' skill in Public Relations.
-- Transform-o-bile missions have three stages: driving to, working, and driving from.
-- Transform-o-bile missions have an upfront cost to begin, paying for fuel and the operator's housing and meals.
-- Transform-o-bile missions consume large numbers of transformation crystals, but also have a high profit margin, as well as large increases in fame.
-- When a transform-o-bile returns from a mission, you will see a report detailing how many transformations were performed and at what quality. Qualities are Failure, Disappointing, Good, and Superb, and the number of each factors into final payment.
-- Some missions will also generate short news articles covering the event upon completion. These are indicated by missions with a small newspaper icon.
-- Employees must be well rounded and be at least level 3 or greater in Research and Technology, Accounting, and Public Relations to operate a transform-o-bile.
-- Employees operating a transform-o-bile do not gain XP while on a mission, but will gain a large amount of XP in all three relevant fields when the mission completes and they return to the clinic.
-- Employees operating a transform-o-bile take several days off work when returning from a mission to rest up.
-- Employees operating a transform-o-bile are always working while on a mission and are paid for their regular 9-5 work hours. This temporarily overrides their normal work schedule.
-- You do not gain employees' perks while they are on a transform-o-bile mission as they are physically out of office and busy with their own work.
-- Transform-o-biles can be upgraded to reduce travel time and work time.
-- Transform-o-bile operators' skill in Research And Technology result in better transformations, as well as take less work time.
-- Transform-o-bile operators' skill in Public Relations increases payment.
-- Added some new statistics and rank requirements using transform-o-bile-related data.

- Product customer generation has a new formula that boosts sales at lower fame and introduces a dropoff at higher fame levels. This should help reduce all products from immediately flying off the shelves lategame when clinic fame is high.

New Random/generated clients:
- petite woman into Amazonian by Crypt
- jockey into racehorse by Thriller54321 (https://www.deviantart.com/thriller54321). Requires fame level 3 with a high infamy alternate request.
- two fading reality television stars into life-sized soda bottles to film a soda commercial. Requires fame level 3.

New story clients:
- A New Man chapters 1-4, by Trashy Trishy (https://cohost.org/TrashyTrishy)
- A Love from Afar chapters 1-3, two lovers from overseas who delight in kinky submissive forms for one another.

Updated random events:
- Influencer, Influencing now only triggers after 10 ingame days and the amount demanded scales to the clinic's location tier
- Employee Appreciation event now scales to employee count
- Creative Bookkeeping money requirements / outcomes now scales with clinic location tier
- Skill Seminar cost scales to employee count. The seminar costs $500 per employee.
- Am I Being Followed? cost per parking permit is now $400 and scales with employee count
- Noise Ordinance Violation now scales to clinic tier at a cost of $1,000 per tier level.
- Historical Preservation Society now scales to clinic tier

New products:
- Happy Harpy Fruit Crisps. Transforms consumers into harpies. Product icon will be added in a future update.
- Sleepytime Plushie Toothpaste. Transforms users into plushie bears. Product icon will be added in a future update.

New artwork:
- Gaia Terra spring seasonal artwork added. By Balile
- Shipgirl artwork for Operation RP Go by LadyCleopatra
- Anime warrior catgirl artwork for Janice Payne, Corporate Spy - V
- Happy Harpy Fruit Crisps product lineart by LadyCleopatra with shading by Iridius
- Sleepytime Plushie Toothpaste product lineart by LadyCleopatra with shading by Iridius

- Obese fitness instructor now uses 1 year crystal instead of 1 permanent stabilizer as described in the client request
- slimegirl art for Janice Payne, Corporate Spy - IV should now show correctly in stage 4 instead of 5.

- A Business Partnership - III fixed to use Demasculinization crystal instead of Masculinization
- A Business "Partnership" IV now also uses a personality crystal to match the text
- Major refactoring, moving the game out into different scenes and adding a loading screen between the title and gampelay scenes. This may improve game performance.
- Added new theme tag, Limb Loss / Removal. This is meant to be used only when a transformation results in the removal of limbs that would normally have them, so a transformation into something like a Naga would not have this tag, but a limbless pillow girl might. The new story client A Love from Afar uses this tag.



Review by awkwardcultism

Version reviewed: on 10/25/2023

This game is both a Tycoon game and a Transformation game. I think it succeeds at one and fails at the other.

It is a very solid tycoon game. Growing your business is interesting and engaging. I think it compares well to other games of the genre I used to play like Ant War or Chocolatier. If I had one thing to complain about is that there aren't enough challenges. Past a certain point your business becomes self-sustaining and there isn't much to strive for beyond goals you create for yourself. I think it would be fun if there were other transformation businesses you were competing with so there was a #1 spot you can shoot for. Having a monopoly isn't as interesting.

As a transformation game, however, I find it lacking. There are a wide breadth of possible transformations, and a pretty decent amount of scenes for each, but they're fairly shallow. Few customers come in for follow up appointments, so whether you succeed or fail or mess up the transformation on purpose doesn't have much lasting impact. I would have preferred having less transformations but with them having a few more steps so that there's more of a sense of progression to the stories.

After a while you do gain the ability to transform your employees, which is permanent, but I found this shallow as well. Once you assemble the needed items you just hit a button and they're transformed with very little fanfare. Fully transformed employees create new customers which add to their story a bit, which is good, but apart from that all that's different is their little graphic. Considering how long it takes to transform an employee I was left wanting more.

Other issues I had mainly revolved around not being able to filter out some requests. You don't have to, say, turn your customers into My Little Ponies if you don't want to, but even if you refuse all requests from Bronies they'll continue to flood your inbox, making other requests harder to find. If you research all the crystals it can get to the point where you only might want to help one out of every three or four guests. A "ban this request from my store" feature wouldn't be remiss.


If you're looking for a decent game to fill a few hours of boredom, I can recommend Transformation Tycoon without hesitation. If you're hoping for HOT TRANSFORMATION ACTION, there's a little to be found, but I'd keep your expectations low.

Review by Ailius1

Version reviewed: on 03/06/2023

Damn it. I spent an entire weekend playing this game before I realized what time it was. Games like this need a "This product is highly addictive" warning.

Review by Angeloflight

Version reviewed: on 07/19/2022

I don't know what to think about this one. On the one hand, it has really good dialog, and actual transformation scenes on a site called "TF" games. I know crazy right how rare actual body transformation is on this platform. 

However this game has quite the grinding loop while not nearly as bad as other games. Also this game is complicated and can take a lot to get used to. Finding yourself in a death loop because the random RNG decided "no more clients for you." Because you didn't adverstive your firm and tried to research too early on. My point is, this game is hard and complex to get into, and I'm not exactly sure if it's worth the grindy content. But I won't say this is a bad game either as it offers a ton of content overall and offers a unique type of game I haven't seen before on this site. 

Review by Agent069

Version reviewed: on 04/30/2022

Transformation Tycoon is a transformation themedtycoon-style business simulation game. And true to its word it is. The revolves around that you have created a clinic that transforms you into creatures of your dreams for a price, now with the new concept of product development where you send the transformation to them. The game is thorough with hundreds or maybe even thousands of customers, some randomized, and some are a part of a storyline that will not repeat. The game has addicting gameplay that can keep you entertained for hours and even days with full and engaging content. It has a fairly large fanbase who have made its own customers due to the client creator in the gamer itself. The gameplay itself is fairly straightforward, start the day, gain a customer, play a reaction based minigame, put them in a transformation chamber, and depending on how well you did, is the same amount of money you get. Repeat until you end the day, buy chrystals, receive them the next day, and repeat. If you fail the minigame, you gain no money and you lose the transformation calibration chrystals used in the transformation. Calibration chrystals are chrystals used to transform people. And if you do disappoint in the minigame they pay you less, if you do good they will pay you the amount, and if you do suburb then you get happy customers who pay extra. The way to increase this is to use employees, there are many different jobs employees can do, and they can help improve public image which lowers your infamy. Your infamy is used to see how sketchy your business is, the more you get, the more suspicion you get. The more of both you get, the more bad people go to your business and the more people will keep you under surveillance. They can make the transformation time lower and a whole lot more to help your business. The employees at one point also want to be transformed at one point as well. The transformation chamber can be upgraded and you can create more depending on what location you are at, the first location only allows one transformation chamber, the second location allows two, and the third allows three. The better location you go to the more popular or influential people visits your business. Then after you complete the day you can order more transformation chrystals. To up your chance of getting a customer you can use advertisements to increase it. You can also acquire loans. However, before you can access most of the transformation chrystals you need to research them, you pay cash for people to test them out at your clinic. There are two modes to begin this, one where you already have the Musculisation, Demusculiation, Femiliztion, and Defemilisation already researched. Or where you have none already researched at all. You open your store at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm. So there is a time crunch, there are also season specific and timed customers, 7 days a week, 2 weeks in a month, a month in a season, 4 seasons a year. There is also the topic of random events, depending on various variables random events can occur that you must solve before starting the next. The random event is about an influencer who might be real or not, all the way to a charity. Now, the game itself is only downloadable as an exe file, but don't you worry as the easiest way to solve this is to download it and then use Wineskin Winery to play it on another device. In summary, this is an extremely fun, enjoyable, and addicting game that is well worth your time to play and contribute. I hope you have a fun time playing this game!

Review by whatoncewasback

Version reviewed: 0.2.2 on 09/07/2021

A fairly straightforward game, but it has fairly addicting gameplay. This invokes the spirit of the older sim games. Well worth the time to try it out.

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