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Version: ..03

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Game night with Mom

You have been thrown out of school and your mother is tired of dealing with you, and so she suggests a game night with her friends. What you find out too late is your mother and her friends have witchly powers, which you will pay the consequences for.

There is smoking fetish in this story as you can tell by the comments. I thought it would help symbolize a young man being turned into something he hates. Mainly' a middle aged smoking woman. This isn't aeveryone's (or possibly anyone's) cup of tea).

You- a 17 year old troublemaker

Your mom- a 44 year old woman who is sick of your crap

Brenda- Your friend's mother who's son was kicked out of school before you

Ethyl- Diane's stepmom a much older woman, who hangs with their group

Diane- Your other friend's mother who is a total MILF and is your mom's sexiest friend


Added more to the backstory, and more passages.

Created patreon for no reason

Added another round and preparing for the conclusion.



First, thanks for the 1 person who gave me some tips on working on the game it should be better now.

Named the first version wrong so this is .02

Added more to the story to make the reasoning make more sense

Fixed everything so there are no external links and everything (should) work better

Added a couple more turns to the game

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Review by Lets

Version reviewed: ..03 on 09/07/2021


Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: ..03 on 09/04/2021

I will admit that smoking is rlly rlly rlly not my thing.  However, despite that, tfs are very very very much my thing.  The writing is well done as far as it goes, looking forward to seeing where this goes.  Also gets points for being a magical board game! *squeeee!*

Review by Kikimcbeacky

Version reviewed: .000001 on 08/28/2021

I think this game has good potential and has a good baseline for further development and choices. Seems to be losely based on what mandy menthol wrote on fictionmania and I would invite any person to check it out if smoking tfs are your thing. Looking forward to more updates!

Review by mally01

Version reviewed: .000001 on 08/28/2021

Personally smoking fetish is not my thing but that is a subjective thing. I am sure there are those out there who like it. reading the other comments and I have I come to the conclusion that it is the reason Developers give up on their games because not one of them gave any constructive ideas to improve the game. In fact, there was only one commenter qualified to criticise from a gameplay perspective. I do not develop games but I am sure they take a lot of work to put together and to debug. Smoking fetish stories are pretty niche and like I said not my thing. Good luck ratmandu with the game.

Review by Red-XIII

Version reviewed: .000001 on 08/28/2021

Still the same shirt, just a bit more of it.

Bullet-train-speed game that makes almost zero sense.

And the dude that enters "just in time for the sex scene" is a classic example of how NOT to write pornographic fiction.

All the "writing quality" of a short porn video without the actual advantage of it being a video.

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