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Version: .09

Project Kirke
by nezumih

Releasing Alpha version for feedback (to try and minimize later rework).

The story follows a student on the cusp of graduating, as he comes to the attention of the community's medical officer, with an intent of rebalancing gender ratios. Themes include coming-of-age, transformation (MtF), sexual experiences (M/M, M/F, F/F), dominance/submission, generational space travel, hypnotism, and the power of friendship. Choose Your Own Adventure (with randomization for resolving challenges).

Please see the thread for specific items I am looking for feedback on.


It is currently 50% complete (Day 9 of 16), at 30k words. HTML (Twine), with images and videos. Expected beta release date of early November (i.e., the entire story playable).

Yourself, a student, preparing to graduate into a professional career, if you can do well enough on your exams to impress anyone into inviting you.

Your best friend, your Mercutio.

The provost, the foil to your plans, both academically, as well as romantically. He prefers the community have a more female leaning, and is putting his finger on the scale to push you over as well.

The love interest, your Juliet.

The bully, he's stronger than you, better positioned than you, and he has designs on your Juliet as well.

Your mother. Not too involved in your normal ambitions, until other forces use her for their own ends.

Public alpha release .09. Includes completed days 1 through 9 (planned total of 16), enabled full transformations, dice mechanics tested and balanced, 60% of photos present and tagged where feasible. MISSING is: three planned random event slots, class status tracker.

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Review by ShadowWisp

Version reviewed: .09 on 10/14/2021

Really good so far, I am looking forward to seeing how this progresses.

The choices you make really have and impact, going back a and seeing the differences is easy and the length is such that its also easy enough to restart and play differently.


It would be nice to have your changes impact on the training scenes, but the main story is the most important part to complete.

Review by firefly.red

Version reviewed: .09 on 10/01/2021

Really good start, good premise, well written, looking forward to more!

Review by ghdhsdhh

Version reviewed: .09 on 10/01/2021

I rather like this game - it has a very defined atmosphere to it, with an enjoyable feeling of peeling back the veil of a society that's way less stable than most think it is.  ...and also the sex (both with and without the mind/body alterations) is rather well written.  I look forward to playing this again when it updates!

Review by JNBackup

Version reviewed: .09 on 09/29/2021

I often forget to like and add a review, not today!

Choices, decent writing, neat story/premise.
but its not about what a game have, its how well it does it.
and it does its job very well!

i will definitely want more!

Review by mimi69

Version reviewed: .09 on 09/27/2021

Interesting and I like. There is a lot here and choices definitely have meaning. Sometimes not what you expect...

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