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Version: 3.13


Bloodshift is a point n click adventure that includes exploration, puzzle solving, and stat management. It is centered around a male carnal vampire, Draco Draconydd, who finds himself in 21st century America. He must find out who brought him here, get his revenge, and restore his rightful place above this new modern herd of human cattle. To achieve his goals, Draco will create an army of bloodmares, human females who transform their personalities, morals, and appearances as their master's dark seed possesses and corrupts them.

The game includes challenging puzzles as well as a strong narrative. Bloodshift is released in chapters and is in continual development. Save data is persistent between releases, so you don't need to start over. But if you choose to, unlockable achievements and a high score mechanic reward repeated playthroughs.


Dominate your prey


NSFW image: https://attachments.f95zone.to/2022/01/1623713_1622087_animate.gif

Summon your slaves


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Gather your stable


Talk, explore, & solve


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Drink, fuck, & corrupt


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Draco, the Viscount of Beaumaris and the Master of Women, awakes from a 300 year sleep and finds his coffin-- with him in it-- absconded to America, where he wrestles with a time and location he does not understand. In desperation, he uses his hypnotic stare to ensnare a beautiful redheaded female, after which he fucks her and drinks her, beginning her path of corruption and submission to her new vampire master.

But the presence of a vampire cannot go unnoticed, as state and church authorities begin to investigate strange happenings, all of which can be traced to the titular night hunter. Forever cursed with The Hunger, Draco can do nothing but continue to drink, expand his stable of slaves, and find ways to survive and seek his revenge.


Chapter 1

Draco wakes in modern Las Vangeles and acquires his first two blood sources while alternately feeding on the local transients.



Chapter 2

Having regained some of his strength, Draco explores the local university for answers, along with the brainwashed Michelle. There he finds an important artifact from his past.



Chapter 3

Michelle's ultra religious parents have arrived in Las Vangeles to collect their daughter. Provincial though they may be, their zealotry makes them dangerous to Draco.


Draco Traehaern Draconydd, the Viscount of Beaumaris, Master of Women, and carnal vampire

Draco was a Welsh nobleman until the mid 18th century. Born in 1210, he has seen centuries of human development, but knows nothing of the technological leaps or political upheavals made in the last 300 years. Now significantly weakened after a long, unintended slumber (or murder?) he seeks to restore his kingdom to its former glory, which at its peak held a stable of 30 bloodsluts stolen from all over the world and housed in his keep near Gwynedd.

As a carnal vampire, Draco is sustained by human blood and delectable vaginal honey. But whatever he draws, he must replace, and boiling hot, vampire cum is his perfusate of choice. The cum of a carnal vampire corrupts the soul and possesses the body, and anyone who meets Draco's hypnotic gaze is sure to meet such a fate in short order.



Michelle Ronan

A feisty young woman who is the first to experience Draco's bite and venom. She gradually grows addicted to him, even as she fears him and tries to stay away. Her parents are extremely religious, which causes friction in her family, especially with the addition of her new hellish "beau".



Ann Johnson

A new high school graduate going into her first year of college. She looks and acts younger than her age, no thanks to her overprotective father. She yearns to go out on her own. A vampire may be just the ticket. A vampire's mind control powers will be hardly necessary.



Mara Raine

A mysterious young mother who fell into hooking and drug dealing. She is resourceful, and a survivor, with many skills that Draco finds useful to place under his yoke. Her bodyguards protect her most of the time, as does the presence of her daughter, whom Draco refuses to harm-- one of the last vestiges of his soul that still remains.

  • NIGHT 1

    • Escape from the warehouse

      • Click on a thin vertical line in the upper right quarter of the screen. This will open a ceiling hatch to get out.

    • Make your way to the city.

    • Talk to the redheaded woman, Michelle.

    • Dominate Michelle

      • Ask her for icecream.

      • Select the deep red icecream.

    • Follow her back to her apartment and eat her.


    • Search the southern-most forest area for a faint arrow. Click it to pick up the old coin.

    • Talk to Kelly

      • Speak to her about her university

      • Ask her to go some place quiet.

    • Go to the Hammer District and explore

    • Eat the first 2 bums

      • Violinist

        • Ask the fat bum what is wrong with him to get him to shoo the violinist away

        • Listen for the violin in the intersection south of the bum gathering and click on the dark alley.

        • Eat the bum and pick up the money from him.

      • Dreadlocked bum

        • Ask the fat bum to meet privately, who will give you a tip about the dreadlocked bum.

        • Proposition the dreadlocked bum

        • Eat him

    • Meet the girls

      • Ann

        • Ask the fat bum about pretty girls.

      • Mara

        • Ask the drugee about what he’s looking for to open a path to Wester Park.

        • Ask Mara about buying drugs.

        • Give Mara money.

    • Eat delusional bum

      • Ask him about the dealers and tell him you can arrange for him to meet with Ann. You will gain the Stalk ability.

      • Eat him.

    • Recover the money and the drugs

      • Stalk Mara to her home.

      • Dominate her while she sleeps.

      • Order her to make Blaze return the money to you.


    • Go to Michelle’s apartment after your first daymare.

    • Click on the door to knock on it

    • Wait for the peephole to go dark.

    • Click on the peephole to dominate Michelle through the door.

    • Ask Michelle about the officer.


    • Eat drugee

      • Visit the park and recover the money from Mara.

      • Give the money to Mara to buy drugs.

      • Give the drugs to the drugee and eat him.

    • Drink Ann

      • Visit the store once all four bums are dead.

      • Ask Ann what’s going on. She’ll explain that a shipment of prescription drugs just came in.

      • Go to Mara to encourage her to raid the store. She will refuse.

      • Go to Mara’s apartment and dominate her.

      • Tell her to raid the store.

      • Tomorrow night, visit the store to see the raid occurring.

      • Go inside and talk to Ann’s father and tell him to send Ann home.

      • Stalk Ann to her home.

      • Dominate and drink her.

    • Go to the university

      • Ask Michelle about the university and tell her to come with you. She will follow.

      • Go to the university.



      • Drag Michelle onto the student center to open it.

      • Drag the coin onto the university student

      • Drag Michelle onto the university student.


      • Go to the Reuter building and drag Michelle onto it. She won’t be able to get in.

      • Go to the library and drag Michelle onto the student there. He will open Reuter for you.

      • Go inside and find Professor Roberts.

      • Drag Michelle onto Roberts to get him to talk to you.

      • Drag the coin onto Roberts and get information from him.

      • Leave and head home and sleep.


      • Go see Michelle to get her report.

      • You should receive a wallet and drugs.


      • Give Michelle drugs so she can sell them for you, and/or sell them yourself.

      • Go to Mara and tell her you need to make money.

      • Go with Blaze on the shakedown against the rival dealers.

      • Find at least two stashes of cash or drugs in the apartment and report to Blaze when you are finished.

      • Escape the apartment to the roof.

      • Click on the lower right side to rappel down the building.

      • Return to Mara.

      • Get paid from Blaze.

      • Get drugs from Shark.

      • Sell drugs until you have $1000 for Professor Landhurst.


      • Go with Michelle to see Professor Landhurst in Reuter.

      • Give him the coin.

      • After speaking to Landhurst, go to the Turner building to the east.


      • Go inside and go upstairs. Click on Professor Sanchez’ door.

      • Talk to the janitor about getting inside.

      • Go downstairs to the east basement and access the utility closet. Pick up the towels.

      • Go to the west basement and turn on all 3 faucets, then drag the towels onto them to start flooding the floor.

      • Go upstairs and drag Michelle onto the janitor.

      • Go to the far door in Sanchez’ hall to acquire the keys on the wall.

      • Use the keys to open Sanchez’ lab.


      • Go to his office and access his computer with Michelle.

      • Hack the password or skip the puzzle

      • Search Sanchez’ communications until you see reference to a mystery item.

    • THE ITEM

      • Go downstairs to the east basement and access Archives (use the keys).

      • Go to the large drawers on the east side and pick up the dragon statuette.

      • Go to sleep



    • Give the candy bar to Elly when she appears for an early influence boost free kindness boost




      • The tall student in front of the library will buy from you everyday.

      • The student inside Reuter will buy from you everyday.

      • If you leave Michelle on campus at night she will make sales at a higher rate.


      • Money and goods can be found:

        • Behind the painting

        • In the ceiling ledge

        • Under the pillows in the bedroom


      • Ruse is found under the bed in the bedroom.

      • Eat him


      • After the shakedown, ask Mara where she learned to pick locks to activate the mission.

      • The enforcers should be willing to leave you alone with Mara now. Glamour her and get information about Elly if you haven’t already. You should learn that she is left at home alone every night.

      • Suggest to Mara that she needs a babysitter.

      • Go to Ann and ask her what she’s been doing at home.

      • Suggest she try babysitting for extra money. Do not drink from her or the scheme may be delayed.

      • Go to Mara and inform her that Ann will sit for Elly.

      • Sleep. As long as Ann is healthy, a daymare should play showing Ann, Elly, and Mara meeting.

      • Go to Mara in the park and glamour her. Ask to meet with her alone and follow her back to her apartment.

      • Fuck her.

    • v3.13
      • QOL
        • Added skip options to doorway puzzle and flower puzzle
        • Added more detailed entries to task list to make Chapter 1 a little clearer
        • Sex sounds can now be turned on and off again
        • Top 9 score list added (submit scores in Discord)
        • New startup screen added (voted in by Subscribers)
        • New interactions with Kelly added (prepping for future path, still inaccessible overall)
        • Player is now prompted at the start of the game to input their name (will act as Draco’s middle name) (you can change your middle name anytime in the player menu)
        • Dialog box expanded, font enlarged
      • BUG FIXES
        • A bug which caused Michelle’s door to not reappear in Chapter 3, preventing the player from progressing, was fixed.
        • Patched an unusual circumstance which can trap the player in Ann’s day mission if they execute the mission without the samples jar in their inventory.
        • A bug that caused the inventory not to reset properly after Ann’s mission was fixed
        • Sometimes your inventory is not properly refreshed after returning from Ann’s day mission. Anytime this may happen, or if your escort icons go missing, press F2 to reset the item and escort inventory.
        • Under rare circumstances, Blaze and Shark will be missing from the park when they are required for the completion of the dealer raid. Submit your save file in the Discord for a fix.




      • Under rare circumstances, Blaze and Shark will be missing from the park when they are required for the completion of the dealer raid. Submit your save file in the Discord for a fix.


      • A bug which prevented players from re-extracting Mara and Téa was fixed.

      • A bug which caused the player to be assigned milkweed twice by Magmar was fixed.

      • A bug which prevented Mara’s sprite from appearing was fixed.

    • QOL

      • The Chapter 4 objectives were clarified to make clear they are insoluble.

  • v3.03


      • About 10% of the time while being assigned your floral reagents, you will be assigned milkweed twice. Just ignore the second instance when mixing. You don’t need a second milkweed plant.

      • A bug is preventing players from extracting Mara and Téa more than once. Ann should be extractable once per night.


      • A few bugs where trying to examine some miscellaneous characters in the early game caused UI lock were fixed. (Should this happen to you elsewhere, you can press F1 to get out of it)

      • A bug that allowed the player to use the Stalk ability prematurely, ultimately trapping the player, has been fixed. You will need to restart your game.


      • The flower descriptions in Chapter 3 were updated to be a little bit more specific:

        • Beardtongue: long, tubular flowers on a skinny stalk with skinny leaves

        • Lantana camara: bundles of flowerlets that look like a colorful cloud of fireworks

        • 4 o’clock flower: large petals of two contrasting colors

        • Milkweed: dense bundles of star-shaped flowerlets on thick stalks and large, broad leaves

  • v3.01


      • MAJOR BUG: has been found that allows the player to stalk Mara too soon in the sequence, which prevents the player from progressing. You can avoid it by NOT stalking Mara in Chapter 1 UNTIL the Stalk ability has been formally introduced to you by the game.


      • A bug which caused Michelle’s door to disappear, making it impossible to progress, has been fixed.

      • A bug which allowed the player to play through Chapter 3 without activating the statue, and ultimately trapping themselves, has been fixed.

  • v2.1 to v3.0


      • Examining some minor characters-- especially in Chapter 1-- causes the game to lock. Press F1 to get out of it.

      • MAJOR BUG: It is possible to play the start of Chapter 3 out of order, which is trapping players. Once you receive the objective to activate the statue, go back to the warehouse and do so IMMEDIATELY. Activate the statue by doubleclicking it. Working on a fix.

      • You can ask Brendan for help to rescue Michelle. This is a premature talk option that isn’t supposed to be available until Chapter 4. No major problems reported from this.

      • The mortar sometimes fails to receive reagents. Canceling and clicking on it again should fix this.

      • Playing straight through the game from Chapter 1 all the way into Chapter 3 without a reload or reboot can cause Michelle’s door to disappear, making it impossible to progress. Loading a save or rebooting the game should solve the problem.


      • The lower data display may not work if playing from the start. Loading a saved game should fix it.

      • If you try to take an escort but the game erroneously says you have too many escorts, rebooting or loading a save should fix the issue.

      • Sometimes your inventory is not restored correctly after returning from Ann’s mission. Press F2 to refresh the inventory.

      • Clicking through menus too fast can sometimes cause the stable screen to bug out. Exiting the stable and reentering usually fixes it.\


      • In case user interface gets stuck, press F1

      • In case inventory does not load or reset correctly, or if follower icons get lost, press F2

      • In case screen fades out but does not return, press F3

      • Reboot: F12


      • OSX:

        • Open Mac Terminal

        • cd <PATH_TO_YOUR_APP>/<APP_NAME>.app/Contents/MacOS/

        • chmod -R 777 [applicationName]

        • Hold control key when right-click open to have the "Open" choice in the prompt

      • All other OS:

        • Download and extract,

      • Then:

        • Start a new game or

        • Continue from v2.03-v2.9

          • Drop previous “saveData” folder into “Bloodshift_Data” folder

          • Load stored save file from BEFORE Chapter 3.

          • Game will be all kinds of fucked if starting from after the start of the chapter. Don’t even try it.


      • Full save ability

      • Fully playable until the start of Chapter 4 (content ends)

      • Save and store your game before the start of Chapter 4 for future compatibility.

      • Warning added to start letting players know some puzzles require searching for clues outside the game



        • Loading screen fixed

        • Faster boot time and load time


        • Stable screen now shows current score, chapter, achievements, and name

        • Stats now highlight when increased or decreased

        • Achievement panel added

        • Cleaned up stable screen

        • Limited cumshot animations added (Ann and Mara)

        • Limited “female ejaculation” animation added (Ann)

        • Game tips added to load screen

        • Draco model changed

        • Skip puzzle button now offered for some puzzles (bottom right corner)

      • REMOVALS

        • Sex sound options removed (will be back)

        • Astregression ability removed (will be back)


        • Mortar & pestle added to Ann’s apartment

        • Magmar added

        • Preacher Michaels added

        • Greenhouse added

        • Gareth Regional Park added

        • Reagent crafting added


        • Bloodburn modified to reduce blood maximum (earned at Level 4)

        • Animate ability added (only useful on Mara in this build) (earned at level 5)

        • Extraction ability added


        • Dialog upgrade

          • Certain dialog and other choices have positive and negative effects on your stats.

          • ☢️“Be a dick”: + virility / -blood max

          • ❤️“Be kind-hearted”: +blood max / -virility

          • ☀️“Be honest”: -1 blood burden / -charm 

          • ✍“Be wise”: +exp / -strength

          • ✌“Be boastful” +strength/-exp

          • ☟“Be strict” +time/-energy

          • ☮“Be patient” +energy/-time

          • ♯“Be quick-witted +speed/-recovery

          • ♭“Be callous” +recovery/-speed

        • Rudimentary achievements added


        • Completing optional objectives now grants bonus points

        • Default stat changes:

          • Minimum feeding threshold: 86%

          • Minimum consciousness threshold: 71%

          • Blood draws changed to: 40, 50, 60, and 70%

          • Native virility changed to 23

        • Levelup change

          • 4 stats randomly increase at levelup

          • Blood burden always increases by 2

        • Chapter 2 professor’s password puzzle and answer changed (easier, but solved differently)

        • You can now send Elly home even when Mara is sick, as long as hold dominance over Ann.

        • Added ability to skip some puzzles (no bonus points, however)

      • OTHER

        • Top Ten Patrons list updated

        • Ten oldest Patrons list added

        • Option to customize Draco’s middle name added

        • Game integrity routine added

    • NOTES

      • Boastful dialog responses (✌️) increase your strength but slow your experience gain. Right now strength has no function until Chapter 4, so you may want to avoid these options (could give you head start later, however)

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Review by rylem

Version reviewed: 3.04 on 02/04/2022

I've played through the first 3 chapters (all that are available to date).  This is a vampire story where you corrupt women and solve puzzles.  The graphics and images are top notch and the story is pretty compelling.  I enjoyed it and look forward to seeing where it goes.

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