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Redus Episode 1: A Touch of Frost

A story driven TF game made using the RAGS engine

The story is the focus of the game rather than the transformation content although the game does feature a transformation event that changes how other characters interact with you.

The game currently features a small number of masturbation scenes (male and female), a single sex scene (MF, FF or TF) and some explicit softcore images. Future updates will include more such content but hardcore content is highly unlikely.

Redus: AToF is an adult mystery game. You play as Sam Redus PI, a former police detective looking to make a name for himself, tired of catching out cheating husbands and wives, Sam wants the chance to solve a real mystery and when he receives a job offer from a nameless client, he is powerless to resist.

You must look for clues, question suspects and track down leads. Your most powerful weapons are your mind, notepad and your eyes as you pick apart the half-truths and throw out the red herrings in order to solve the case, you won't be given the answers, just presented the evidence. Can you solve the case of lifetime and possbily save a life in doing so?

There is something very odd going on at Destiny Labs and once you are stuck in the middle, your fate is tied to the case when one morning your whole world has changed...

Sam Redus (Player and protagonist)

A private investigator looking to make a name for himself

Professor Marina Frost

A local scientist at Destiny Labs who has gone missing, the player must find out what happened to her before the time limit expires

The Client

The person who is hiring Sam to find Professor Frost, they prefer to remain anonymous


The receptionist at Destiny Labs, Sam is 90% sure she is a gynoid (either that or those are some epic tattoos)


The lab assistant at Destiny Labs, she performs the time consuming tasks around the lab whilst the scientists sit around thinking to themselves


One of the scientists at Destiny Labs, a friendly and easy going guy and not bad-looking either


The lab technician at Destiny Labs, she has a very temperamental attitude but is very skilled with computers and machines


A very serious and overly hard-working man who doesn't seem to have time for people in general


An old friend of Sam's who works as a special consultant for a government agency. She has access to equipment and resources that would be very helpful to Sam, but her help comes with a price...

Nice try, a walkthrough will be made available after the game is complete and enough time has passed for people to find the game's secrets by themselves

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Review by interestedid

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 01/05/2015

This is AMAZING.


Funny -- FUN -- witty -- engaging -- emersive -- WOW!


Up - date - up - date - up - date! :)D

Review by anoneemuss

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 12/30/2013

a decent detective sim, albeit it is pg at best.

Review by Purple Autumn

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 12/29/2013

This game is fantastic! Intelligent and hilarious. I felt compelled to examine every last object, and not just to aid my case, but to read the hilarious descriptions! I can't wait for future updates!

Review by Faye Kistry

Version reviewed: 0.3 on 05/09/2013

One of the most promising games on here. Beautifully written with a dry wit.

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