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Version: 0.95

The Deck of Fate

The Deck of Fate is a transformation game themed around meeting the Goddess of Fate and embracing the Tarot Cards you choose for yourself and other characters. It is plot light and transformation / sex heavy. It's designed to be a light / fast playthrough with a fair amount of replayability but with no grinding etc, so if that sounds good to you give it a shot! 

There's 22 Major Tarot Arcana, and with each character having only a handful of current transformations there's tons of room to expand. If people find bugs, or have suggestions of content they'd love to see or cool intepretations of the cards drop a comment in the game's discussion thread!

Enjoy and if you liked it please leave a like or comment!



Changelog - 0.95 - Almost to full release

- See Changelog for full details

-- Converted all Gifs to Webm files. This cuts the overall file size by 70% with more content added!
-- Added Preference Boxes - These remove some scenes if checked
-- Bug Fixes
-- 10 new Scenes

Game should be pretty straightforward to complete. 

There are 3 main endings to the game, and several side endings. 

When given the choice you can choose the Blue, Red, or Both option. There are multiple endings down a few of these paths, but they should be immediately obvious.  

This is the full list of transformtion cards in the current game. Note several of the scenes also will be different depending on your gender when unlocked. 

Side Endings -

To unlock the Body Swap Side ending you must take the Red Pill option without using -ANY- Coins of Fate. 

To unlock the Harem Endings - you must complete the game with all of your friends as Female before you transform yourself, or have all of your friends have the proper equipment.

The Death Ending can be unlocked on the Intro Screen. It's been there all along, for those of you who found it :D

Note - Some of these are actually 2 seperate scenes depending on if you draw them pre or post transform. Others may only be available pre or post transformation. 

Current Transformation Lists - There are 22 Major Arcana so I have a lot of room for expansion :D
- (10) Main Character: Fool, Magician, Priestess, Empress, Hermit, Wheel, Temperance, Moon, Lovers, Devil
- (6) Alex: Chariot (Both), Sun (Both), Temperance (Both), Strength (Both), Lovers (Both), Hanged Man (Both)
- (8) Emily: Emperor (Both), Hermit, Sun, Judgment (Pre), Star (Pre), Tower (Post), Strength (Post), Hanged Man (Both)
- (12) Grace: Fool (Both), Strength (Both), Wheel (Both), Temperance (Pre), Moon, Chariot(Pre), World(Pre), Death(Both), Emperor (Post), Hanged (Post), Hierophant (Pre), Sun (Post)
- (7) Skylar: Priestess (Both), Emperor (Both), Devil (Pre), Empress (Pre), World (Both), Judgment (Both), Star (Pre)
- (4) Goddess: Hermit, Death, Chariot, Empress
(62 Total Scenes - 47 + 15 that vary based on current transformation)

Changelog - 0.95 - Almost to full release

New Changes
-- Converted all Gifs to Webm files. This cuts the overall file size by 70% with more content added!
-- Added Preference Boxes - These remove some scenes if checked
-- Bug Fixes

New Content!
- New Friend Cards Requested from Comments. These give an additional option for each girl to get the all guys ending.
-- Grace Hierophant (Pre Transform), Sun (Post Transform)
-- Alex, Hanged Man (Both)
-- Skylar, Star (Pre Transform), Judgment (Both)
-- Emily, Strength (Post Transform), Hanged Man (Pre Transform)
-- Self (Devil)


Changelog - 0.9 

- Quality of Life Update!!!

-- Added 1 Handed Navigation (Number keys are listed on each option)

-- Redrawing Cards for the Player no longer removes them from the 2nd draw pool, this guarantees a player can get the exact combo they want

-- Base number of rerolls increased from 2 to 4!

-- Achievements can now be unlocked (caution you can only save on the title and ending pages). Each unlocked achievement grants additional redraw coins up to a maximum of 24!

-- Major Spellcheck and Proofreading pass on the entire story! Less distractions!

-- Minor Visual Improvements

Content! - Brings up to 52 Total Cards Scenes! (A good number for cards tbh)

-- 2 New Endings (Harems - Men and Women)

-- 3 New Goddess Transforms (Death, Empress, Chariot)

-- 2 New Friend Cards - Hanged Man (Grace - Pre Transform), Tower (Emily - Post Transform)

Changelog - 0.8 

- Back Button is now enabled for all scenes that are not drawing transformation cards (you still need to use Coins of Fate for those)

- New Transformation Scenes - Most Notably many new scenes for Alex and several suggested by readers who left comments!

-- Alex: Strength, Lovers, Temperance (Each Written for Pre & Post Transform) 
-- Grace: Death (Both), Emperor (Post Transform only)
-- Emily: Star (Pre)
-- Player: Lovers

- New Scenes, Gifs, and Optimizations to further reduce net file size. 

- Additional Minor Editing & Bug Fixes

- Backend work to support additional future endings and polish

Changelog v0.7 

- Major Change to Story Flow- Players can now choose transforms in any order. This allows them to stay longer as a man or transform faster if they wish. Rewrote chunks of the story to support this.
- New Ending - (Body Swap)
- Additional Optimization
- Fixed Broken images & Bug Fixes
- Added Visual Effects to some Endings (will add it later to the rest of the story)
- Editing & Fixed issues in the Intro
- Made Codes easier to find
- 5 new Cards



Hotfix v0.6

- Removed ability for players to get duplicate cards after more than 1 reroll. 

- Game now informs you if you're out of cards in any characters deck.

- Minor Bug Fixes


0.5 Beta Changelog

- Game is Moved into Beta
- Massive File Size Optimization (1.5g to 0.48 gigs)
- Baseline Content Complete
- New Transforms
- Editing and Bug Fixes
- New Easter Eggs and Intro Scene for better replayability


0,4 Alpha

Game submitted to Site!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Tamex

Version reviewed: 0.95 on 06/09/2022

An incredibly fun game! Deceptively simple in how you play but with a lot of depth! Really great!

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.9 on 04/27/2022


Writing for this game is good and sets the scene well. Interactivity is limited to just the card draw and fate choices, but for a short and simple game like this that's fine and it has multiple endings to help with length. Transformations in the game are varied but are all tied to the cards and thus railroaded: once a choice is made that's it and you're save locked too. Artwork used in the game fits well and helps alongside the writing to draw you in.

Overall this is a good short game and definitely worth a look.


Review by Brad_AZ

Version reviewed: 0.8 on 04/02/2022

This is easy to follow, lots of fun, and very replayable.

I'm looking forward to some of the other Major Arcana being added.

Review by werty54321

Version reviewed: 0.7 on 03/23/2022

Why did you remove the backwards/forwards buttons? Now whenever you push the wrong button you have to restart the whole game.

Review by IAmWeirdo

Version reviewed: 0.6 on 03/12/2022

Not a huge number of tf, but it has an excellent execution. It'll be even better if it's fleshed out more. Look forward to the complete version.

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