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Version: 0.1

Version: demo

A woman's scent


After a third World War. The civilization needs to become strong again. But one year After this war a new virus appear who transform man into woman, bimbo, shemale bimbo or into a mythical creature.

The adventure will begin three years after the virus was release. You will play a man who had small change because he will looks like an androgynous girl at the beginning of the game. You will wake up in a statement full of the man transforms and you will Lost. The shemale woman will fuck you and activate the virus inside MC. After that you will wake up and find friendly statement where all the person are generous and kind. These person are the girl who were born After the release of the virus. You will need to escape your country for going to the North when the rebellion against the bimbo Begin.






- Add two new settlements (Orfic and Elfosia).

- Add a hint at the beginning.

- Add 5 New Characters.

- Add 10 New Quests.

- Add 3 New Locations.

- Add Fishing mini game.

- Add Title video.

- Add Transformation video.

- Add Characters name.

- Add shops (Item and Weapon).

- Add New Items and Weapons.

- Add 3 New Enemies.

- Add Corruption and Reputation of the Settlements.

- Add Relationships between characters.

- Add Rest and sleep at the Inn.



- Change opening text.

- Change sprite of the women at the beginning with the first quest.

- Change Dog image fron 2D to 3D.

- Change the look of the snake enemy.

- Change Music in the menu and in the battle.



- Corrected grammar.

- Fix Find Dog quest.



First release

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Review by RMK99

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 05/09/2022

Game has potential but this demo has zero tf, and only 0.1 has some small tf.

Review by Feylamia

Version reviewed: demo on 04/05/2022

The current demo content consist of no real tf, aside of a counter that raises to 8 after "catching the virus", if you want call this tf. Beside that there is one sex scene, two quests and the map you can travel to, but only visit 2 places.

The concept looks promissing, but there is too little content to say if it is good or not.

Review by Pewwaya

Version reviewed: demo on 04/05/2022

I couldn't find any TF content after the first cutscene. Only a quest with an insignificant reward and a second quest that's broken.

I love the idea of this game with the feminization that you would catch like a virus. I like slow TF but I'm not a fan of content with only slow TF, where there's no climax like endings/gameovers, or no difficulty with avoiding transformation.

Review by JaradLichLord

Version reviewed: demo on 04/05/2022

Not sure what game RMK99 played but there is feminaztion content in the first 2 minutes of the game.

Now I will say that this game is early, with some language barriers and logic issues but definitely playable. Make sure to save often.


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