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Version: 0.1.0


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Oathbreaker is a strategy/tactical RPG with a slow transformation of our main character. Take control of the affectionately nicknamed "Pup", our protagonist, and his mercenary corp as they become embroiled in the mounting tensions and conflicts that the continent of Ilvanis has bending to a breaking point. This includes war, politics, and the ancient relics of the land: the Oathbreakers. These forbidden relics are famed for their ability to warp and defy the laws of the Goddess, and even Pup may find himself in their crosshairs.

With this game's fully planned scope, you can expect...

  • A tactical/strategy RPG in the vein of Fire Emblem. Fight in tense, tactical gameplay where a single mistake can be fatal. This expands on previous efforts in the genre, Changing Blade, with an expansive story, more diverse maps, and refined presentation.
  • The transformation of our male lead and a collection of other companions that join him on his journey. This includes decisions that have impacts on your own character's TF journey and the fates of others among your comrades in arms.
  • A unique cast of characters that will includes over 20 playable characters by the end, each with their own custom art and sprite. Delve into the lives of these characters with Support conversations between them, or maybe take a peek at Pup's daily life as the changes progress through Supply Runs.


Oathbreaker v0.2.0.4 


To your left... To your right... Around every corner may stand the shining steel of the imperial army. 


Join Pup and the Nightless Crows as they flee from the pursuant forces of the Nolvanus Empire and the foreboding Steel Wolf.  Oh, and maybe there'll be some time for shopping, too. It should be fun!

Note: Before doing the chapter, you might want to do the supply run we just added.



Future Planned Content...

  • 20+ chapters for the main story, and side story/paralogue chapters alongside those. Playable using the 20+ cast of original characters acquired across the story.
  • TF content themes that occur throughout the cast including... M2F with options for futa/shemale results, anthromorphic, mythological, and body swap.
  • A split class upgrade system, where you can choose what path a character takes, including three potential classes for Pup based on decisions made throughout the game.



Icarue's Discord and other games
6six6's Discord and other games



  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 3->4 Supply Run
  • 5 new supports implemented (not all accessible by current End of Content)
  • New art
  • General Revisions
    • Story Mode difficulty added
    • Indicators for talk events, statuses, and potentially more on the map added
    • More save points added after battle completion (to reduce time to redo content should one accidentally skip a scene)
    • Some UI elements adjusted for clarity
  • Gameplay Revisions
    • Limits on # of stat increases removed from Bonus Exp based level ups
    • Player Units Luck buff (reduce critical chances)
    • Secondary Essential Units no longer cause game over in casual mode difficulty
    • Optional objective rewards adjusted
    • Balance tuning of enemies, unit growths, and other similar changes
    • Rowan, Mariel and Blue Magic users can now attack.
  • Bug/Issue fixes
    • Distributed ini file config standardized to more intuitive defaults
    • Bug involving Pup and the chest in chapter one
    • Mariel unintentional base stats adjusted (Might need new save)
    • Typos and other minor fixes


-Fixed Mariel's and Rowan ability to use healing magic (Staffs)

- Fixed Mariel's stats without needing a restart.

- Fixed the lower chest in ch4

- Mariel’s Support should be accessible now

- Fixed Rowan's position


Initial Release

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Kiana

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 04/13/2022

Strikes a good gameplay balance of being challenging enough to be engaging, but not so challenging as to be frustrating. (Save for the occasional surprise crit taking out a unit, which happens in all Fire Emblem-likes; I recommend playing on casual mode.)

The world building is well done, providing a setting with its own flair. Though it does frontload a lot of exposition, making it a bit hard to keep track of which country is where, who is affiliated with whom, etc. Depends on how many proper nouns the player can process at a time.

The characters are currently all standard archetypes for the genre, but they're decently written, varied and have room to grow. The antagonists are somewhat flat, but bit characters tend to be in the genre; Hopefully the main antagonists get fleshed out.

Aside from a few spelling errors and the transformation only just starting at the end of the demo, I've no complaints. Well, except for the next update being so far away, since the game successfully left me wanting more.

Review by techee

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 04/11/2022

This game is really solid. Tougher game than other games that's found on here. I love slow transformations and is interesting to see how the transformations will continue to play out. It's a nice surprise to see what the game had. Wanted to continue even though I had to restart plenty of times. Excited for the next content update.

Review by Firestar4555

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 04/09/2022

Exclent start so far, cant wait for more

Review by SansMotivation

Version reviewed: 0.1.0 on 04/08/2022

It's only a start so far, but I'd say it's off to an excellent start!  I'll be following this one for sure.  I look forward to the next update!

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