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Version: 1.0.0

Hanaja's Body

The all-powerful demon, Hanaja, has been humiliating her friends and foes for many years with her sexy games and erotic challenges. She was happy twisting the bodies and minds of those around her into all sorts of strange shapes and creatures for the simple pleasure of watching them make a fool of themselves trying to best her. Little did she know, there was someone in the shadows, waiting to give her a taste of her own medicine!  

Trapped in a mysterious void by one known only as Madame V, Hanaja has become the subject of her own naughty game! Will she be able to endure being transformed, humiliated, and debased in order to find out who is behind this kinky revenge? Or will she give into the sexual pleasures of the game of her own erotic design?  

You know what they say: Revenge has a way of changing you...

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Transformation themes

  • Demon (Default) w/Cock Variant
    Magical Bondage Bunny w/Cock Variant
    Hypno Cyber Bee w/Cock Variant
    Gelatin Maid Cat w/Cock Variant
    Sentient Latex Fox Suit w/Cock Variant
    (Plus at least one fan's choice transformation coming in free update)


Get it here on itchio: https://subsupreme.itch.io/hanajasbody

Support all of my work here: https://www.patreon.com/lustfall

The demon, Hanaja, decided one day to visit Victoria's Castle to pay her a visit and annoy her for a while. Little did she know, she was walking into a trap set by someone who wants REVENGE! Now Hanaja must endure a game of her own design while her body is constantly being transformed and changed in order to figure out who this mysterious Madame V is who has trapped her here and how she is going to escape!

Hanaja - The antagonist turned protagonist for this game of revenge.
Lucifina - An all powerful sorceress bound to the castle she inhabits.
Beatrice - A character from another world?
Veronica - A vampire hunter turned vampire SIMP who's not afraid to give anyone a piece of her mind.
Victoria - The vampire of the hour. Short on patience and temper, she and Hanaja share a strange relationship.
Spirits - These quirky being want Hanaja's Body all for themselves!
Madame V - ??????? Could be anyone of the characters listed above!

Travel through each new area as they open up and find your way to the boss. There are always active discussions for solving puzzles and fighting enemies on the forums and on discord!

Version 1.0.0 - Official Release

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