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August 2008
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Version: 0.2

Zachary Zee and the Iron Fortress

Zachary Zee and the Iron Fortress is a transformation game created in the RAGS engine by NandiBear.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris 1900

“This century shall be defined by technology, but not his infernal machines.”

“Stopped he must be.”

The room, off limit to both public and reality, some of the greatest masters of magic gather to discuss the shape of the century.

“Μεγάλη θάνατο και την καταστροφή θα προκληθεί από ανθρώπινο γένος νέα τεχνολογία, απλώς δεν το γιατρό παιχνίδι.”

“The mundane will never reach the power of this Yao Bo Shi, Cassandra.”

Cassandra an attractive Greek woman gave a resigned sign.

“Αλλά εσείς θα εξακολουθεί να είναι ένα γάιδαρο.”

“Enough, the real reason we’re here is to find a way to stop this infernal technologist.”

“Stop him, someone must.”

“That would be my cue.”

Enter you Zachary Zee, the youngest (and most attractive) of the master sorcerer, dressed in the finest modern fashion. A sorcerer of this newly formed 20th century.

“The solution is simple; if we repress his Anima and bring forward his Animus then his aggressive nature should be suppressed.”

“Women can be just as aggressive as men, Mr Zee.” Says an attractive woman with a hint of an eastern European accent.

“True Miss Skłodowska, but once transformed we can shape her as we wish.”

“Then go you must.”

“Good luck Mr Zee.”

Huangpu district, Shanghai

Its seems that this infernal nemesis of mine takes no pains to hide his location. A sorcerer as good as yourself has no problems with his technological traps.

Checking your components of the spells to transform the enemy, samples of the five elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Metal). You step over the threshold.

It seems that Yao Bo Shi has another idea.

With a strange whining buzzing noise you’re trans-located from his hideout into another room, his secret fortress so to speak.

And there’s another problem, all of your supplies has been removed from your person. Though it seem he has at least allowed you to keep your clothes.

It seems you must improvise to defeat this fiendish nemesis.

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