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Version: 0.1.1

Version: 0.1

Chemically Solvent
by maiie

Alex is a bright guy with a promising future in biology ahead of him... until a bone-headed mistake puts him in debt and threatens to undo everything.  Can Alex work his way out of his financial troubles?

Not too much in terms of sex just yet, a couple solo scenes and another one that’s tough to find.  TF happens as quickly as you want (or not at all, if you choose).

v. 0.1 - Initial Release

v. 0.1.1 - Bug fixes

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Review by blobbob

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 08/15/2022

Great start! Interesting story, believable (and achievable) goals and a good starting cast of characters. Now we need more content.


On a side note: It was weird to be able to buy female beach/exercise clothes right away but I had to progress in the "Bar" story to wear femal normal day clothes. I hope that was just done for the sake of expediency (making all those renders is a lot of work) and we'll get more (or different) options here later.

Review by Hartelchel

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 08/02/2022


- Great 3D art. Many of it too. Probably the strongest pro of all. The MC is very cute.

- Quality music. Some might be a hit and miss since they're all royalty free, but I personally like it.

- Enjoyable writings. Not a single dull moment.

- Interractive. Management type of game never goes out of style. 

- Choices have consequences. The TF element is very evident and it shows.

- Sexy. Not yet spicy at this early release, but it's savory enough to keep wanting more.



- Time management at some parts doesn't make sense. Take shopping for example. The longest time I've spent on shopping is searching for birthday presents and that didn't take the whole morning. Perhaps you could twist some codes on the shop.


Mixed bags:

- Bethesda-esque plot. The debt is just kinda there. You can pretty much ignore it and explore every side activity to your heart content.


Overall 8.5/10. Love it.

Review by ljk43

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 07/17/2022

I very much enjoyed this game. The graphics are first rate, and the writing is just as high quality.

The only problem I had was that despite getting both the aphrodisiac in my Inventory, and the shady drugs from the gym, I couldn't find any way to use them. None of the items in the Inventory can be selected (I tried via mouse and arrow keys, space and Enter; the only active control was the big X to close the Inventory). I also reached the end of interactions in each location on the map, and never found an opportunity to activate items in my inventory. (Although at the beach, the swimsuit was automaticaly donned after I'd bought it.)

That reminds me: at the time I bought the swimauit my inhibition only allowed me to buy the one-piece; but the scene at the beach showed the bikini.

I managed to get my inhibition down to 0, and then -1, but still never found a way to take the aphrodisiac or the shady white powder.

I still enjoyed the game, and was impressed by how much was in a 0.1 release.

Review by Var024

Version reviewed: 0.1 on 07/14/2022

Very promicing so far. The lack of content is ok for the first upload. Have seen much worse on this site. 


The Story is a bit fast paced but reasonable and good. 7/10


The graphics are the highlight in my opinion about the game. Very high quality renders with tf sequences. 9/10

Would be 10/10 with animations but this is really picky and the quality standard here is one of the best of all games on this site.


Gameplay is not linear. At the moment the variety of choices has no influence on the tf which i would like to see but nontheless for a vn a very good start and a good choice of scenes for everyone 8/10


All in all a very good and promicing start and i hope the ideas for transformations are not over. The more the better. There are some inspirations from the vn Panacea i would say, but with an own twist. It´s no negative comment, I like it when good ideas from other good games are used again. 


I hope the dev keep up the very good work and actually this is game I would pay for it. Objectivly 8/10 after all  but personally a 10/10



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