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Version: 0.03 difficulties

Version: 0.02 boobies

Version: 0.01 bunnies

TF Slot Machine
by Surume

TLTR: Transform two girls into bunny girls and make them cum.

Looking for ways to make some money, you've been tricked to participate in a strange new game show.
Suddenly, you feel a comforting warmth coursing through your body. Well, tricked, no, that's not right.
You were told all the details, and after careful consideration, you decided to get these nanites - you wanted them.
This will be fun. After all, the show is called The Fun Slot Machine. So lets get started!

You choose every turn an option, which will change two female volunteers.
Every turn costs you points, making the volunteers climax gives you points.

scene from TF slot machine

What it is right now:

  • An early Unity game with working game loop, that is some kind of a puzzle
  • You get two animated bikini girls, which you will undress and transform
  • A few idle animations and 3 masturbation scenes
  • 7 different breast sizes (AA, A, B, C, D E, F)

What it is not:

  • If you expect a story or text: Well, above is all the story there is at the moment
  • No PC transformation yet

What I plan:

  • First of all I want to improve the character's TF options (male body, more anthros,...)
  • However, before that I need to settle on the graphics style (e.g., shadows or not) otherwise the rework would be enormous
  • When I got the male option, the PC will show up and get transformed as well
  • "Interaction" of characters
  • Music and SFX

Well, if you are still here, reading this:
I'd love to get your feedback, so I can learn about what to improve (e.g., 2 positive things I should keep and 2 things you'd wish me to change).
Probably, I won't be able to improve everything (because of time, or timing, taste, ...), so don't get mad  ;)

Hope you try it out and like it.

v0.03 difficulties
- added 3 difficulty settings and endless mode
- volunteer status is now displayed (text)
- added a little bit of background

v0.02 bobbies
- added boobs+/boobs- transformation (available cup sizes: AA, A, B, C, D, E, F) -> new TF theme BE :)
- full bunnies now get a lust bonus when masturbating with a carrot
- options wiggle a bit
- in settings you can change your window size (or just manually change it)

v0.01 bunnies
- bunny transformation (ears, face, tail, 3 skin colors)
- 3 masturbation scenes

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Review by Veave

Version reviewed: 0.02 boobies on 08/04/2022

Well hello there!

The game is off to a great start so far! For the most part, the best plan to get anywhere is to immediately try to transform both of the ladies, the bonuses currently do not seem that large but any little bit helps. After playing it once again, I still find the grind to break even will usually take around 100+ turns. I think a few small Quality of Life changes and other general suggestions you could consider for the next update would be:

  • A different background: You might be able to find a stock image of a casino to really give the game more of a slot machine feeling. And the gray background gets a bit dull over time.
  • UI that shows up and tells the player what bonuses are currently active.

It might be the time to make the confession that I have not yet beat the game. The gameplay loop is still somewhat short for me and the goal of getting 5000 credits is actually more difficult than it looks. Despite getting 1200 credits each orgasm, the amount of credits it takes to get the orgasm usually equals the amount you recieve.

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