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Alone Amongst Demons

Thr protagonist, Juka, sets out for an adventure, hoping to discover more of the world. Little did he know that he'll discover more of the Underworld instead.

please note that almost none of the art was made by me and comes from japanese games.

Juka. a young boy who is wanting to follow in his fathers footsteps to become a great atvanturer.


Eveline a succubus used to be human long ago. addopted by Morganna who tought her healing skills. she is really kind and loves to tease. hobby's looking for medical plants. lesbian


Liona a pideful succubus likes to play with blades. and is good friends with Miria. hobby's playing with swords. Fucking high class guys whenever she can


Miria a cursing succubus. who sometimes gets to go down to earth to play with mortals. she likes to see poeple suffer. Hobby's eating humans unbirthing humans. sealing them in objects.

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Review by willowsimmons1

Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 04/15/2019

Favorite game on the site. Some grindy battles earlier on, but great pacing and writing.


For those looking for a link to the final version, see my post on the last page of the forum thread.

Review by Shayoko

Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 10/25/2017

This needs a lot of improvement

Thoughts Spoilers
The start of the game made no sense because you build up a character that you won't be using for the core of the game.
there should not of been any pointless battles to waste time on something that will be useless later.
which is even worse later because a lot of enemies don't even give experience! and when you are a single party member with no hit all ability. the game becomes slower than it should be.since you almost always fight 2-3+ enemies a battle.

The dialog needs a large amount of improvement with grammar and punctuation.
even the events needs improvement. seeing dialog from characters that you are not controlling or not in your party.
i dropped this because it needs too much improvement.

regardless i did enjoy the atmosphere of hell and playing as a succubus. this has potential to be a good experience. but right now i wouldn't recommend it.

Developer forgot to remove saves (should be a installer so that doesn't happen)

Immersion breaking things like having a chest with money outside your house even tho in the story all you had was what your mom left you.
or having butterfly sprites instead of bee sprites which was even worse because some were not encounters.
also when you are arrested it does not make sense to keep the money you stole.
or how your succubus friends say you have not had sex for months which is wrong because she did it with you before she took your body. which was only 1-2 days ago.

The dialog needs a lot of improvement.

there is delays when getting into battles and the after battle part.

You can remove the equipment from Tiona (Paladin you find) and use it for yourself.

You can go back into the haunted house after escaping. this not only makes no sense. but you can see dialog with the girl who is no longer in your party.

When you go on the mission to kill the leader of the undead. you're character still asks what they are supposed to do like she was never told.

After breaking one of the sealing stones the cave entrances dialog does not change.

too many undead near the leader...if you rushed passed them. you get surrounded and the cut scene is annoyingly interrupted with battles.

game needs more restriction events so you don't go where you shouldn't
^slime dungeon and area to right of dorms after you get control of shina again are some examples.

after controlling the healer succubus and switching back the game still thinks you're playing as her so a lot does make sense.

dialog needs more punctuation

Review by Brigantrino

Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 10/12/2017

Love it , the story , the music , the twist ,it did had some issues and there was room for more but great game overall, hopefully Mone will show up The Change, I wanna kick some angel butt.

Review by stevee1742

Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 08/21/2017

first off i very much like the story here. it is well written, and well told. however the combat is next to impossiable. again and again i ran into situations where bosses will instantly kill you and send you to the game over screen. i had to save cheat in order to over over the huge health bars of both the bosses and the endless waves of mobs. further it seems that most of the game has you clearing whole maps of mobs to progress, which ultimately is just a time sink. then what ended the game for me is fighting the undead queen (the 2nd time), where she will just cast darkness. for those who don't know this does about 900 damage or in other terms one shot evey one in the party in one go.

other than this gripe there are a few minor bugs that have you closing the game and reloading. mostly standing in the wrong place before tlaking to a npc, as they are going to move where you are standing and thus can't leaving you standing there forever unable to move. other than this there is no quest log so trying to find where you need to go next is just a matter of wlaking around clicking on everything till something happens.

great story, very bad gameplay.

Review by Volendi

Version reviewed: Final Version Bug fix on 08/09/2017

First, the good: Very good game, good concept, great story (especially near the end, where *SPOILER* reveals she's *SPOILER SPOILER* and *SPOILER* *SPOILER*!), you can really tell a ton of work went into it. It is also complete, story-wise, not just marked as such.  HUGE bonus, especially on this site... seems like the unfinished games graveyard sometimes  T_T.  Music was good, have it all dl'ed to my ipod =^_^=.  

now, the bad: typos and misspellings out the wazoo (everywhere), and some weird /PB/ sign popping up in dialogues everywhere.  Also, frequent game-freezing glitches in many places (last elf before top left forest switch, first confrontation with green-suited guy if not entering screen just right, several more...), as well as some smaller ones.  Cowfarm clock disappeared after the second time and never came back, and music/sounds glitched a couple of times to where I had to endure through the battle, and save/reset to refresh it (only time I remember for certain when it happened was first succubus battle after castle had been attacked, the single one at the crossroads).  Also, the game only acknowledged 2 of the elf maids when the main character talked about them in the utopia dialogue... all 3 showed up when the rooms were unlocked, but panicked and went back through from orc village quest to utopia, and it still did it.  Played through, and everything was alright.

the semi-bad? (call it the ugly, keeping with the theme, altho not so ugly): Honestly, was very confused as to where to go and what to do before noticing someone else had made a guide in the forums. Got stuck so much!  Had to reset after finding the guide, missed the haunted house completely!  Maybe consider using their guide as a start to making an official one?  Or putting theirs up as an official walkthrough?  It was kind of bad as far as guide quality goes, but it was a HUGE help!  HUGE!  Also would've liked to see more about the angels you can encounter at a few spots in the story, as well as the green-suited poetry spouting guy!  Fight balance was a bit wonky in places, but more in an annoying kind of way (I'm looking at YOU, snakes!).  Not having to grind, and having levels given out at speed of plot was actually kind of a refreshing change!

All in all, thank you very much for this fun game, and please finish the other one, too!  Looking very forward to it!  =^_^=

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