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Netoria Tactics Revolution


My game for the Competition! contest that I'm running. Note that this game is not eligable to be voted for, I just wanted to make something for it.

Join our hero as he ventures down into the caverns, to an almost certain death. Joined by who he suspects might be the love of his life, they'll face obstacles and opponents that test that supposed love down to its core. Will Carwyn be able to overcome his doubts and fears? And will Gwenivier still be waiting for him when he does?

Netoria Tactics: Revolution is an erotic SRPG with a NTR theme. Said NTR is fully avoidable based on how you play the battles. Other members of the party will try to grope the pair, luring them over to their side. Based on your positioning you can avoid this, but you'll be at a major disadvantage in the battles. NTR possibilities include three different men trying to win Gwenivier's affections, a female rival for Gwenivier obsessed with Carwyn, and a male to female transformation for Carwyn leading to him becoming the groups play thing.

You can play the game with all perspectives enabled, or hide Gwenivier's, only seeing her corruption through context and overheard snippets of conversations.


The game is in development, with planned monthly releases until it's fully finished. If all goes according to plan it will be done in May.

February: 4 levels, up through chapter 4.

March: 3 levels, up to chapter 5.

April: 3 levels, up to the end of the main story.

May: Epilogue levels for all main paths.


Chapters 1-3 C:
Fixed Gwenivier's purity cap function giving levels to Carwyn (I have no idea how that command got there. I definitely didn't add it on purpose, it has no reason to be there and it would take like five clicks in specific places to add. How did it get there? Aliens?)
Fixed statuses making units be not targeted by enemies
Changed some default .ini configuration settings
Fixed Carwyn's lone wolf icon not calculating some cases properly
Killing all enemies on non-boss levels now no longer auto ends the level.
Added more basic tutorial to first level about how to start levels and move units


Chapters 1-3 B

New Content
Rewrote the in battle grope events to have more variety
Added movement commands for the groping characters. If used while not Gratified they automatically trigger a grope
Added new sprites for Carwyn's female form
Kobold Joe now has a unique bow
Added heavily obscured and modified versions of a few of the Gwenivier POV NTR scenes to the Mystery NTR mode.

Balance/Interface Changes
Raised the Resist of Sirens and Harpies
Raised Owain's Resist and Resist gain
Renamed the Purity stat to Loyalty
Changed the message sound
Added an icon to show whether Carwyn's Lone Wolf is active or not
Slightly nerfed Mastrer/Mistress
Added a short tutorial message telling you how to equip items.
Renamed Kobold Joe's Defeatist skill to something more appropriate
Raised Kobold Joe's starting strength
Opening a chest with Owain gives him some EXP
Capped the amount of Loyalty Gwenivier can lose in one level to 8
F11 No longer resets the game
Changed the skip key from the space bar to the s key

Bug Fixes
Fixed Carwyn's Watchful Eye not turning off Mordrid's abilities
Fixed Kobold Joe's door not opening on the Hydra boss fight level
Fixed Kobold Joe's second promotion not being able to use bows
Fixed the sex scenes after Carywn goes missing still playing even with Mystery NTR on
Fixed Carwyn's random transformation happening during non-combat levels
Fixed a bug that was causing Gwenivier and her partner to be not show up on the map at all during camp voyeur scenes

Review by Auzie

Version reviewed: Chapters 1-3 B on 01/19/2023

As a fan of SRPGs I was enjoying it for gameplay first which is odd for this site's games lol. Characters are amusing so didn't skip dialogue. The avoid corruption mechanic tends to bring more of the strategy aspect into play. I was actually trying to avoid fully corrupting the characters, but that may just be years of playing strategy games overriding other purposes of visiting this site.

One ending better have Kobold Joe surrounded by the other party members all curse with "tumor" growth.

Review by kasra247

Version reviewed: Chapters 1-3 B on 01/19/2023

So I admit NTR isn't really my thing but also not sure it totally applies here, at least in the beginning since the NTR couple aren't a couple yet? So I guess that stuff just doesn't bother me as much, though I guess Apolloseven has had issues with the tag elsewhere. Their loss.

Anyways it's fun stratagy game that requires some thought but not being a total tactical buff, so I consider it a happy medium. I like how it's not afraid to lean on the fourth wall and that the corrumption of both characters isn't instant and does have a little variety. Honestly it's quite fun as a game, and the adult stuff makes it more fun, which is the best kind of adult game in my own opinion.

Review by jennslut29

Version reviewed: Chapters 1-3 on 01/15/2023

This game is so excellent! Great riff on an SRPG game, lots of heart, and some funny moments. Love the characters.  I'm excited for more!

Review by Goctionni

Version reviewed: Chapters 1-3 on 01/14/2023

This game really pleasantly surprised me!


For one, the mechanics of this game are fairly unique, and somehow that is accomplished without being shallow, and without dumping huge amounts of text on you just to explain how everything works.

The story is fun enough, doesn't pretend to be something its not- still interesting to discover bits about the world; and for what its worth, theres a lot more content to the game than I was expecting also.

The characters are all fairly unique and interesting.

Overall, Id give this a 9/10 and I'm excited to see it completed.


That's not to say I loved everything though. A few things I didn't like: Being unable to resize, full screen being forced to screen 1, the mouse not working everywhere, the controls sometimes being a little bit clunky, the flashbacks. However, on the whole; this is absolutely a fun game well worth playing.

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