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TF Deck Builder

Welcome to TF Deck Builder, a rougelike deck building game by FapInteractive!


This game has been built using VueJS and is available for play through itch.io


In this game, you play as our protagonist, attempting to escape a kidnapping from an unknown organization intent on transforming men into women! However, the group is not unfair, and are willing to give all their captives an opportunity to escape, by beating other captives in battle.


Planned Updates:

  • More cards to unlock, including more archetypes.
  • Additional endings
  • Further story beats
  • Cosplay and Girlfriends not working with Abundance and Group Use

This game should, in its current state, be considered a beta. Those interested in seeing the progress of these new developments can head over to my Trello board to see what is planned, in progress, and ready for the next version


Currently, save functionality is not working properly. Until the feature can be built out, feel free to press the "cheat points" button in the store to save you from the grind in order to unlock additional purchasables in game.

0.2.1: Fixed bugs softlocking floor 4 as well as Bimbofication

0.2.0: After careful consideration, the map system has been entirely reworked, which will help overhaul balance issues, although this may be a little bit in the other direction. Additionally, the health system has been changed to a persistent health across the entire game.

0.1.1: Took some helpful advice from reviews, moved over to itch.io, new map functionality incoming soon, save functionality on deck

0.1.0: Initial Beta Release

Review by Forfeit

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 01/29/2023

Very clearly takes heavy inspiration from TF Card Battle, but has been quick to not only update but overhaul features which the author deemed not up to snuff. I believe this will become something entirely unique in due time.
This still has a long way to go before it's something really special. The UI is clunky, the mechanics are at several points unclear, and it cries for variety in almost all aspects. TF Deck Builder is one to watch, however. There's good reason to be optimistic about its development.

Review by Razzler

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 01/29/2023

It's hard not to see the influences of TFCard game.  But it's very much it's own thing and worth it.  Fun, mostly complete, and way easier to pick up than the former.  It's fantastic.

Review by MugTreecko

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 01/27/2023

Version 0.2 Changes the premise from a dungeon crawler to a straight gauntlet, so this review gets an update to match the shifted genre!


The new genre suits the theme the game seems to be going for, but still needs some refinement to add meaning to the time taken between matches. Enemies aren't that different from each other, and outside of bosses don't seem to have any sort of theme to their decks either. Perhaps locking the player into a set of encounters may add a light touch of strategy?

Either way, the grind of 0.1 is gone, it remains to be seen how the new filling will match. As it stands it's now much closer to other TF-Playing-Card games, so I hope the game grows into something that can still stand on it's own as a memorable experience! Should the maze return, I hope it's as snappy and fluid as the gauntlet UI!

Review by blandpallets

Version reviewed: 0.2.1 on 01/27/2023

New map is so much better it way faster and you can make better choices


also like the new health system


overall it better just need a way to save the game between levels and i would say it be close to perfect game and more transfomation of the mc

Review by fireslug

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 01/25/2023

From the name I had expected this to be a less polished clone of TF Card Battle but it is not a clone. It has a very different feel and is better and more playable than a first release might suggest. Even now it qualifies as one of the top 10 *games* on this site in terms of playability, although the graphics and story are not yet up to snuff. Still, definitely worth a playthrough or two even now, and with great potential for the future.

Some practical feedback on points for improvement:

  • Walking the dungeon map is super annoying. It's currently an utter waste of time and exploration currently has no purpose whatsoever. Opponents never move so you can choose them or chests or store visits in any order you like, so why not just let us choose that action without the tedious navigation? I assume the map was intended to make the game feel like a rogue-like but it doesn't work. My advice, toss it out.
  • Game balance seemed generally OK in my default (low) difficulty playthrough, except that I found opponents and bosses on higher floors easier to beat than on the first floor. So maybe increase opponent power on higher floors.
  • Neither the TF avatars nor the card graphics are doing it for me in this version. TF Card Battle does this much, much better.
  • Either I'm misunderstaning the Bimbofication card or it's bugged. I never noticed any +1 HP.

That aside, I was generally pleasantly surprised by this game. Good work!


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