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Version: 1.0.0

Pirates Curse

You are a swashbuckling pirate and you set off for adventure to gain fame and fortune!

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Review by randomperson2528

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 11/20/2017

Overall pretty good and worth checking out. As a tip if you get stuck try intereacting with everything.
Only real complaint is that this game follows the trend of a couple of other games by Lily. It's fun to play and has a lot of good content and then boom, wait for the next update that won't come.

Review by khelben13

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 08/06/2016

I must say that after reading all the reviews this game had that said it had a ton of cool content I felt rather disappointed when I couldn't seem to find hardly any. Since I can't find any way to actually leave the port I'm left rather annoyed. Perhaps the download link isn't the right version anymore since it says Pirate's curse .31 on the file but all in all I'm pretty disappointed.

Review by Dopefish

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/23/2013

A few of the positive things: Good smut, very descriptive, a large array of transformations (MTF, beast, monster etc) and interesting scenarios. Neat worldbuilding with the background lore. Straightforward "puzzles", easy to progress, nothing unintuitive. No unfair gameovers and overall a pretty fun experience.

A few of the negative things: Stats don't seem to matter, neither do most decisions, the only thing I foudn different on my second playthrough was whether to take the vampire or the vampire hunter onboard which lead to a different scene below deck near the end of the current game. There's no media (pictures/drawings) which I found disappointing and most areas lack description, sure, it cuts out a lot of the uneeded fluff, but the fluff is fun! Not the best technical writing ("Should of" is used instead of "Should've" etc).

Review by joeberan

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/09/2013


Totally fantastic game. While I agree there is some argument to be made about the amount of choice you have in terms of event outcomes, the game as a whole is completely engrossing and charmingly written.


If I were to give any advice to Lily it would be to have more transformative game endings, just to spice things up. The very end of the game at the time of this review is an excellent example of what I'd like to see more of. While I am sure it is taxing to come up with all those possible 'endings' I feel like that is the kind of thing people come here to see as opposed to the "you die" endings.

As for gameplay I'd love to see somewhere where you get to choose what you are transformed into and then have to solve something like puzzles. Example, you need a key from Guy X, but Guy X is in a bar full on unruly patrons. You can pick pocket it off him, or turn into a woman and get him to meet you somewhere more private where you can either seduce him (as a woman) or turn back into a man and meet him there and knock him out and take it. The end result is the same, but there are then a variety of ways to get it and it makes it feel like you had more of a choice.


Or disregard all of those ideas and just make more please. What you're doing now works fine and everyone here should play this game.

Review by HoneyTide

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 10/06/2013

This is an excellent TF/TG game. It's one of the finest on the website.

The truly cool thing is just how much there is to do in here. There is an enormous amount of transformations in this game. Everything you could possibility imagine, especially my favorite kind: reality shifting as the character is semi-aware of it. I love actually seeing reality shift so that people react to the new state of the character as if it's always been like that. The descriptions are brief, but good and you really get the feeling that the main character is mentally changing with a vast majority of these transformations.

I only have a few little issues with it. Some of the word choices can be somewhat repetative (ie use of the word "drooling."). And often it doesn't feel like there's a great many choices involved. There's the correct way to do things and bad ends. That's it. It's more of a choose-your-own-order-of-events novel than a true game. I also don't see much use for the stats, though I've read that the author will be adding things for that in the near future.

I'd like to see the author expand the choices. IE, you make one choice you have to go through the next island entirely as a female, or a anthro cowgirl, or as a ballerina mouse. The choice gives you slightly different paths to explore.

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