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Version: 0.8.6

Version: 0.8.5

Version: 0.8.4

Version: 0.8.3

Version: 0.8.2

Version: 0.8.1

Version: 0.8.0

Version: 0.7.10

Version: 0.7.9

Version: 0.7.8

Version: 0.7.7

Version: 0.7.6

Version: 0.7.5

Version: 0.7.4

Version: 0.7.3

Version: 0.7.2

Version: 0.7.1

Version: 0.7.0

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Version: 0.6.9

Version: 0.6.8

Version: 0.6.7

Version: 0.6.6

Version: 0.6.5

by Revilo

You're stuck in a virtual world where all the enemies are sexy monster girls and you become whatever defeats you, what could possibly go wrong?

Need help? Why not check out the wonderful fan-made Monline Wiki? (Set up by yoshielder)

Changelist - [0.8.6]

[Desolate Zone]
  • Someone is investigating an empty store in the mall…
  • Added 2 Endings, available after Lina is defeated.
  • The Collared Wolves now properly disappear once Lina is defeated.
  • The motorbike at the Treatment Plant now properly disappears once Lina is defeated.
  • You can no longer pick up Delta’s clothes as anyone other than Nicole in the apartment.
  • During Ending D70, having sex with and then leaving the redhead as Lexi will now properly remove the image.
  • During Ending D70, the blue haired woman no longer continues to pay out after going on her walk.
  • Losing to the ambush when Formerly Collared Man A is bimbofied should now choose the correct ending depending on the state of the other two enemies.
  • Starting the Strip Club quest now takes away your inventory for the duration of the quest.
  • Fixed Kim’s boy shorts not getting re-equipped after the Strip Club quest.
  • Added content from the Werewolf Quest to the Arena. (Fights and Endings for Collared Wolves, Romeo and Gremlin Delta)
  • Added Ratfolk fight and ending to the Arena.
  • Arena entrances are now defined by a turquoise flame, found in the Inn of each zone (aside from the Elysium Pub and East Barricade Building of the Demon and Desolate Zones respectively)
  • The enemy sprites in the Arena now match their versions in game.
  • The entire Arena Map has been overhauled to match the world map displayed on the title screen. Because of this enemy locations have been moved slightly. Some can now be accessed via entering a portal to a different map (The Demon Zone Forest, The Mansion and the Pyramid specifically)
  • The entrance and exit location on the Arena map are now matched to what zone you entered from.
[Other Stuff]
  • Added a new cheat: “SKIP7”. This skip places you in the Pyramid Throne Room right after having got the objective of finding Bastet (Thus skipping having to find your way back to the pyramid via the mines).
  • The talents: Absorbent, Troll’s Skin and Lightning Rod now require Slick, Thick Skin and Grounded respectively to learn and now replace these skills.
  • Dominic now gains access to a new type of skill: “Stances”. Stance skills let Dominic switch between different states in combat, granting him different stats and effects. For example, while in the “Dauntless Stance” Dominic’s attack and AD rate are doubled, but he loses the ability to guard or be healed. The “Rapid Stance” makes Dominic much better at avoiding attacks, but those that hit do a lot more damage.
  • Knowledge Crystals now grant 30SP and can be used outside of combat.
  • Reduced the power of HP/MP/AD Regen states.
  • Technique Wild Blow, has had its success rate lowered to 80% from 100% (Ignoring variation from the user’s hit rate and target’s evasion).


Changelist - [0.8.5]

[Forest Zone]

  • Ending A16’s images now properly show up.

[Coastal Zone]

  • Ending B14’s text is no longer cut off
  • Ending B15’s image no longer is misplaced.
  • Ending B15’s storm effects have been altered.

[Demon Zone]

  • Ending C18 no longer has the angel twins walk through a wall.
  • Ending C21/C22 no longer has a witch walk through a wall.

[Desolate Zone]

  • Fixed one variant of Ending D15 being incorrectly labeled.
  • Ending D55 now correctly displays its name.
  • The door to the Suburb House is now locked until the Kimcubbus chase begins.
  • Added 19 new endings.

[Desert Zone]

  • Fixed some incorrectly scaled images in Ending E40.
  • During the Echidna event, casting Gender Swap, then Hyper Lust on the blonde woman no longer covers the screen with an image forever.
  • Paelontologist’s Lizardwoman now has the correct name as well as weaknesses and resistances.
  • Fixed an issue that caused black boxes to show up in the Desert Expanse if you left the underground mine via the pyramid.
  • Added 2 new endings.
  • The party has the Desert Zone’s treasure, so it’s time to move on. But such things are never as simple as they seem. Pharaoh Farinet’s accursed magic still hangs over the party and they’ll need the aid of allies new and old to free themselves. Aid is rarely free however.

[Mythic Zone]

  • Added a small sneak peak accessible after the Desert Zone.


  • Fixed some arena fights teleporting you to the wrong place after the fight.

[Other Stuff]

  • Fixed Decapitate not instant killing on a critical hit.
  • Final Sting [Girtablilu Imitation] now has an icon.
  • Final Sting now does quadruple damage against a target below 25% hp.
  • Dark Burning Attack now does double damage if the user is below 25% hp.
  • Party Members/Followers no longer have collision, this means NPC’s or enemies that chase you down will no longer be stopped in their tracks by your party members. No more hiding behind your teammates!
  • Rebalanced the SP cost of all skills.
  • Roil Powder now grants +10% of Max AD.
  • Fixed an issue that caused random armor to appear in the player’s inventory after the first time a save was loaded.


Changelist - [0.8.4]

[Coastal Zone]
  • Fixed some wrongly scaled images in the Kraken event.
[Desolate Zone]
  • Fixed some issues with the Christmas Present hunt.
  • Gift Thieves in the Christmas Minigame will now steal all carried Wrapped Presents the player is holding and the “Gifts Stolen” counter will increase by this amount instead of just once each time.
  • Accessing Ending D18 - By the Reins now requires a high score of 10 gifts and you need to be caught by a Gift Thief with a Gift Stolen counter of at least 15.
[Desert Zone]
  • The fountain in the middle of Djeso now functions like an Inn, completely healing the party.
  • You should no longer be able to move while a cactus. Because cacti can’t move.
  • Red Slime Quest now properly progresses when you leave the Desert Expanse.
  • Desert Trader’s inventory now refreshes after completing the Pyramid.
[Other Stuff]
  • Altered the font used in Quick Time Events.
  • Altered the graphic used for the compass needle.
  • Altered the graphic used for emotion bubbles.


Changelist - [0.8.3]

[Forest Zone]
  • Lowered Mr Minoh’s stats slightly.
[Desolate Zone]
  • Fixed some wrongly scaled images in the Succubus Kim event.
  • The Isekai Ending no longer causes the player character’s class to be false after reloading.
  • Winning Spookums no longer gets you stuck in a text loop.
  • Ending the Graffiti Event while on the far left side of the wall should no longer softlock the game.
  • The random event on the Dreary Street with the bimboized guard seen after defeating the Parasite Slime no longer causes an infinite loop.
  • During the Testerogen Event, Kim no longer stops you from leaving the Mall if she’s not in the party.
[Desert Zone]
  • The Genie event should no longer cause the Cactus end to play.
  • Reading the Relic of Hathor should properly set the player character’s description to be that of Echidna, not Aleska’s.
  • Drinking the Water Bottle no longer has Dominic talk if he’s not in the party.
  • Defeating the Duelist now properly rewards the Deck of Cards it should.
  • Fixed a bug with a specific part of the minecart track letting you have no collision forever. (Wah wah waaah)
  • Devil Bugs will chase the player a little more smartly.
  • Added an additional track switching point to aid in reaching the south-west of the mines easier.
[Other Stuff]
  • A bugged, unusable version of the Scevite Shield can no longer be crafted
  • Hair Trigger now correctly grants counterattack.
  • Aralu can no longer learn Riposte and Shield Bash
  • Web Gag’s name when used is no longer incorrect.
  • Ages End is now properly listed as the Living Doll’s imitation.
  • Typos.


Changelist - [0.8.2]

[Desolate Zone]
  • Fixed some areas you couldn't pass through. Notably the Mansion Garage's stairs.
[Desert Zone]
  • Genderswapping the Blonde Woman in the 2nd Echidna Event no longer crashes the game.
  • The Ginger Woman in the 2nd Echidna Event no longer follows you contantly.
  • Talking to Bastet twice in the 2nd Echidna Event no longer softlocks the game.
  • Leaving the Oasis after asking Robin questions no properly sets the trigger for the 2nd Echidna Event.
  • The Paleontolgist's basement no longer has the event loop.
  • Change the Manticore event slightly, it also no longer soft locks when going to read the book.
  • Isis can teleport you back to the Desert Camp.


Changelist - [0.8.1]

[Forest Zone]
  • The Queen Bee's chamber is no longer blocked.
[Demon Zone]
  • The bridge into the waterfall in the Dark Cave is now walkable.
[Desert Zone]
  • Dominic now properly loses the Girtablilu Venom status effect after battle.
  • Successfully guiding Dayton out of the dark room properly counts towards saving people for the Anubian Court event.
  • A new Forest Zone fight and associated endings is available for selection in the arena.
  • The game should no longer softlock after beating the Mummification Squad after running out of time to save Mina.
  • New Desert Zone fights and endings are available for selection in the arena.
  • Chef Kim no longer gets stuck during the Kitchen event and the event can now progress properly.


Changelist - [0.8.0]

[Forest Zone]

  • The Minoh Ranch quest now continues.
  • Added 5 new endings.

Coastal Zone

  • A peculiar couple will stay in one of the Budan houses if their quest in the Forest Zone has been completed.

[Desolate Zone]

  • Fights during the Magical Girl event now use more suitable sprites.
  • Robin now has a new battle sprite.
  • Ending D54 now has music.
  • Using the right side of the crane game no longer allows you to use an Unlimited Ticket you don’t have.
  • The crane game should no longer bug out on a second play, resulting in chests moving on their own.

[Desert Zone]

  • Remade almost the entire zone from the ground up.
  • Added 32 new endings.
  • Removed 12 endings due to story changes.


  • A new Forest Zone fight and associated endings is available for selection in the arena.
  • New Desert Zone fights and endings are available for selection in the arena.

[Other Stuff]

  • Added additional functionality to the game over screen. You can now choose to load a save file, return to the title screen or quit the game entirely.
  • Whiplash Flailing is now an Imitation as it should be.
  • Added the Guidance Feature. Upon starting a new game, inputting the code “GuideMe” in the cheat menu or entering the arena, the Guidance option will be enabled on the pause menu. Selecting Guidance will remind you of your current main quest objective.
  • Added images to the PXEPedia’s “Other” section.
  • Reduced the chance of the basic Dagger attack following up with another hit to 20%.
  • Updated the effects for QTEs slightly.
  • Updated the effects for timer events slightly.


Changelist - [0.7.10]

[Coastal Zone]
  • Wearing the Red Beret now has slightly different text if you’ve already worn it during the Succubus Quest in the Demon Zone.
[Desolate Zone]
  • Ending D63: Joystuck is no longer incorrectly labeled as Ending D57.
  • The hospital roof is no longer reblocked after completing the Nurse Event.
[Desert Zone]
  • Altered Bastet’s various bodysnatched catgirl sprites.
  • Moved the location of the Desert Trader.
  • Restored Randomness to the Desert. Now events like the archeologist and genie lamp, as well as enemy placement will be picked from a pool of semi-random locations. This also means the map upgrade Nephthys gives you after you find Bastet now has a purpose.
  • No more wooden bridges across lava in the Volcano.
[Other Stuff]
  • Fixed a bunch of issues with image scaling and misplacement. (Image misplacements in stuff after the Desolate Zone mansion will require loading a save before first entering the mansion for now. Sorry!)
  • Fixed a whole lotta spelling mistakes and punctuation issues. (Thanks Yoshielder!)
  • Starting a game in God Mode will now give the PC skills that one-shot kill enemies. (You can’t sue me if this breaks things. I have a team of 17 lawyers.)


Changelist - [0.7.9]

[Coastal Zone]
  • Fixed one house in Dirian having messed up textures.
[Demon Zone]
  • The Strengthened Buff is now removed after the Baphomet fight.
[Desolate Zone]
  • After completing the first part of the nurse event you’ll no longer be stopped from heading down the stairs to the ground floor.
  • Completing the Nurse Event and escaping the steamed up showers now makes the steam disappear and the player put his clothes back on.
  • Using the Unlimited Ticket at the arcade machines now actually requires you to have the unlimited ticket in your inventory.
  • The “Wolf Lecture” event on the bridge should no longer occur until after the player has been through the area once.
  • Fixed a bunch of typos. (Thanks Yoshielder)
  • Fixed a bunch of wall clips. (Thanks again Yoshielder)
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs. (cough cough)
[Desert Zone]
  • Fixed a bunch of typos. (I should ask the doctor about this cough)
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs. (cough cough dying cough)
[Other Stuff]
  • Dust Pouch, Chunk Pouch and Dart items are no longer 100% accurate and now use the same calculation for physical attacks to determine whether they hit.
  • F12 now properly resets the game to the main menu. (I still don’t recommend using it though)


Changelist - [0.7.8]

[Desolate Zone]
  • The elevator in the hospital will now only work once you’ve beaten the Lich and restored the power to the city, even during the nurse event.
  • Entering the bathroom stalls during the wheelchair part of the nurse event won’t screw everything up.
  • Losing 3 lives in the Spookums arcade game now kicks you out of the game and back to the mall.
  • Getting hit by the isekai truck no longer ends the game before you actually get isekai-ed.
  • The graffiti punk properly disappears from the subway station.


Changelist - [0.7.7]

[Desolate Zone]
  • The Wolf Brute chasing the Squirrel now properly disappears after the minievent is over.
  • You can now re-enter the police station from the newly made entrance.
  • The Kimcubus no longer reappears if you reenter the rightmost house in the suburbs.
  • The movable space during the graffiti event is now its correct, larger size.
  • The punk now briefly pauses before using the spraycan.
  • The graffiti event shouldn’t freeze after Kim wakes up.
  • The minievent on the bridge should play out correctly now.


Changelist - [0.7.6]

[Desolate Zone]

  • Added 13 new endings.
  • Readded Ending D3 to the game. It’s now found during the Nurse Event.
  • Added a few mini events around the city.
  • The Werewolf Bridge has had an appearance overhaul.
  • The Northern Suburbs has had an appearance overhaul to coincide with its remade “Demon Trap” event.
  • The Police Station has had an appearance overhaul. While the event itself hasn’t changed, it now has an optional second part that unlocks after completing another new event.
  • Screen now properly fades out when the Player enters the shower during the Nurse Event.
  • Defeating the Parasite Slime now properly opens the path between Barricade and the Northern Town.
  • You can no longer escape the Mansion’s processing room by walking through the walls near the stairs.


  • Unlock crystal now properly activates the Mosquito and Automaton R3V-I fights.

[Other Stuff]

  • Added a new cheat code to unlock all enemies in the arena. What better code to use than the one who catalogued them all?


Changelist - [0.7.5]

[Desolate Zone]

  • Lowered the drop and steal rates for the Chainsaw from the Ghoul.
  • Added the actual weapon the Ghoul was supposed to drop.
  • Fixed a bug that cause the generator in the Hospital Basement to crash the game when fueled.


Changelist - [0.7.4]

[Desolate Zone]
  • You should no longer immediately lose the game when rescuing Kim if she was knocked out before entering the Mansion.
  • Gargoyle, Parasite Host, Parasite Slime and Ghoul no longer drop the wrong items.
  • Completing the Strip Club no longer moves you to the completely wrong location.
  • Ending D41 now properly displays its final images.
  • Ending D46 now properly displays its final images.
  • Ending D49’s images are no longer sized wrong.
[Desert Zone]
  • The fishing rod is now a usable key item, instead of automatically activating when you walk near water. Just head into your inventory and use it while standing near the river or ocean.
  • The fishing rod no longer causes you to get stuck in the fishing animation if you fail to reel in the fish.
  • Re-Added Gargoyle, Dullahan and Lich fights to the arena.
  • Added Automaton R3V-I, PROXI and Lina fights to the arena.
  • Added Endings D11, D39, D40, D41, D42, D43, D45, D46, D47, D48, D49, D50 and D51 to the arena.
[Other Stuff]
  • Fixed some sprite issues with R0M-I’s bimbot sprites.
  • Updated the Holstaurus battle sprite.


Changelist - [0.7.3]

[Demon Zone]
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Workplace Dream to freeze the game.
[Desolate Zone]
  • Fixed a bug causing you to be unable to repossess Kim if you possessed someone else. (You’ll need to start a save from before you open Kim’s tube for this to work).
  • Fixed a bug causing the fire sound effect to continue after the Firefighter event in the park.
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to not stop you from fighting Mara as PXE or R0M-I.
  • Made the fight against Line/The Stranger a little easier.
  • Added more lootable items in the Mansion.
  • The game no longer freezes if you defeat the zombie in the fast food restaurant last.
  • You can no longer climb the walls of the arcade.
  • Gargoyles other than the first can now trigger their ending when fought.
  • You now correctly fight A1K-0 when encountering her, instead of R3V-I
  • Disabled Dullahan, Gargoyle and Lich in the arena.
[Other Stuff]
  • Upped R0M-I’s stats slightly.
  • Upped PXE’s stats slightly.
  • R0M-I can now equip weapons.
  • PXE can now equip weapons.


Changelist - [0.7.2]

[Desolate Zone]
  • You can re-enter the subway from Barricade Town after beating the Lich now.
  • Kim now gets her name back.
  • PROXI will no longer continually repeat her questioning if you fail to answer her name.
[Other Stuff]
  • Gunpowder recipes are now correctly crafted at a blacksmith (or Percy, in the Mansion).


Changelist - [0.7.1]

[Desolate Zone]
  • Added a temporary fix for the first event in the Mansion being skipped. Hopefully shouldn't break anything.
  • Robin now uses his signature "middle of the screen" text when talking in the Familiar Bedroom.
  • You can no longer skip past the end of the chase sequence in the suburbs.


Changelist - [0.7.0]

[Demon Zone]
  • Alaru now repeats the suggestion of taking the boat in the sewers once Draculara has been defeated.
  • Moved the sewer boat to the Desolate Zone slightly to make it easier to spot.
[Desolate Zone]
  • Added 16 new endings.
  • Rewrote 1 endings. ("A Rock and a Hard Place")
  • Removed 4 endings. ("Green Thumbs", "Feathered Duster", "Overload" and "A Change in Management")
  • The entirety of the zone until just after beating the Lich has been changed.
  • Most areas have been overhauled, with minor to major changes.
[Desert Zone]
  • Using SKIP6 now gives Dominic his correct sprite and face.
  • Sandwurms have been slowed down.
  • Lesser Succubus ending no longer crashes the game when accessed from the Arena.
[Other Stuff]
  • Flow Kelp Imitation Skill [Wrap Tight] now has an icon.
  • Giant Frog Imitation Skill [Roaring Croak] now has an icon.
  • Mosquito Imitation Skill [Hickey] now has an icon.


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Sieksa

Version reviewed: 0.8.6 on 07/31/2022

 Gotta be the best game (in my opinion) on the website.

Let me explain, this game has "bad endings" in which you're transformed and game over. Massive advantage over other games if you're looking for a quickie, but NOT JUST THAT!

 This game is like a proper Ero.. No, a proper game that happened to have sexual undertones. No joke. Massive interconnected storyline, with a somewhat openworld. Not to mention the combat is decent!

I loved this game, It's almost perfect. It has endings to give you that lust-fullfilling experience and not drag it out too long ... that your hard rock became soft sponge. But this game also has depth. It's not as repetitive as most games here, and the combat's quite balanced.


 I've replayed this game for over 4-5 times at this point, and it boggles my mind how this game hasn't gotten 1000 likes. I've searched for countless games like this, which has the perfect balance of eroticism, and gameplay.... the nearest thing that I've found; is monster ts game 3 (even then, that can't even be compared to Monline's sheer size).


 I don't have any problems, only a few nit-picks, and that's only based on my preferences. Overall, this game is a masterpiece. So, if you haven't, just check it out man, it got it all. From hero journey-to-fetish fulfulling eroge.


 Although the artworks are "borrowed", Author is a man of culture in choosing the art. And the "bad endings" could be repetitive on paper, but the endings so far, are quite... HOT.


 Just check it out, it's great.

Review by 69ztare

Version reviewed: 0.8.6 on 01/10/2022

One of my favorite games of the style. It's fun, even if it didn't have the porn part (that is also good, although mostly bad endings).

The good part is that it's 100% free, and the bad part it's the extremely big time between updates, but maybe these two things are related.

The art is also not original, but it's a common thing here. At least they are mostly well chosen.

Characters are not too complex, but they work well, just like the story. And I don't understand why it's so hard to cheat, but at least there is the classical "enter cheat codes".

And the fact that I can equiip 2 one handed swords without being the biggest shit possible ingame is awesome, even though my favs ones are only on late game. I know that it's a small detail, but like it, but it's a rare thing in games.

Review by DS2

Version reviewed: 0.8.6 on 01/02/2022

Major TF Theme: Human Male to Monster Girl (MtF)


Although I'm not a fan of MtF TFs, I think this game is still a great game to try. It's massive, and there are countless (bad) endings. Also, the developer of this game put a lot of efforts in designing different characters and dialogues as seen in numerous reactions and interactions. 

Review by EarthGodzilla355

Version reviewed: 0.8.5 on 12/01/2021

This is the first game that I ever played on this site and it is still one of if not my favorite. It has a great story, its exciting and fun. You can clearly feel the time and effort the creator has put in this game and I would Highly recomend a playthrough. You ceartanly wil not regret it  

Review by Darkfeenex

Version reviewed: 0.8.5 on 11/09/2021

This is a great game and as many others have said it's one of the best on this site. I love the game and its a weirdly satisfying game to play. I played it for the first time and tried to find as many bad endings as possible while still progressing towards the goal. As some others have said there is a bunch of content and it definitely doesn't feel as linear as some other games of the same caliber. 


The one big thing I have with this game is that it's on the RPG Maker system. This is not something on the creators end so don't think I'm saying anything on that end. In my past experiences the RPG Maker system is just way to finicky. Its a great system and lots of people have made great games on it but I seem to keep finding bugs and crashes on games using this system. Just want to say again - this is not on the creators end, its more of the system. I've used the RPG Maker system before and there are some weird weird bugs.


But anyway this game is great and everyone should try it but I feel like people should start leaning away from the RPG Maker system

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