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Version: 0.6.3

by Revilo

You're stuck in a virtual world where all the enemies are sexy monster girls and you become whatever defeats you, what could possibly go wrong?

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Review by aegis7

Version reviewed: 0.6.3 on 01/20/2019

This review is probably going to come off a lot harsher than I mean it. But so many reviews I look at seem so completely divorced from my experiences with the game, I feel it's important to clearly and unambiguously state my opinion on the game. 

Let's start with the gameplay. Enemy damage is all over the place. One of the worst offenders is the Kappa, a common enemy from the second zone. Their basic attacks would routinely do about 20 damage compared to my healthbar of 350. Totally reasonable for a nuisance enemy. However, it could also use a special attack at will, called raking claws, which could do in excess of 150 damage. If it spammed that ability, which in my experience it often did because it's so tanky, fights with them quickly depleted my healing items or straight up killed me. This is probably the most extreme example, but most enemies I have fought have similarly overpowered abilties that they can spam like crazy, turning completely mundane fights into unwinnable siutations. 

Every single enemy has a gimmick passive that range from annoying to completely infuriating. The Mermaids, also in the second area, have a passive that does minor damage for free every turn and has a reasonable chance to blind a character as well, which makes them dodge pretty much everything thrown at them. This, combined with a two hit combo (Drown + Kiss of Life) that was routinely killing my party in just a few turns, and you have situations where you lose a fight purely because of RNG. Others are less annoying, but ultimately don't add anything in terms of strategy or depth. The wasps in particular have a passive which basically taxes you health every turn they're alive. This doesn't chang anything about how I fight them or my overall strategy. If these were just limited to boss or miniboss type monsters, and added a layer of strategy to overcome, then I'd be more forgiving here. 

Player progression is very minimal, and nowhere near linear. As opposed to leveling up, your character gains points that can be used to unlock skills or passive buffs. This does not manifest as extra health or defense, which would go a long way to make fights easier. These skills are mostly entirely useless. Your first unlock is an ability called Blade Rush, which does normal damage twice. This one attack costs less AD and does just as much or more damage than any other attack you unlock through this system. The only expection is the AOE ability, which is useful against groups of 3 or 4 enemies. Other attacks either have downsides, or do noticably less damage with a small chance of causing a minor status effect. On top of that, equipment was rare in my experience. I didn't get anything during the second zone that improved my combat abilities. The bottom line is that you never feel as though you are getting stronger or are more capable, and with the monsters being so random in terms of difficulty due to RNG it just feels unsatifying. 

Finally, healing items are precious, especially in the first area, and yet heal so little compared to enemy damage output that it often won't even save you in a combat situation. If you start losing, your only hope is that RNG will have the enemy use weaker abilities for a while so that you can DPS it down. Attempting to heal with the basic potions will often result in the net gain of like 30 health, which is barely noticable. 

Next up, the game has a nasty habit of establishing rules, and then immediately breaking them. The worst example of this in in the third area. This mostly consists of a mandatory stealth section, with a lot of waiting for enemy patrols to very slowly move to the point where you can get past them. Anyways, right off the bat the game establishs that the doors are magically sealed, and that you cannot open any house doors yourself. Next, a little later on, you are pinned by a succubus. The game then establishs that you have been magically immobilised by her, and you are in a dire situation. So what does you character do? Immediately run and open a supposedly sealed door, in flagrant disregard to two rules it just set up. It's hardly the only example.

In the second area, there is an ice chest that you need to melt in order to get a key to open some cell doors. Nevermind why the enemies would freeze it in solid ice in the first place (I suppose they never intended to use those jail cells ever again?). In the same area, there are torches that, when I interacted with them earlier, stated that they did not generate heat, as the occupants of the cave disliked heat. Fair enough. However, the solution to the puzzle is to use those torches to like a stick on fire that you can use to melt the chest. Why establish that the torches don't generate heat if you require the player to use them to melt ice, a action that requires heat? Right after that, in the boss fight, a NPC states that killing the main boss is sufficient, and that we do not need to kill the additional enemies to win. This was followed immediately aftter by me killing the main boss and the fight not resolving, which flew in the face of both the fight I just did and a previous bossfight where killing the main boss did win the fight despite additional enemies still being present. 

The transformation sequences are mostly as a result of bad ends, and are usually instant, offscreen affairs with pictures of monstergirls and a brief text description of what happens after. Generally, I found these pretty unsatifying, although there were a few exceptions, which I'll cover later.

I feel I need to make special mention to the starting of the third area, in which I navigate through an incredibly foggy area, filled with irritatingly tanky enemies which sapped MP and unclear obstacles, only to be confronted with a wall. I then needed to backtrack all the way back to the hub of the second area, find the single unmarked house in the entire village which is now open, find a small and incredibly easy to miss item on the ground of said house, and then walk all the way back to the wall before I progressed. This irks me so much because you had managed to avoid excessive backtracking in the previous area by just teleporting me where I needed to go, but I now needed to spend like 5 minutes on a completely mundane and unnessisary fetch quest before I could even access the next zone. 

Beyond that point. the third area is a nightmare in terms of instant death stealth and frequent progression blocking bugs. The only way to get through it without running into such a bug is to interact with a person after you have already interacted with them, and in a way that didn't seem to trigger for me when I did it, and you are locked out of once you leave that small area. 

Oh, and for whatever reason, the sound of rushing water seems to play in every single area, to the point where I just turned off the background sound effects altogether. 

Alright, that's a lot of negativity, I'll do some positives now. 

Overall, the story is solid, if somewhat generic. The characters are mostly fine, and the High Succubus trolling the character was kind of interesting. 

The transformation variety is unmatched, and there's enough content that they're bound to be something your into (As long as you like monstergirls, that is). Some of the transformations are much better and more detailed than others, particularly the mermaid path ones. The mermaid path in general was quite well done, and certainly the highlight of my playthrough. 

Movement is better than standard RPGmaker games, although the sprint toggle took a bit of getting used to. Being able to move on the diagonal is very nice for sidestepping enemies. 

Item boxes are well hidden, and reward exploration. If they had more worthy loot, such as armor, or better healing items, all the better. 

Finally, I'd like to make some recommendations. I'm not trying to discourage the author of this game to give up, rather I'm trying to show them how to improve their game.

Start with the combat. Rebalance enemy damage to be consistant. Status causing abilities (Or other very powerful abilities) should have an internal cooldown or otherwise made less spammable, especially for groups. Remove the pointless passives from generic enemies, and repurpose them for the bosses. It makes far more sense for the bishop to be able to blind you than every random mermaid you encounter. If you're going to give enemies very damaging abilities, consider making them charge it for a turn. This would give the headbutt ability a distinct purpose. Healing should be about doubled for standard potions, Hi-potions can be left as is. If you're going to go against rules you've established, put in an ingame reason for why. EG, for the succubus encounter, maybe that door's seal got destroyed by Aralu in the battle. Then the succubus shows up behind you, blocking the one exit from the area and forcing you to run inside, rather than go against her immobilisation. Completely remove the start of the third area backtracking, as it only serves to waste time. I recommend moving the item to the river village, and have your character pick it up before heading into the demon zone. 

Look, I'm not trying to hate this game. Many others have struggled against RPGmaker combat systems in the past. Little Bitch Academia springs to mind. But seeing so many players praising this combat really has me scratching my head, and the worst things going forward is for the creator to think no improvements need to be made. You have a solid foundation here, and this game does do things right. Just please fix the issues with the combat and scenarios and I'll happily amend this review to reflect that. 

Review by xkira1995

Version reviewed: 0.6.3 on 01/19/2019

Bugs for days in the third area (city area with zombies). Stuck at the one where you run from the succubus. There is also one in the strip club if u try to do the event where u would start serving ppl after having entered the back.
Edit: Pyramid entry also bugged after first event there.

Review by Terrone 2

Version reviewed: 0.6.1 on 01/16/2019

i love this game, is a very exceptional game but for now i will rename this version in  "monline prepare to im stuck here edition" please add an a cheat system on game for evading eventualy  block player bug

Review by ccccccccc

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 07/13/2018

By far the best TFTG game i found on this site and i seen ALOOT of games.

The story is fun, the characters are well written and the world changes constantly which makes the game new and interessing.

But the best part of this whole game are the TF's. THERE ARE A TOTAL 131 OF THEM? AND THEY ARE ALL GOOD!

10/10 would get amnesia just to play this again

Review by Masurama

Version reviewed: 0.5.4 on 06/08/2018

This is still and by far the best RPG Maker Ace Game I found here! The Game itself is Huge and open after you complete your first Tasks which is great and gives allot Choices to the Player. There are a BIG amounts of Endings and still I can't manage to find them all, in addition with some other Optional Things.

The main Character is funny in his own way. The Fight system is great, not to Hard nor to easy. Now the downside of it is that the World is so big it's easy to miss something even if you take many Hours of Searching Areas, talking with People, interacting with Objects and fighting or losing against Monsters. it so much you always feel you miss out and you do in the End. 

But back to the good stuff I like that the Areas change later to make the World even more interresting. I'm not gonna Spoil anything.

If this game would be complete I would even dare to buy it, but as long its Free I'm not saying no to it. What is really the biggest Downside that you did stop working on this great Game and therefore Players like me that would like to see more Content of this are forced to wait and simply this results in losing Interrest is great Games like this.

Now I hope this Feedback helps out and hope my English is not to bad ;)

Really would like to see more, maybe sometime we will and look forward to see more of this sooner or later!

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