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Version: 1.0

Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme

Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme is a crazy visual novel that follows a cast of characters that have their genders flipped due to unforeseen and ridiculous circumstances. Pick a character from a massive cast and follow their unique stories as they find romance and experience a range of outrageous transformations. 

The game is available here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/321060/


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  • Thirteen Playable Characters 
  • Dozens Of Endings 
  • Multiple Love Interests 
  • Over 40 Hours Of Content 
  • A cast of over 40 Characters 
  • Over 30 Locations To Visit 
  • Dozens of Crazy Transformations

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Review by Mr_X1

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 11/30/2015

Some of the negative reviews are way over the top bad just because the last few characters were a big letdown. Some that are trying to demand the game for lower cost or free i feel are ridiculous.  Now i would agree the last couple chars were very disapointing, but if you take them away is the game better? Maybe. I think that only makes my point all the more. it's obvious the last couple characters were rushed to finish the game, but even incomplete this game is much better than nearly all of the others on the site combined. i would have done away with some of the furry themes, but it had plenty of tg also.  How many games on this site can you say are complete and are this good? . How many complete period with this much content? I can't really think of any. 4 or 5 characters had multiple endings. Also, a free demo with one complete character multiple endings? What more can you ask for??


I would have had more choices/endings on the last few charcters, i also would have shown at least a few female pics of shall we say the victims at the end, and the 2nd to last characters change in attitude was never explained. I also would have had a nice generic ending of sorts explaining what happened to all the main chars at the end.  Judge for yourself and try the free demo at least. I think the full game is worth the $25.   I give it 4.1/5 stars. 


Review by Kromar

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 11/25/2015

I'm a bit disapointed in the new expansion. There are no choices to be made, just a story to read, nothing else. I seems that only the first few characters really had a lot of choices, and as they continued to create new characters, they reduced the choices to 0. But I have to admit that the story is funny.

Review by drizzzit

Version reviewed: 1.0 on 11/25/2015

Owned this for a long time now & its now officially finished, so thought I'd leave a review.

First, mindset here is visual novel - the first 5-6 of the 13 stories had moderate branching but most of the rest are pretty linear.  Just have that expectation going in.  Content is easily 2-3 hours per story so in total there is a lot here.

Second, this is hardly XXX material, story is moderately R at worst/best.  Minus the gratiutious boobage, it almost rates as pretty clean.

Third, obvious that tons of work went into this.  Artwork, storyline, coding to stretch that engine a bit etc all progressed well over the life of development.  Its nice to see developers take their work seriousily and just as importantly, finish what they set out to do.


The real question, is it worth the price?

My answer is a qualified yes. However, if I was buying to play an entertaining game, it's not worth a fraction of the ask.

Anything with these themes involved is going to be very niche in appeal.  Its also going to attract a lot of haters.  So mass appeal to keep price down is not likely.  I want to see this development team keep working on future titles and topics so giving a higher than normal price is acceptable to me.  This barely rates as a game.  As well designed content, different story and as such is why I was willing to help fund.  Definately not for everyone but absolutely has a place here.

Review by Nemeses

Version reviewed: 1.10 on 05/23/2015

actually love the art in this game, music is somewhat boring, but can easily be turned off. story is really good, well written and interesting.

i do however wish there were more choices, making this more of a game than an interactive graphic novel. still pretty good tho, i'd give it a 7/10 just based on art and story alone.

Review by jimtim50

Version reviewed: 1.3 on 07/17/2014

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