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Version: ABA

You're Dead, Try Again
by nimble

Current update and plans:

The current update is incomplete, but it's definitely a lot better than the game used to be. Please enjoy it and mind the dead ends, I'm going to close them off when I release the update fully! At that point, every path should go on for at least one day of game time or more.


What I plan to do afterward is have votes for the best scenario, and then work on another day's worth of time for each path in that scenario. I'd love to have you join the forums and leave a response when that happens.


What to expect with this game:

You will play as the main character, Mark. Upon death, you will have a choice between four scenarios, and each one contains many paths for you to follow. Some paths end abruptly. This is because it makes the game's development easier on myself, while also giving you a sneak preview of what's to come. The scenarios are as follows:

Fantasy- A world infested with monster girls and magic.

Servitude- A world where the slave trade exists in full force, and they use biologically specialized creatures to transform their slaves.

Future- A world in the future, where technology does what would be considered magic today.

Bizarro- A world where mutants inhabit a great city's sewers, living off of scraps. Hardship has twisted their logic, and unfit conditions have created abominations both micro and macroscopic.

A traffic accident changes everything in your life. You've gone into a strange coma, and rather than keep you alive any longer, they pull the plug. That's when you learn of the Divine. Because of a technicality, the consider you as living. However, because your body expired, they can only grant you a new one. What sort of life will you live? Will you live it to the fullest? Will everything go horribly wrong? Whatever choice you make, remember this:
It was always meant to be.

There are many characters to meet, and listing them all here would take quite a while. Please play the game and enjoy!

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Review by Arcturia

Version reviewed: ABA on 10/29/2018

I must say this game was fascinating.  While the content is somewhat limited, the worlds created within are strange, yet beautiful and kept me quite interested.  The first two paths are definitely more my preference, though the third and fourth were still quite intriguing with the patchwork woman being a very interesting character in particular in that route.  It rather reminded me of devious worlds, if not nearly as expansive.  It's missing quite a bit of content and many of the stories are only at their beginning states, but still were quite enjoyable.

Review by Clain

Version reviewed: ABA on 05/29/2018

Links are dead, it seems.

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: ABA on 12/05/2016


Not a bad tale. Plenty of options to go through during this CYOA, many of which lead to completely seperated path branches (though that it primarily linked to how transformed you have become and which of the four original options you chose). Writing is strong, but the characterisation various with each of the four choices: I think the second is the strongest, but that is just my bias opinion.

Worth a look.

Review by Anthar

Version reviewed: ABA on 09/27/2016


Review by TheeSpongeman

Version reviewed: ABA on 07/03/2016

Damn, some of these stories can get pretty harsh. But that's what I like. I've never been for stories where things always turn out rainbows and sunshine. Life will always make us struggle. I just but not nearly as much as here. While the variety is exstensive, it also seems like the author has pretty hard ADHD. Alot of the stories are unfinished in a way that makes it feel like they were making the story, until suddenly they thought of something else and immediatly abandoned the current plotline for the one they just thought up. Many end in weird places, or just stop right when the character development has finally been established.

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