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Version: .216

Tower of the Wraiths

A wayward adventurer seeks the legendary Tower of the Wraiths hoping to find a mythical device capable of curing a mysterious disease threatening the men of his home. Climb the tower, uncovering its secrets, and brave traps and transformations, to discover the true meaning of the Tower of the Wraiths!

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Review by gogoman1

Version reviewed: .216 on 12/13/2017

Those stuck in the nightclube level there is a secret wall in the dissabled toliet in the male toilets on the ressturant floor :)

Review by Flaming_Potato

Version reviewed: .216 on 03/28/2016

This is a great game. Of course, as with all RPG maker games, it has its bugs, but nothing too bad if you save often. Storywise, it is very good. This game doesn't end when you TF, which I find is a nice, refreshing change from the other "You TF'd, you Lose!" games. So far, it is only about two hours worth of playing, but what content is there is great. Unfortunately, the creator hasn't updated the game in about a year, which is somewhat annoying-I would like to see this completed.

Review by fuzzbuddy

Version reviewed: .216 on 01/13/2016

Very cool variety of content! I feel like I progressed a little slowly at times, but the content made up for it.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: .216 on 03/04/2015

I stopped at, like, around level 13, I guess, without enough fingers to count. It was, totally, awesome having fun married to a King and served your husband.

Sorry, couldn't help it. Lol.

Anyway the game itself is quite entertaining if you take it light-heartedly. It is not the default rpg in terms of fighting and leveling. Its kinda like a collection of fetish and the focus changes once in a while, at least early on. It took me 2 hours to reach level 10+. Somewhere in the game it said there are more than 100 levels. So it sound like the fun can last a while.

Review by HeWhoIsMany

Version reviewed: 0.13 on 03/30/2014

Easily one of the best RPG Maker games on the site. The transformations and writing of the situations is so perfect, and I can't wait for more to be added. Also, the creator has a pretty amazing username.

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