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The Coleman Institute

What will happen to Marcus after his accident? Make the decisions for him to find out. Will he turn into the socially active Kim, or the equally socially active Marcy? What sort of college degree will you get? Can you land that "dream job" or one that barely pays the bills? Love or misery? You make the decisions.

There is no right or wrong, but there is always the chance of not being in control.

Marcus has a serious accident at an early age. As he grows older, he realized that he isn't the same as other boys his age. Worried, he goes to see a doctor about what is going on with his body. He learns that he can either explore the option of being turned into the female "Kim", or try to adapt to his situation by becoming the cross dressing "Marcy".

Either way you go, you will still have to find a way to have a social life, a good eduction for a nice paying job, experience the ups and downs of a family life, hope to find Mr.Right, or at least Mr. Right-now. Who knows, maybe find that perfect female to spend the evenings with. No matter what you decide to do, life will always be a series of options.

Chapter 1 is complete, but what will happen in the next 4 Chapters?

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Review by aegis7

Version reviewed: 3.9 on 02/21/2020

This game has one main problem in my eyes. It's very heavily linear. Technically speaking, there are two main paths, crossdressing and full on M2F transformation, as well as paths that change the various flavor texts and careers paths the character ends up on. That's OK. But there really isn't much to be changed within these paths. The main character and their reactions to things aren't really controlled by the player, just the events they stumble across. There is very little player agency as to how the character changes and reacts to their enviroment. This culminates in the M2F player being required to lose their brand new female virginity instantly upon gaining it in a threesome with a women and a shemale. It's fine for it to be an option for those trying to be a more sexually liberal character, but considering that the character up until that point has been a sexually repressed male, you'd think they might want to have the option to be a bit more bashful or reserved in this case. Hell, this same character, in what seems like a month of leaving the institute, is not only looking for hookups with men, but also pushing her room mate to be less reserved. All power to her if she wants to do it, but that's not the character that I chose to be depicted.

Even the M2F transformation itself seems very easily accepted by the main character. No matter what choices I chose, the main character was always all in on it, rather strangly since they showed no signs of identifying as female before hand. I realise that the sexual repression and physical inferiority that accompany it might cause someone to go through with this, but it never really seems as though the MC is struggling with the decision.

This causes the final portion of the game to basically just be a coming of age story of a completely feminine girl with a slightly awkward past. The Coleman institute does miraculous work on adapting people to their knew bodies, as from second one the main character is fine with basically anything feminine. But this sort of prevents this from being a real M2F story, which should include that struggle to adapt.

Also, and this is probably something not many people notice, but as someone who knows about doctors and consolers, the Coleman Institute would be sued out of existance in seconds with how they run their operation. The ethics problems are numerous from second one, starting with a seriously flagrant case of sharing of private medical information and taking advice from someone who isn't the patients caregiver. That's a serious red flag from minute one. They follow up this trick with dosing a patient with drugs without their knowledge for no good reason, as well as psychological consolers attempting to start private and sexual relations with their patients. Plus, although this could be an issue with the game's flow of time, I'm pretty sure the main character is under age during the first of these.

The biology presented is also bonkers, but I won't go too much into that. I get it, it's a game with a already fantastical premise, but seeing them attempt to justify it with serious biology takes me out of it. Apparently, castration increases your libido! Who knew?

Anyway, my final main point is that this game is overly wordy. This compound with my first point. It feels less like a game we're involved in and making decisions, and more like one we're just along for the ride on. You get one fairly mundane looking decision after 5+ pages of densely packed writing, and you generally have no idea what outcome you're going to get later on down the line as a result.

So, to sum up, this game puts you in the shoes of a main character without giving you much control over what they do or how they respond to it. It then feeds you huge amounts of dialogue and exposition about what this supposed playher character is doing, regardless of what the player wants. They then throw an almost token decision at you, with no idea of how it will affect the story going forward. Rinse and repeat. The premise is good. The slow transformation is good. Unfortunately, everything around it isn't as good.

Review by beccara

Version reviewed: 3.9 on 06/25/2018

At the beinning rather a slow build towards the story but once you reach the keychoices it is a really well written and fullfledged story.


I am sorry it seems to be discontinued.



Review by HDGoat

Version reviewed: 3.9 on 03/25/2018

Is there update the story like stops for some of us who like keep going after transformation female characters did anyone notice that...

issue if you have transformation: you stop your thought why even bother with it...

Male has three inch dick why is that..why not invert his problem make him alien like barnacle and make so he get erection impregnate girls at rapid rates has no memory of it just feels that you hate mankind or something.

If he inverted there would not testicles...just be slit hole...it mean more bullying by his same sex. But he hospital wonder governme guinea pig.


To me this story is sham its been done too many times...


If I was man I have say story has die with your overeaching I was woman with big breasts her back will break, you know what say about big breasted and filled milk women their backs hurts, necks hurt and shoulder hurt, they get way more leg cramps then they hate admit. Even fit woman...Breasts are achilles hill to woman its chest envy it also cost problem every bra there no place you donate them too after you used them or re-donate them because overused bras they go to trash, they torn look to point where trash is where they go.


I heard scary rumors women using them as stuffing in furniture but really? If your cheap maybe?

Most men would go for big ass look there none of there find that sad...big ass look cushions her fall it was really sad that wasn't on there...who goes for ample ass I don't know, you know ample ass when you fall you hurt. there no knights in armor rushing for you mud to prevent you from hurting.

Alien dick would worked, giant ass chick with big breasts would worked, just bratty family got go man?<= it could stay if you could modify it.

does the story continue on??



Review by Ketchup

Version reviewed: 3.9 on 11/09/2017

Why the protagonist needs Clair? Not need to be pushed cuz he already wants to do things for his friend.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this game. Worth playing.

Review by tailmon

Version reviewed: 3.9 on 05/15/2017

It's got potential, I'll give it that. But I'd rather have a game that gives me control of the character's daily life, or at least every year, not jump around in the first chapter like this one. It's too damn confusing that way.

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