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TF Rock Paper Scissors

TF Rock Paper Scissors is a video game about ‘True Love’, a game show where contestants face off to slowly turn their opponent into their ideal woman. The contestants play Rock Paper Scissors, with the loser slowly transforming. It features multiple of these contests, such as a nerd trying to rid himself of his jock roommate, dueling stage magicians, and an angel and demon battling for supremacy. In general, the player character does more positive changes to their opponent, while the enemy has more negative, sexual changes. Some duels are not this black and white, however. The game currently features 14 of these duels, and more are in production. The game also features different difficulty settings,  enemy AI, and a scrollable layout so any size monitor can play the game. The game doesn’t require any special player to use. It does, however, require the latest version of Java to run. Feel free to give it a try! Check out the characters tab for a quick summary of each duel currently in the game. There are no true sex scenes, but bare breasts and adult themes are present in the game. It is meant only for those 18 years or older. Have fun!


All art for the game is made with the Kisekae flash program. It is free to use. You can find it here: http://pochi.lix.jp/k_kisekae2.html

  1. Nerd vs Jock: A nerdy student and his arrogant jock roommate are tired of each other. Play as the nerd as he tries to turn the Jock into his nerdy girlfriend! But beware, as the Jock wants a busty bimbo for himself!
  2. A Magician’s Duel: Two stage magicians turned wizards duke it out. Play as Michael the Magnificent, a famed illusionist who seeks the perfect partner for his act. You will fight Walter the Wondrous, a vile enchanter who needs a sexy a new assistant!
  3. A Secret Agent’s Final Challenge: When a secret agent and an evil mastermind accidentally meet on the show, they clash! Play as the agent as he tries to obtain the perfect partner for his missions…as well as love. But the mastermind may have some other tricks up his sleeve…
  4. Bimboification, A Two Way Road?: Fuka’s best friend has been turned into a bimbo by a vile magician. The spell can’t be easily broken, so she’s risking her mind and body to turn her friend back to normal. But if she loses, she may become a bimbo herself…
  5. Angels and Demons: When an angel and demon clash, ‘True Love’ gets them to duel this way instead. You will play as the angel. Will he be able to purify the horrid demon, or will he be corrupted into his dark servant
  6. A Magical Prom Night: Two young students, the goth Rossane and the Basketball star Victor, don't have a date for the prom. When 'True Love' School edition visits, they battle to see who will become the ideal date for the prom.
  7. Sexual Harassment Suit: TF Style!: Vikram is a doctor under investigation for sexual harassment. When the noble lawyer Amy is unable to find his hiddden evidence, she challenges him to 'True Love'. If she wins, she'll rid the world of a terrible person, if she loses, she'll become his sex-obsessed nurse! Who will win?
  8. The noble knight Sir Arnold is fighting against the evil Witch Loretta. Suddenly the trap springs, and they both have to win a game of chance to trasnform their opponent. Will the witch become a loyal ally of justice, or will Arnold become her sexy slave? You decide!
  9. Dan, a police officer, is tired of the trouble caused by his bad boy son David. He goes on 'True Love' to to turn him into a sweet, kind daughter. David, of course, wants a sexy new girlfriend to cause trouble with! Who will win in this battle?
  10. Tim and Maggie are good friends, but they've always wanted to have siblings. Tim wants a little sister to protect and care for, while Maggie has always wanted a twin sister to hang out with. They mutually agree to a duel, knowing they'll be related either way. Both would be happy with either result, so it's a relatively happy duel. Still, who will win?
  11. Michael is tired of his slob of a roommate, Rob. He challenges him to 'True Love', in order to turn his roommate into a loving housewife. Rob, however has other ideas, and wants a sexy maid to pleasure and clean up his messes for him. Who will win? You decide!
  12. Tiffany and Bill are two college students who constantly argue. Tiffany believes Bunnies are the best animal on the planet, while Bill steadfastedly believes in the noble Fox. When offered a chance on 'True Love', they gladly take the offer to transform their opponent. Tiffany wants a cute bunny girl to love and cherish, while Bill wishes for a sexy fox girl to love forever. Who will win?
  13. A Princess' Challenge: Two rival princesses are tired of each other! They're going to duel to transform their opponent. Princess Catherine wants a loyal maid to serve her, while Princess Ju wants a bimbo sister. Who will win!?
  14. Love on Land or Under the Sea: Meris and Leanne are a young couple truly in love. However, they have a problem: Leanne is a human and Meris is a mermaid. They go on the show to turn their opponent into a their own species, allowing them to try be together forever.
  15. Choose Your Own Bimbo: You play as Jim, a lazy man wanting a horny bimbo girlfriend. Choose from 1 of 6 bimbo options, from a sexy secretary to a nympho cheerleader to a naughty nun.
  16. Jennifer is a kind little girl with a massive crush on her high school neighbor. She tricks him into going onto 'True Love'. If she wins, Daniel will become her age, and they'll be the bestest friends ever! If she loses, she'll become his age, and be his loving girlfriend. No matter what happens, Jennifer gets what she wants!

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by failbird105

Version reviewed: 2.40 on 06/23/2018

Quite a good game. I found it looking for a different(but quite similar) game, and I'm glad I did. Sadly on further inspection it seems like the game may not be getting updated any time soon, which is a real shame, but what was there I enjoyed greatly. It seems however that the creator has released an open source version for people to make their own duels, so who knows, once I get my Kisekae skills in order, and gain confidence in my writing, and get some good ideas, I may just try my hand at making some duels of my own!

Review by FlyPersus

Version reviewed: 2.40 on 02/19/2018

This game is a great, fun, little concept. You can spend a decent amount of time just getting all the endings, and the "cheat" button makes it that much eaiser. I think that this simple concept works great, although I feel like a few "duels" lack. I'm sure these will be made just as great as the rest in due time. Great little game, the artstyle works great, and I look forward to more updates. 

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: 2.40 on 11/14/2016

A fun little game that has a neat little button called ''cheat'' to win or lose and end up seeing all the possible endings. I just passed quite some time winning, losing, partially winning, partially losing and finally tying! Some images are really similar from one match to another, but there is just enough change to make things interesting. Two thumps up!

Review by Fantasist

Version reviewed: 2.40 on 05/03/2014

Really good!!

Review by Tf-Wizard

Version reviewed: 2.2 on 02/23/2014

This is a fun game, it has pretty good art. It's Kisakae, which is hardly super amazing or anything, but as a man who dislikes photograph based games, I find the Kisakae art to be perfectly serviceable and provide a good element of anime cuteness to the proceedings. The endings are all logical and rather finely implemented. The gameplay is simple, but then again you can't expect too much in a TG game. It seems to be routinely updated, something that's hard to fine. I look forward to seeing more duels in the future.

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