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Version: 2.2

Clan: Inception

This is Iberninth, a brutal land on the edge of civilization. Without any womenfolk, your clan is slowly fading. For as long as the Bonespeakers can recall, this has always been a problem. Boys are born from women, but women are never born. At best, they are made.

They are made from men.

When a boy comes of age, it is time for him to leave his clan and venture out on his own. If his Changra is weak, he will soon be transformed into a woman, and it is just as well. But if his Changra is strong, then he will transform weaker men into his women, and they will bear him many strong children and they will bring great honor to his clan.

Your clan is dying, but you are now of age. Go forth and claim women of your own . . . or become the woman of a stronger man in the process.

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Review by ares76

Version reviewed: 2.2 on 06/28/2016

well, another good game, under-rated and played by so few...and easily could be at least rated as an X, no way R...maybe that's why it gets such low appeal.


Review by bandit

Version reviewed: 2.2 on 06/26/2016

The combat system is a bit too easy. Once you know what you're doing, you can win pretty much any fight. The only way to lose is to do so intentionally.


That said, I like how the transformations work. It would be nice if it were possible to continue playing (albeit differently) after you "lose", however.

Review by lovelight

Version reviewed: 2.1.0 on 10/10/2015

Just had to write a review: please don´t change the combat system just because some people cant figure it out.

Thous who don´t understand the combat system: basicaly you have to turn your opponent into a woman to win. Attribute that affects the most of it is "Attracted to", the last one. Others affect too but with less effect.
 Now the things u can do in combat are infuse - meaning you will try to force your attribute to your enemy. If the box is purple it means your on the manly side in that attribute and if its light pink then your on the feminen side in that attribute, meaning its better to infuse attributes when the box is pink, because if u succeed then you turn a lot more manlier in that attribute and enemy more feminen. So simply but infuse is forceing your attribute to your enemy, only point when your a lot feminen in the attribute u want to infuse.

Drain is the opposite of infuse, meaning you will try to steal your opponents attribute, only point of doing if opponent is a lot more manlier in the attribute then you are. If the box for attribute is blue in the drain column then that opponents attribute is on the manly side, if its red then its on feminen side.

To do drain or infuse you need changra, if you run out of changra then u need to rest or reflect. Rest restores a lot of changra and very slowly returns all of your attributes to manly but it leaves you open for opponents attack. Reflect will reflect opponents infuse back at him and it restores very little of your changra but if opponents just rest while you do it then your wasting your turn.

Spamming some thing over and over wont work as ai will adept and counter you.

If you simply it then its rock, paper, siccor. Lets say infuse is rock, reflect is paper and drain is siccor. So if u do infuse and opponent reflects then u lose and get more feminen, if opponent does drain while u infuse then he loses and becomes more femine, if u reflect while he drains u lose.

The box colors are so u can more easily see what attribute u need to deal with.

If someone still needs more help to win combats then just try fusing attribute if ur very feminen in it, drain when opponent is very manyl in it, throw in few rest and reflects every now and then so ai wont follow your pattern, and u should win, sometimes u need to beak ai pattern if he spams, also like i mentioned earlier, best way to win is to turn opponents attraction to men, that attribute affects the outcome the most thou others affect also.

If u can win then a new box appears with "claim her" and if u click it u win.

If i have spelling mistakes then sorry, type hastly. If i´m mistaken in something then thous who know better can write so we all would know.

P.S love this game!

Edit: Does anyone know how to catch the red woman?

Review by tsfan84

Version reviewed: 2.1.0 on 10/03/2015



The combat system is actually quite simple, you just have to read through the thread to kinda point you in the direction.  In essence it's Rock-Paper-Scissors.  Reflect works when your opponent attempts to Infuse you (they are trying to push something into your mind and you reflect it back).  Infusion works when your opponent attempts to drain (they are attempting to take something from you and you give them something they do not want).  And Drain works when your opponent reflects (they are attempting to bounce something back to you and leave themself wide open to be drained).  Now how do you know when to do what?  At the bottom, there usually is a description saying what they are doing.  It's not always there, because you need to level your preception (and at early levels what you precieve may be wrong), but that will tell you which attack to use.  I'll let you figure out what the tells are, but they are quite easy if you read the description.

Review by Slarkki

Version reviewed: 2.1.0 on 10/03/2015

Pretty interesting but for now there is rather little to do. Combat is a major part of this game but the combat just does not feel right. I've tried about 10 combats now and apparently I haven't been even close to winning. The combat system just does not seem to make any sense at all and no matter what you do you just end up losing and it's game over. If there is a logic to the fight I certainly haven't discovered it. For now the first fight is an automatic game over and that makes the game rather unenjoyable.

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