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Version: 0.5.0

A Life in Silks (First Cummings)

A Life in Silks is a interactive visual novel game, focused on the story of a young feminine sissy boy's quest of becoming a glamourous T-girl goddess and rule the big city with his beauty and never ending sexual appetite.

But while stuck in a small surburbian town with his single but sexy swingning Mommy, he knows that to reach his expensive dream of feminine transformation, he will need to seduce as many Sugar Daddies as he can with his advanced oral skills and erotically charge fashion sense.

The full narrative experience of "A Life in Silks" will be separated in 3 games, each representing a very important series of chapters of the young protagonist's journey into the glamourous T-girl lifestyle.
But each entry in the trilogy will include at least 5 hours of content and some very rich replay value, if you are willing to explore all the various erotic paths the games offer.

The initial game, currently with the subtitle "First Cummies" will be focus on the protagonist first kinky adventures with his new Sugar Daddies but the player will also be able to explore his unorthodox home life and especially his dealings with his libertine Mommie's boyfriends a.k.a. Uncles.

The game is currently being crowdfunded on Offbeatr.

There's a Flash version online, used to present some of the visual qualities of the game and a little examples of interactivity but it's in a limited stage, weekly updates are in the process.

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 04/17/2021


I wasn't prepared to pay to access the full game.

Placeholder for me to review later.

Review by rakgi1

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 09/20/2016

Review for the full game.


Having played the full game,as much as i could, now I can say it is extremely linear and riddled with a nasty bug that completely renders the game unable to continue after about 10 minutes in. The sexual scenes are reused even if the "daddies" are different and as the engine used is Unity you'd expect to be able to alter at least the screensize, you cannot so its stuck in window mode. The game also does not save even when there is an indicator saying it did so you must restart over and over thanks to that bug. 

Review by bearclaw01234

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 07/28/2016

So everyone knows- more detailed info on this can be found on VNDB.com (Visual Novel Database): https://vndb.org/v18280

Super-Ecchi Interactive is the Developer & Publisher.  I personally enjoy games like this along with MtF Transformation games.

It's very irritating that ye have to spend money ($10 USD) just to play a DEMO & it makes me not want to play this just because of that.  Yes i know it probably takes money (and/or time & effort which to some is money), but just about every game demo or other on this site is free & playable & with the OPTION to donate to help with the production but NOT REQUIRED just to download & play the DEMO of it.  Requiring money paid just to play a DEMO always screams Money-Grubbing & Greedy to me (i don't know if others will agree with me on this, but this is what comes to mind when i see good looking interesting games whose creators REQUIRE payment before ye can play their games). 

I'd give a review of the game, if the game was actually playable without having to spend money on something that may or may not be worth it (there's no way to know if it's good or not unless it can be played, but if ye can't play it then ye can't know for sure).  As it stands right now, all i can say for a review is:  i'd give this a NEGATIVE (opposite of Like this game) if it were possible.

Review by cinv

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 01/05/2014

Wow !!

Beautifull job so far !

Can't wait to see what's coming.

Review by Blackshard

Version reviewed: 0.5.0 on 01/04/2014

Though I, admittedly, don't go in for the 'point-and-click adventure' genre, this game in particular does nothing for me.  A bit of art with neither plot nor actual gameplay, coupled with a funding request, do not make for a good combination, to put it mildly.  I honestly can't tell whether there's potential for anything more or not; this version really is too early for public release.  Maybe, if you already have financial supporters, you might consider showing this to them, just to demonstrate that you've actually got some code in the pipeline, but this is not the way to advertise for donations.  Really.

1/5 for being a waste of my time irksome enough that I felt the need to comment.

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