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Version: 1.0.0


Koneta's story revolves around the hero Laguna, whose native country finds itself embroiled in a war with a
nation of demons. Brave but thick-headed Laguna sets off to do battle with a fort of these demons alone despite his
king ordering him to stay home until the area could be properly scouted. There, he meets a general of the demonic
army and is thoroughly outmatched. How the story progresses from there is up to you...

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Review by Pandora13

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 01/23/2014

It works and I get the game but it's very slow. The gmae has too much random and memoriztion factors to be truly fun. The game is short story wise and that is kind of a downer. Also the dialog is a little too silly for my tast. But I see great potentila in the game if the story and the game play where improved and expanded. 

Review by babblingfaces

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 01/23/2014



I have to admit, I find this to be one of the more disappointing entries in the site. There is an interesting premise to work with, which is in itself simple yet open to a great number of possibilities, and yet, despite featuring over thirty endings plus "bonus content", the game's choice of transformations, possible endings and results is terribly shortened and repetitive, with a great deal of them leading essentially to being killed as a girl. It doesn't help that the writing is often poor, and the endings are usually infected with a degree of morbidity and melodrama that often takes away the appeal these may possess.

But possibly the two worst aspects of the game are the following:

a) Given the game's premise (a hero is caught offguard by a demon who proceeds to experiment on his body, changing it to his will), one would expect a lot of corruption material to exist within; yet, there is none to be had whatsoever. The only two transformations that are hinted at in the game involving such a theme are never actually seen in the game: a heroine, Lucca, is said to have been held prisoner and transformed within the castle, yet we never see what happens with her; while the other instance belongs to an ending where we're quickly and dismissively told that Laguna (the hero) takes a potion hoping it'll cure him but ends up transforming him into a spider-woman, which ultimately forces him to join the army of demons. I was hoping, then, that transformations of this sort would be reserved for the very ending of the game; and yet, that was not to be the case, which leads me to my other ajor complaint, being...

b) The game as a whole is very lazy. This, incidentally, is referred to by the author himself within the game, often telling you one thing or another should have been completed, but he was too lazy to do so. Related to the above case and to the ending, the game offers every five completed endings some "bonus material", in turn creating expectations for some worthwhile inclusions after all 33 endings have been dealt with; and yet, all we get is a brief in-game animation followed by a "sorry, I was too lazy to finish this" sign. This problem is evident throughout the whole game, which seems to work on very few ideas and not take the time to do anything particularly creative or interesting with them. Ultimately, the above-mentioned cliffhanger is only the final nail in the coffin.

It is not without its couple of endings and moments that are worthwhile or that stick in some fashion; but ultimately, on balance, I cannot recommend it.

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