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Version: 1.0.0

Camp Terra Glen

The game takes place in the universe from the Mercynaries series ( http://www.sincomics.com/ddg.php ). It's a simple menu-driven sim where you're in charge of a camp and you have to get your campers upgraded and adorable enough to beat the other camps in weekly contests. The game has several random bonuses/catastrophes that can happen between daily activities, three contests to participate in, three endings, and a camp director that may or may not be up to something.

It's an HTML5, browser-based game so it should work on any platform.

Play the game at: 


The player is put into the role of a camp counselor charged with creating a lovable troop.

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Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 02/19/2014

They said "curiosity kill the cat". I didnt take it seriously. So here I am doing a review.

This should be a princess maker type game which you do a task everyday, helping your camp to improve in term of beauty and grace. There are 3 budgets to keep, the willpower, the satisfatory and the dollar. There are 6 tasks you can do, each charging you a different budget(s). There are 3 contests you need to win, each seperated by 7 days. There are random events which eat up your resources.

The upside:

  • The game ends fast. It ended within minutes to me.
  • There are some graphics.

The downside:

  • Not much story background.
  • The GUI is not very appealling.
  • Strategy game didnt mixed up with the overly simplified game mechanism. If you want a strategy game it is overly simple that you have no strategy to put. If you want a simple game, it lacks the game background for the imagination to work. The action lack the "fun" or "erotic" factor which makes a simple game stand.

Why a 3 star:

  • Lets hope the author fixed the game. after all the Website looks neat by itself.

Review by Danaume

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 02/17/2014

Played Science Camp. And honestly, I beat the game on the first try. But... I don't have any real sense of satisfaction. I didn't see any TFs, the weekly events seemed to skip, giving me no idea what was actually happening, and the ending was just a text drop about some conspiracy that the game never aludes to. This thing needs a lot of work.

Review by gyromite

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 02/17/2014

Yes, I concur with crusoe. Only I am not going to be so nice with this. IN FACT THIS ISN'T EVEN A GAME!!!!!

Maybe the creator of this game wanted to make people suffer because he had to suffer in some way I don't know. But I will save you and trip and say stay away from this game as far as you can. You will be disappointed with it every single time you play. I am sorry Sinscomics, but this game does not equal a game to play, its not even dare say playable. If I could rate it even lower I would but the site is nice enough to give you one star, and you should be lucky that it wont let me go any lower. 

This game has a broken mechanics in where you must depened on luck to save you at every turn to give you money, and satisfaction which almost never replenishes but you can buy satisfaction. However, due to lack of funds your going to lose, and lose, and lose again. I have characters telling me that there are complaints about who I am if I don't have high enough satisfaction, I lose to the second duel every single time when I have high stats close to 20 in beuty and grace, and either way if you don't do well, you will end up getting a bad end when you try your hardest, but the game doesn't want your best, it wants you to suffer its wrath unless the Gods of fortune shine down upon your head that give you favor in their interest, and thats going to be once in a billion chance when you play this game for the upteenth time.

I will give this game one good point... this game gives the illusion of choice. Wait, I take that back, that's a bad thing!!! No matter what you choose you will still get the same frustrations of what I said before with the money and satisfaction points which never replenish!!!!


If you get interested in playing, be my guest, only you wont be my guest afterwards because you will be closing the game window soon after, frustrated and asking yourself the question "Why did I play this game?" 

Review by Crusoe

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 02/16/2014

So after an hour of playing the game, and seeing the combination of random catastraphies and -10 satisfaction sleep overs, I can see this game is almost completely unwinnable.  I have gotten up to day 19 when I the low satisfaction score ends the game.  This isn't even taking into account winning or losing the three contests.  Unless you find the silver item that you can sell for more money.  Also in the random events when it says + or - W I thought that W meant Willpower but it actually means the money icon.  I would recommend changing the "W" to "money." to avoid confusion.  Getting the positive random event twice got me to day 20 which successfully wins the game.  But yeah, it is pretty difficut to keep the satisfaction score up.



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