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Version: 1.0.0

Cirque De Femme Multiple Choice Adventure
by faethemaid

In this story, you will find yourself in the shoes of Charles Lament, a socially awkward man who's been forced to go to his best friends bachelor party by his sister, who his best friend is marrying . Your friend, James, has chosen a rather odd traveling strip club called Cirque De Femme as his venue, but this house of sin is not at all as it appears. In reality it is a twisted brothel that caters to a very selective cliental, the kind that pay top dollar to acquire subservient, female sex slaves. In order to fulfill their rather large quota they travel around The U S in a massive tour bus, seeking out unwitting fools to transform into dim-witted bimbos. As you find yourself trapped in this hall of horrors will you have what it takes to escape this twisted place, or will you end up trapped forever within these walls, robbed of your masculinity?

This story is an open beta and nowhere near close to completion, but I do have a lot already.

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Review by Haagenti

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 07/18/2015

Anyone downloading this game please note that the latest version is 1.1; currently the version linked on this page is 1.0 (you can get 1.1 from the first post in the discussion thread).


Cirque De Femme is a relatively short text-only game that is incomplete, but playable. There are three possible endings and another path that leads to the unfinished part.


Themes include MC, sold into slavery and stripper/maid transformations.


Transformation descriptions are detailed, but most of the endings seem abrupt and the player has very limited choice when it comes to determining one's path. In other words, it delivers the goods but is not a very engaging experience otherwise.


A minor immersion breaking issue that is worth pointing out is that some options have the words "click here" in them, which is somewhat unnecessary - surely anyone can figure out that the blue text is a clickable link without such instructions.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 03/29/2014


I um, don't know what to say about this game.

The presentation is not first class but it isnt real bad either. Well, there is definitely room for improvement.

It isnt short... but not very long.

The sexual content is not boring... but not exciting enough. I cannot tell if the story is focus on something... yet I know it is focus on something, other than the transformation. Being trapped in a party with sexy girls?

Overall it is not bad... but I wont call it good.

After finishing with one ending, the first thing that come up with my mind is, "um. next game." That means I managed to finish the game, which in turn means this is a lot better than some games on this site. However there isnt really any bright points in the game.


So, after a few weeks coming back to the game page seeing no other reviews, I decided to put down something before this game goes into the waste. This game has nothing that really stand out, yet there isnt much to hammer on. The slightly under average so-so. If you really have nothing interesting going on at the moment, you might give it a go.


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