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Growing Up

You start the game as "Fredric". A somewhat average boy who is just starting middle school. He has two parents, called Clara and Alvin who love their son very much to support him. Along the way, your decisions will ultimately decide how he will live his life.


That's about it for those who want the "blind" experience. Others can check out the spoilers in my first post on the discussion thread.

I decided on the "R" rating due to a medical examination scene being explicit. Otherwise, the game shouldn't cross PG limits.

Character descriptions are in-game. You can simply click on them. You can later revisit them through the (side-)menu. Descriptions can and will change during the story.

Click on blue text ("links") to advance.

This is a "free choice" game. There is no right or wrong.

Thus, if an ending is "bad" or "good" depends on the person who reads it.

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: on 04/20/2021


Discontinued game. It's another CYOA story but all of your choices affect how your avatar changes and what paths of the story open up for you, so it's deeper than the usual Twine HTML game on the site.

Writing for the game is well done, but it's a text-only adventure with no images. Interactivity in the game is low as you make your own choices on the story paths, but there are some small options you can pick regarding how you look from the stats menu. The story world is well developed and you get a few "weeks" into the tale, but then it suddenly ends and you're left either wanting more or bitter about how it suddenly stops.

Certainly worth a look.

Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: on 11/17/2016

Very well thought out interactive story.  It focuses much more on relationships than sex or changes, but those concepts are still present in a way that isn't the sole focus.  I found myself enjoying how little glimpses of a culture pretty different from mine leak through in the writing.  They aren't obvious.  It's just that my life experience is different so they kind of stood out to me.  For example, rice is a staple in the characters meal preparation.  In another scene, the characters are calculating expenses and forget the added expense of traveling by bus.  Since my life revolves around going everywhere by car, this kind of jumped out to me.

Others mentioned how they experienced a big "Nooooo ..." when getting to the end of the content.  I definitely felt that too.  But I'm excited that running through the story again and making different choices gave me a very different story.  So there is a lot of story here that is fun to read.  It's worth taking the time to experience it rather than trying to skip ahead to the "good" parts.

My only gripe, though minor, is some of the paragraphs run together.  This is most likely a programming issue in twine.  Twine is easy to use, but produces awkward text on the page sometimes. 

Big thumbs up to the author and hope to see more by him/her in the future.

Review by fyfy

Version reviewed: on 10/21/2016

Why don't all the "great" games on this site get completed.....

Review by Proverbs24_16

Version reviewed: on 06/19/2016


This was me when I got to the line of "This is currently the end of the game."


It was such a well written story, and it was genuinely involving.  I could actually relate to the direction I pushed the story, and the romance seemed genuine.

It certainly leaves you wanting more.

Review by ChaosRagnak

Version reviewed: on 05/02/2016

This is by far the "game" that i have enjoyed the most from this site. It really feels like i am reading a great novels with the bonus being i get to influence the story. Expertly written, great character development. The impacts the choices we take really takes me back to my own childhood, teenage days and the start of adulthood. The only sad part in this whole thing is seeing that the last update was at the start of 2015. This is a must play even while not completed and if it does get finished, probably the best storytelling game on this site and many others.

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