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This IS(ЭТО)

Игра ЭТО (авторы DeGross, EfimovRA, etogame)
Версия 0.9.8(10.05.14)
рейтинг: XXX
Появиться новая версия, добавлю.
буду обновлять при появлении новых версий.
Игра от создателя Альбедо. на движке QSP.
текстовая игра с картинками.
game The IS (authors DeGross, EfimovRA, etogame)
The game from the Creator of Albedo. on the engine QSP.
text game with pictures.
tags: male to female, pregnancy, Mental Changes, Bimbo
Rating: XXX
will update when new versions.

1. Extension's Event at the disco in town.
- Traveling can be diluted to loot using dominance. virgin now be much more profitable.
- Can improve the reputation, again using dominance. Gopota can knock out a tooth, will have a permanent negative to the exterior. While there is no dentist.
- More options with ordinary guys in a disco. There are options depending on dominance.
- Dining send gopotu if they willed group blowjob. Of course, again dependent on dominance.
- Dominance can be obtained if on Fridays to participate in a game of Volley section.
2. Various books in the library. 3 types.
3. Reaction to sperm in club.
4. Ability to tighten study with one of the nerds. event with a botanist. While in the base set.
5. Meeting with Kate Meynold if the census at a disco. It can apply cosmetics YY.
7. Various help mother.
8. Possibility mock classmates outcasts.
9. CHANGES code in overeating.
10. The amount which now gives the mother depends not only on studies but also from the relationship.
11. Boyfriends little developed in the town. No sex.
12. Remade father stepfather. Added to the dialog.
13. Development of relations with Victor Kotov.
14. Professional dancing in the dance team. At high enough skill you can make money.
1. Added Action Vit'ka disco.
2. Added option to drink in the kitchen of their parents.
3. Fixed bug with Artem.
4. Added Zvezdushkam sex game events.


1. Increased the duration of schooling. While blocked because of the small amount of content.
2. Changes Not big town. Added some action NPC. Basically Changes possible situations depending on reputation. Little altered the option to chat with classmates.
3. Cheat menu located in the menu item "Magic"
4. Changes in the body. Regulate muscularity.
5. Added shower and locker room in the House of Culture.
6. Added the ability to watch what breasts heroine.
7. Introduced background and features a choice of character. Again, we need a new game.
8. Changed little part time in the clinic campus. Opportunity to help forge a cleaner at work in the clinic.
9. Toilets at the station.
10. Events at the station. 3 pieces. No porn.
11. Fixed stats during sex with ordinary guys in a disco. 

Version 0.9.9. For many changes need to start a new game alto start. If the old save game, then nothing should not be critical, but will not run some game events or not work correctly.

1. Added Vitamins, dietary food, shaver apartment parents.
2. Exchange of personal growth in the northern district of DC. Increasing dominance for the money.
3. Sex with boyfriends randomly town. Events during the campaign to the disco with her boyfriend, already two pieces. There are few, but those of Event is calculated in many possible states reputation.
4. Added NPC reaction to sperm.
5. Fixed some minor bugs. Too early admission to the university, the description when renting an apartment. Duration of cleaning toilets.
6. Unlocked early start for an alternative game. Now two years to learn in school.
7. Introduced restriction on age seems to work a photo model. Now look older than 19 years did not like.
8. Introduced in the description and quantity prezikov contraceptive pills.
9. Another mother's help, in which it becomes clear why there is no access to a pharmacy in the town.
10. Possibility mastrubirovat toilets station. Of course with a large excitation.
11. Added ability to use travmatika fighting program, and the machine gun. Just remember the game theoretically if you live bullet to the people of firearms. The combat system is very oak and mud is the maximum that can be squeezed out of it.
12. Slightly increased statistics which can give birth to a child Hero.
13. Introduced totminut variable to count how many minutes have passed since the beginning of the game. With this variable you can track the status that last for a certain time.
14. Few action Dima Nosov. Dance at the disco. Meeting after school.
15. The encounter with Little Ivan Prokhorov and event in the gym shower.
16. Extension quest Dima (acquaintance in a supermarket) from JSheppard
17. Sistemka Little imitates love or attraction. After talking with the object of desire will be for some time held the maximum mood. These two NPCs, Dima Nosov and Ivan Prokhorov.
18. Altered Sonia Ivanko. She begins ordinary devchenkoy and disco you can see her fall.
19. Quest Albina, is not finished. May protect against raids gopoty school.
20. Can start pro team in volleyball. While only on the bench. 2 entry options, depending on the power.
21. Posted by climbing the rope in gym class.
22. School running competition.
23. Expanded action guys at a disco.
24. Possible to ask his mother to buy new clothes. If some sort of clown nachiterit yourself money and buy a whole range of ladies then he will fly out of the game at this point. And do not say I did not warn you.
25. The development of small Katie Meynold.
26. Countdown absenteeism, and consequences, including expulsion from school and that parents kicked out of the house.
27. Few randomly chatter while having a drink of beer with his sister.
28. Small event with Christina Zvereva, after winning the city running race. There are several options.
29. Added the possibility to buy a handbag, makeup, tissues, a comb, a bottle of water and a sandwich. All these things are available at any time via the menu handbags. You can buy in the supermarket, department and cosmetics products (water and boutique). 

1. Fixed bug with buying subscription section running.
2. Altered way out Event with her boyfriend's at the disco.
3. Changed decision homework.
4. Photos anus, sperm at different piece.
5. Influence painful sexual acts to further the mood. May tear the vagina or anus.
6. Added masturbation hands at home. Basic.
7. Walk in the park at different events can occur not be surprised that they do not start, it is a fragment of the overall system walks. from etogame

Addition to the main branch from me. Put on 0.9.9 with the replacement of all matches. Changes are already included.

1. Continued friendship with Nastya.
2. Nastya gives access to exhibitionism.
3. You can go to the balcony in the hall.
4. When the device in vocational schools now give a room in a hostel.
5. Quest in a hostel (in development).
6. On the northern train station you can buy a fake diploma for vocational schools.
7. Volunteer Work in a homeless shelter (in development).
8. Removed a bug in the toilet barbecue.
9. Voluntary dismissal of bystroeshki.
10. Can try bimbo image.
11. Couple's Event associated with exhibitionism.
12. Extort debt husband must now once.
Link updated 16.07.
1. Acquainted with the Nastya in a restaurant in the center. Need to be fed :) Then it will be possible to call on Saturdays on the phone and invited to the meeting.
2. Exhibitionism can be raised to 4

Link updated 18.09.

13 First order bimbo.
14 Couple's Event associated with exhibitionism.
15 Events for the bimbo in the toilet and one station in the park.
16 Second leggings outfit in a supermarket.
17 Events for leggings.
18 You can insert the teeth in the clinic.


version 1.1.0 final from DeGross
1. Исправлена некорректная работа алкоголя на новогодней вечеринке.
2. Исправлен разговор с Катей после новогодней вечеринки.
3. Встреча нового года с родителями.
4. Переделка системы тела при большом весе, разница бедер с талией будет сокращаться с перебором веса, как бы за счет роста живота.
5. Переделка дискотеки городка. Теперь парней там не бесконечное число а всего лишь 300 человек и можно будет встречать уже знакомых.
6. Возбужденный пират теперь будет сам подбегать в локации сарая, а не ждать пока к нему подойдут.
7. Пробежки в сквере.
8. Небольшое развитие квеста с братом. Исправление ошибок в квесте.
Разработка закрыта навсегда. Кто хочет может переделывать, доделывать, да что угодно, мне без разницы. Игр от меня больше в публичном доступе не будет. Поддержки и исправления багов ЭТО, тоже не будет. Объяснений тоже не будет.
1. Fixed incorrect work of alcohol on New Year's party.
2. Fixed a conversation with Kate after a Christmas party.
3. Meeting the new year with their parents.
4. Modification of the body with a large weight difference hips with a waist will shrink with over weight, as if due to the growth of the abdomen.
5. Alteration discos town. Now guys out there not an infinite number but only 300 people can be met already familiar.
6. Excited pirate himself will now run up to the location of the barn, and not to wait for him fit.
7. Jogging in the park.
8. A small development of the quest with his brother. Correction of errors in the quest.
Development of closed forever. Who wants to can remodel, finish, yeah whatever, I do not care. Games more from me in the public domain will not be. Support and bug fixes this, too will not be. Explanation also will not be.

Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 05/10/2021

v1.1.0 (download link to Russian version in "Discussion" thread):

Russian version is the only one I could play given the 4shared link is too dodgy to risk. Basically this is another life sim game and basically replaced by rival, Girl Life, when you think about it. Interactivity in this game is very good for QSP but there are a lot of bugs in the version that you can still obtain: weird stuff can happen depending on the game time. Images are servicable, there is a lot to see in the game and the music isn't too annoying.

But the problem is that this isn't as heavily supported as Girl Life so you run into the end content very fast and then just up repeating your daily routine as you play on from there.

Worth a look if you speak Russian. But go check out Girl Life instead.

Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 06/12/2018

If this appeals to you, check out Girl Life - English Community Version. It's greatly expanded, much better translated and is updated on an ongoing basis to add more content to the school girl path (that is also compatible with the magical school girl path).

Review by otakulover001

Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on 10/17/2016

The games called and its already on here under the name girl life I think this is a lower version the  the nwer one  but to bad i cant read russian so i wont know and its the english version of the game

Review by Xisis

Version reviewed: on 05/08/2014

Lots of potential. If I could speak Russian I bet I woudl give it 5 stars. Could use an native English or American speaker to help edit and complete the translations. I'm tempted to voulenteer. Content may be extreme for some, but that's a plus in my book. The extreme stuff is pretty easily avoided if it's not you cup of tea.

Review by Coper

Version reviewed: 0.9.7 on 05/04/2014

This game is great!

Of course there are som bad translations, and some are entirely missing... But the game itself is one of the best in this genre, maybe even the best. Its like cursed but with pictures and more options.

I hope this game gets a proper translation and maybe som more hints/spoilers.

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