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Version: 1.0.0

Castle Escape

As the story's protagonist you wake up in a Castle, with no memory or discernible purpose as to your whereabouts. From there on the floor is all yours! Will you try to escape, or will the mystical and often nonsensical pull of the Castle change you for good?

Have an adventure and find out!

To summarize the purpose of this game, this was largely my intro and "Tutorial" of sorts into RPG maker. It supposes no real plot or strict structure, other than some rather dim puzzles and exploration. It sports a peculiar quest of observation with cute Tranformations and ample dialogue to be found inbetween. There are over 30+ endings and a few small areas to explore, shouldn't take too long to figure most of it out.


A kitsch and weird experimental little game you might enjoy messing around with.

You're stuck in a castle. Well not really stuck because to exit you just have to walk out the gate and leave, but stuck on some deep soulful metaphorical level. Like in a game or digital medium of some kind of abstract way, I guess?

Well there's not really much of a plot, walk around and do whatever you like.

The main character - You control them.

Everyone else- NPCs that you don't. I didn't really give any of them names.

If one requires assistance the thread for it can be found here:



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Review by aaronexe

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 08/15/2015

GAME OVER YEEEEEAHHHHH!!!!!! Sadly the game seems to of been lost and no one seems to have it anymore.....

Review by Gregnes2000

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/28/2014

One thing sold this game for me..Game over, YEEEAH!!!!

Review by livemansleeping

Version reviewed: 1.0.0 on 05/28/2014

This game is Bizarre!  Really weird.


Although the 'ok there you are, go' aspect of it i find very interesting, Clearly this was just sort of thrown together, but i quite like the style, It could use more character aspects, along with more non-game-over transmformations that would modify them.

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