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Version: 0.7.0

Lewd Chaos

LEWD CHAOS puts you into the role of a 20-something whose life is going nowhere and becomes entangled in a war between two divine forces. You have the chance to be something important, and it's up to you how to survive and solve the problems threatening your home and the world at large. Angels, Demons, Monsters, assholes and cultists are all getting pulled in, and so are you. Be careful, as no one is holding your hand, you can't trust anyone, and you can't get caught!

Jane - Childhood friend, all the way through college. You both are a bit down on your luck post-college.

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.7.0 on 04/26/2021


A difficult game to play. This Java engine game is set up like "Adventure" from old where you get thrown into the game world and then are expected to just make it through on your own best judgment... and for a life sim game that's quite a steep curve to learn.

Story-wise the game is limited with the introduction and the NPCs you meet throughout the game. Interactivity is high, if a bit confusing: you really need to work at it to get into the vibe of this game and understand who you are, what you are meant to be doing (yes, you DO have a job to earn money at) and what you can go to see in the game world. The game world itself is quite vast with plenty to check out, but some of it is linked to the time of the day and the game doesn't have that built into it yet in this version.

Hope you like a lot of guesswork.

Moving on from there the transformations in this version release are limited but can be achieved through hardwork and exploration. The problem is that without an on-going record of what you've been doing and where you're meant to go, it is very easy to lose track of this too.

This is a tough call. I see where the game creator is going with this and the game engine makes a damn good try at achieving it, but with the world clock missing and an action log not being available beyond the text window you're really in for a fight if you want to get something from this. And there IS potential fun here.

Worth a look. Game may be abandonware at this time though since it has been a long period without an update.

Review by therandomestpersons

Version reviewed: 0.7.0 on 01/22/2016

was going to try this but was a jar file....and those seem to be kinda annoying to view so thats a problem,

Review by Jimbog

Version reviewed: 0.7.0 on 07/03/2015

You just have to try this game out.  It requires some mucking about to figure out how it works but it is well worth the time.  It works on Mac and Linux.  It doesn't have near the amount of likes it should have and I suspect that is because it is a little difficult to get started and sort out where everything is.  Also keep a piece of paper handy to make your own map and make some notes.

Review by trix

Version reviewed: 0.6.0 on 11/05/2014

For anyone not on Windows, you can run the Java directly by cding into the main folder and running: java GUI/LewdMain

Review by dragontamer8740

Version reviewed: 0.5.8 on 10/29/2014

Good game and all, but it'd be better if it weren't a java game stupidly compressed into a .exe so no linux/BSD/OSX users can use it.

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