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Fall of Eden
by alder

Open-world transformation / sex adventure in the text-and-menu style of CoC, Nimin, etc. with a more 'classic' RPG theme of Good vs. Evil, Demons vs. Light, exploring a traditional RPG-style world, etc.

FoE is distinguished by its heavy emphasis on the storyline and strong central plotline that continues throughout the game, with numerous side-quests and side-missions where all manner of random erotic content can be found.

Currently, the game is still highly unfinished / experimental, with many systems buggy or not functioning correctly, lots of dead-ends in the plot and side-quests, etc.

However, the content that is present is quality, and enough to provide a reasonably-long and enjoyable experience. The game is also still "alive" and being updated fairly frequently.

Also contains standard RPG combat, including a party system with multiple characters that can be recruited, swapped out, geared, and customized, and a Final Fantasy-style job system. Other novelties include minigames (such as playing cards), crafting (such as making alchemical potions), and more.

Play here: Online

Play it and see!

Unlike many erotic games, Fall of Eden actually has a story worth paying attention to, and not spoiling. You may find this good or bad — there's a great deal of exposition, details, and lore mixed in with all the sex.

• The player (customizable avatar)

• Kia or Kai (your first party member, an elf of selectable gender)

• Uru, the sultry demon goddess

• Aria, the chaste goddess of light

• And many, many more...

This game is self-explanatory and does not need a walkthrough.

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Review by w21dbb

Version reviewed: See site for latest 0.4U on 01/31/2020

Well the gameplay is fun, story is well written, and now it is being updated and worked on again.

Also saves are tricky on this game some times. A Fun game still.

Review by zerocatch22

Version reviewed: See site for latest 0.4U on 02/10/2017

There are only a few really good furry TF games out there, and this isn't one of them. Don't get me wrong, the game is huge, it can be challenging, and it's very well-written. There is definitely strategy and a long quest in it, but having said that, even if it is a GOOD GAME, that doesn't mean it's a good TRANSFORMATION GAME:

First of all, the transformations are all minor. Your character can have their ears, eyes and genetalia transformed, but that's really as far as most of the transfromations go (humans with animal ears). I have yet to experience a full anthropomorphic change in the game, even though many of the NPC characters are full anthropomorphic animals.

Secondly, having these attributes doesn't change a damn thing: The changes are never acknowledged by most of the other characters and never seem to give you any sort of palpable benefit (for example, getting bunny ears and a bunny tail doesn't curry any favor with the game's lagomorphs). They don't really change any of the sex scenes, either, so... what's the point again?

With one early exception, there doesn't seem to be any involuntary transformations in the game. This means that you have to transform yourself, and as previously stated there is no benefit to doing so other than the player's personal fetish. Even giving transformative items to your party members doesn't seem to really do anything except change their ears, and quite frankly the whole transformation system seems tacked on and pointless, which is disappointing to say the least, as it is a main selling point and will draw most people to the game.

There also seems to be a lot of "placeholder text" in the game that never seems to be expanded upon desipite the updates. For example, rather than a descriptive sex scene, when some characters masturbate the description is little more than, "(This character) pleasures their self, cumming buckets." TONS of sex scenes are still missing or incomplete (even after all these years), and that makes exploration just a little bit annoying.

So while it's an interesting playthrough, it is not one that I will be coming back to any time in the near future.

Review by jerricho13

Version reviewed: See site for latest 0.4T on 08/17/2016

I added a link to the download and Android versions of the game.


For those having problems saving. you can save to a text file (save options in game).


Personally, I really like this game.  Tons of content, likable characters, and an interesting world.


There is some balancing issues and it's recommended to be at least level 20 before attempting the boss fights.

Review by ares76

Version reviewed: See site for latest 0.4q on 02/10/2016

great game!!...but, i just waiste 2 days of my life playing the game on xbox1 without no option to save. believe me, it's no fun about this game when, after tens of hoursand all 3 followers( kia, terry, layla up to lvl 12 or more) , a fucking ghoul queen beat us so easily as you are actually at lvl 0...that's just a bs!!!...there are some npc characters around this game made up just to kill in an instant all it'll worth playing...so, true, it can be my fault not having for now the proper way to save or rewind every fucking imposible jock of npc, even where you build up all you can get: it's just shockinly funny how, no matter the level, number of followers, your patience, it's looks all the same, just crushed like a fly! ...so, for all its worth, i can easily give 9 out 10 to this game: unfortunatly it still got few huge letdowns worth of less than 1 of 10!!

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.3h4 on 06/20/2014

Well, a closed CoC which you follow a certain plot. I guess it depends if you like RPG or not. I prefer MMO is this may not be my cup of tea.

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