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Version: 0.54b

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Version: 0.50

Version: 0.49

Version: 0.44

Dream Labyrinth

"The Dark Souls of Humorous, Trivia-Based Adult Adventure Games."

A XXX rated TG game.  Based on your decisions, knowledge, and puzzle solving skills, you will get the chance of living out one of over 100 fun and exciting lives.  Or maybe ones that aren't so fun or exciting.

Converted back to 2.4, two new endings in the Faith path. Also, now there should be a tracker that keeps a tally of how many endings you viewed. And once you've made it to to the labyrinth, once you hit an ending, it should give you the option to either end the game there or continue playing.

Here is a flowchart of Endings available from the Labyrinth on.  Endings that are colored are the ones with pictures.

You play a character deeply depressed. His past haunts him, and unable to drink it away, he decides to end his life, but due to a couple of last minute good deeds, he is given the chance at a new life where he can live a life he's only dreamed about.

You:  The main character.  Though you can name him anything, so it doesn't have to be you.  Things aren't going good for You right now, but they're about to get a whole lot better

Charity:  A mysterious "angel?" who is intent on "helping?" our hero.

The Cute Girl:  I mean, something obviously happened there.  But what?

The Bartender:  He tends bar

TIPS: For the first section of the game, if you examine the correct item at the right time, you will get a hint about the correct choice to make.  If you chose the wrong choice at any point, you'll get a Bad End, and then looped right back to the decision point, no muss no fuss.  So its up to you with the information you glean whether to make the right choice or the wrong one.

TIPS:  If you find yourself back at the beginning of the game, check your inventory for the Teleport Stone.  It lets you return to certain key points within the Labyrinth.  But it fades quick, so if you want to use it, don't dillydally with your drink.

TIPS: In the main paths of the Labyrinth, you can ask the room for a hint to the question you are currently facing.  In order to unlock the hint, you must answer a question about one of the endings for that path.  The first room of the path will ask a question about the ending viewed if you get all questions wrong.  The Second room will ask you a question about the ending viewed if you get all but 1 question wrong, etc.  Its dvised you check the hint questions the first time through so that you know what infromation you need to glean from the ending you wind up with.

TIPS:  If you want to make sure you get a question wrong, those goofy answers for the Multiple Choice questions are there for a reason.

TIPS: In the Bar at the beginning fo the game, you can view a plaque to see the endings you have viewed so far.  Observant players might notice clues next to the endings they haven't viewed yet.  These clues are there to guide you to the choice that WILL get you the Ending, unlike the clues you get for examing objects.  IE, if it says something like "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie" and you come across a dog, if you chose to leave it alone, you will unlock the ending.

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Review by RedGhost

Version reviewed: 0.54a on 12/09/2016


I was enjoying this game right up until the trivia questions that lead to one of the multiple endings. From there I realised how short the game was for a RAGS submission and despite the images provided in this version (that are quite acceptable), the trivia game did annoy me greatly.

Writing is okay, characters presented are again okay but you don't see anything in the way of character development other than through the endings you reach and interaction in the game is quite railroaded. Do this, trial-and-error, look I got something, hey I got a question wrong: bad ending.

I want to like this game but I think I'm going to need to wait until it's finished and make a call based on the final completed submission.

Cautiously recommended so you can check it out for yourself.

Review by GGhern

Version reviewed: 0.49 on 07/21/2014

The game had a solid premise and I was even excited at the plot twist after the early trail and error linear "Must do this to not get a bad end" set up. Sadly, it devolves into a trivia game. Overall underwhelming and after I realized it wanted the actual name of Thailands capital and not Bangkok as we know it I just dropped it and moved on. The writing is fairly well done, though the author doesn't focus on the transformations as much as I'd like, instead doing a more "zap, it's there now" deal, so I'm pretty disappointed that it took the turn that it did.


If you don't mind doing a riddle like search based on trivia for a game then this is worth checking out.

Review by Flammable776

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 07/12/2014

I commited seppuku with a sharpened butter knife ... 10/10

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 07/12/2014

There are puzzles with no hints and wide guesses and puzzles are not my type of game.

Review by brunoloian

Version reviewed: 0.4 on 07/11/2014

Great game:

The story is very interesting and well-thought-out.

The writting is impecable and it's not tiresome like with some games in this site.

The narrative is very good and reminds me a little of games like Heavy Rain and Alan Wake.

The gameplay is just like most rags games(this is not a bad thing).

P.S.:Love the Arrested Development reference in the "BAD END 18"

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