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Version: 0.005

Boo's Transformation Test
by Boo3

You have agreed to participate in some sort of experiment.


This is a work in progress in an extremely early stage of development, as well as a way to learn more about Twine.

You are part of an experiment where you are asked to choose between a selection of buttons. You change with each press, and help to advance science, probably!


A voice over an intercom

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Review by jknox

Version reviewed: 0.005 on 07/16/2014

Devil's Advocate Time!  (An only-slightly-biased opinion, from multiple viewpoints.)


True, there isn't much content in the current revision.  

Boo3 makes it clear that this is revision 0.005 (what I would call 'Alpha')... and while the title does say it's a TF test, it's not clear weather the product is a test or if the storyline / plotline revolves around a test.

There are message forums specifically for posting Alpha code to people who are interested in testing / helping with bugs.

To be fair, what little is there looks like it will blossom into a really worthwhile game... however, what's posted should probably be kept to the message forums for test-code, for the time being.

I'm not going to apply a numeric rating since it would be fair to the author or the players.

Review by anon275

Version reviewed: 0.004 on 07/16/2014

I totally agree with aegis7, I understand helping out with bug testing a game but come ON... There's needs to be at least SOME content. It's why I waited to release my game, I wanted there to be enough for someone to actually enjoy it. Then I gave up on it, so if I had released the little bit's I HAD worked on, there would be however many disappointed people that it was abandoned. I know we're a weird community, making games for free for others to enjoy, sometimes it seems without thanks, but lets take a minute to step back and really analyze what we're putting out there before we just fire off to the world the few sentences we came up with. (and this is not just aimed at this particular game, there are literally dozens I'm talking about here)

Review by aegis7

Version reviewed: 0.004 on 07/15/2014

Ok, I hate you call you out specifically about this, but this has been going on for far too long and something needs to be said. Why can people post games with so little content on this site? I don't understand the appeal of it. There is almost nothing here, just a few short pages, a TG done in one short paragraph, and that's it. There was one I played the other day that didn't even have any tf elements at all, it was a blank world where you walked around not doing anything. It can't be to get testers on it, since it's so small in scope it could only take minutes to playtest yourself. It's not to generate hype, since there is so little of it I can't form an opinion. So why? I can tell you from personal experience, that I never follow up on any of these incomplete games to see how they turned out, since I have no interest in them. Just wait until you have something worth sharing, then do it.

Review by trix

Version reviewed: 0.002 on 07/15/2014

There is no game here to speak of.

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