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Version: 2015-05-24

Version: 2014-10-04

Version: 2014-09-27


A young actor's career went south after series of unsuccessful movies. The whole industry is considering him jinxed and no one wants to give him a role. But his agent has a plan for a comeback…

Transformation themes: Male to Female, Voluntary, Bodysuit

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Review by Carrera

Version reviewed: 2015-05-24 on 10/15/2018

I thought this one had a lot of potential. I can't believe it's been so long since I last played it either. Wish the dev would pick it back up. Thanks for the efforts none the less.

Review by fuzzbuddy

Version reviewed: 2015-05-24 on 02/15/2016

It cuts off before anything interesting happend (that or the attending the party thing errored when I played), but the interface is quite nice! I also had a few random errors occur like not being able to stop watching TV unless I read a book to get back to normal actions.

Review by madmel

Version reviewed: 2015-05-24 on 10/23/2015

This game has an amazing ui and a great concept. Can't wait till it gets more content. Like others i wish there was a legitimate way to stop in the middle of masturbating, but if people need to stop you can read a magazine and it takes you out.

Review by soldatoflife

Version reviewed: 2015-05-24 on 10/22/2015

Enjoyed the game, but it requires a bit too much clicking and there seems to be a bug as many previously said for the party scene where one fails it however hard you try to accomplish it.

Review by pingguo

Version reviewed: 2015-05-16 on 05/18/2015


Good to see a new version.

The engine improved. Now we have a clear picture on what is happening and it is nice to see the skill growth, and how.

As the alpha version, the game is strongly unbalanced at this stage. Anything that need money you do not have enough to spend, which is good. However that leaves you nothing to do, except watching TV and masturbating. So everyday you watch TV 5 times to get your cooking skill up and masturbate for 8 hours. Kind of become a forced masturbating scene, you know.

Some bugs as usual. With sex endurance rocket high, it was taking me 12 in game hours to come, and there was no way to interrupt. The character kind of fainted out at 2am rubbing too hard on her pussy for a straight 12 hours. Funny erotic bug.


Bad news on this one. While the GUI moves from the dull twine interface to something very unique and eyes pleasing, the more important bits of the game - the content - is still missing after 6 months. There is little to do, little to dress up, little events and little everything. There comes more bugs with the new interface, such as unable to fall asleep when your energy is 0 (or it is an old bug I do not remember). I have no idea why the main character has super high heels skill from the start. I do not understand why the masturbating skill get from terrible to good in but a few days and cooking skill terrible to poor after I have read the cooking book for about 20 times. I do not understand why my cooking skill not showing up until the day I get to work, although I have read the cooking book 15 times before my first day of the job.

While this game looks great, I am worried that I am not seeing its content before I pass away.


Interesting game inspired by the Cursed.

The game is pretty green and there are a few bugs. There are little contents as a world and the story is pretty much done for on day 8 at this stage of development.

I like the "Goal" system and the paperdoll. The Goal system need polishing with more details, such as the time and location for certain things to happen. The paperdoll is nice, but I get the feeling that it will be a pain in the future to add on to the clothing system.

The GUI is good. It means that the game has a solid ground. May be adding content to it can make the alpha more interesting. e.g. a few more books. you know, those that require little input.

The game needs balance. Too much income for the things you can currently buy. There is no charge for daily living and money become less of a factor. A careful finetuning is needed when the game is more ready.

Anyway I have my finger crossed.

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