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Crucible of Fire

So this is a very early Alpha of me trying to make a Choose Your own Adventure In a small section of a fiction based land. A lot of the game is not created yet and I will be updating weekly with more branches and if people would like to help me and my poor grammar and story telling revisions in how you go from one page to the next or even add more options.

Anyways I'm hoping you like my game as much as I've loved all of your games, and again apologies for only working on one of many routes.


Special Thanks to Perri, Greyelf, and TheMadExile for helping me overcome some of my coding problems.

I am reworking the whole game to have more of an RPG feel to it and as such a lot of things are changing here, please note the new updated version has 0 new content in terms of passages but rather a system overhall with some pages missing due to this. alpha
A small update to the paths, nothing much in terms of passages but rather a code update for most of the system. Some minor bug fixes and proper submenus working in all instances. The combat system and RNG system are not implemented yet as I do not feel there are enough encounters available however be free to check out the small additions that have been made.


You play as a character destined to reach the throne at the center of the capital city that governs the lands of sand and stone, also known as The Crucible of Flames. Your entire life has been spent in these lands yet you have never traveled to this area before. As a war is guaranteed to come soon enough the decisions you make will help shape the kingdom you are travelling in.

The Human Male Mage

Born in a humble village south of the entrance to the Crucible of Flame this power house of raw magical power is primed to sling spells and curses at all that stand in his way, but will his actions come back to bite him in the rear end?

The Elven Female Runechaser

Born in a land of magic and intrigue her true calling is not to the trees but rather to the secrets of the elven ancestors. However there's a reason all empires fall and she's bound to find the instruments that could bring upon her own doom.



You will play as a character destined to reach the throne of the crucible of flames, on this road you will need to overcome trials and acquire allies to fight alongside you. You will encounter multiple faces as you travel across these lands so try and make powerful allies.



There is an evil afoot in the city of Craigloft, if you do not rid this town of its evil you will find it to be a lingering danger that may very well bite you in the butt later. Be sure to take care against an evil old man who is collecting beautiful women to sell at a high price, his magic is strong and to defeat him you will not want to face him alone or head on.

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Review by ssm0use

Version reviewed: alpha on 06/24/2016

The major storylines are pretty well written.  I enjoyed reading them.

On thing I would like for you to do would be to either show the branches you have planned, but disable them as links or provide a way to go back to an earlier decision so it's easier to explore the possible outcomes without having to restart over and over. 

Review by JayMan

Version reviewed: on 05/15/2016

Nice for what is there so far. The writing is well done and there is the opportunity for many, many possibilities. It is is certainly an ambitious title that I am looking forward to seeing progress.

Review by traceveroma

Version reviewed: on 05/15/2016

@Nova25, I personally hate elves, but I mostly make the joke at the start of the game, which is all in good fun. As you go further into the game you may see that I take the Elven Start very seriously and I hope I gave the impression that the Runechaser is a both sensitive in how she feels empathy for other creatures with her not wanting to cause blood shed, yet knowing a diverse range of magic through her years of practice.

Biggotry is a main element inside of the game, with how other races view each other. As for the Fae and Sexual tones, this is sheerily due to this being an erotic game. I am sorry that you do not see my story telling model as it is but the biggotry and such will play out further in the game when the major conflicts arise.

@Hiiiimom, James is a very important antagonist inside of Craigloft. The only way too get out of Craigloft is to defeat him, exploring multiple paths gives you knowledge regarding the people in town and the interactions between them.

Review by Nova25

Version reviewed: on 05/15/2016

Honestly, I want to slap the maker of the game upside the game, with how dumb and childishly he treats Elves. That's just not funny and makes me rolls me eyes, especially at character creation.

Review by Hiiiimom

Version reviewed: alpha on 05/13/2016

i quite liked how much it's progressed so far with the diffrent options coming in race choice, however I didn't like how in the human route if you choose the, "Would you like to esacpe this city," and how when your presented with 3 options only one gives you a diffrent ending and the other 2 give you 2 more choices that could have been achieved if you just picked the, "Lets get this guy optio,n" or whatever. Still really good considering that you had to redo everything.

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