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Version: Start/Demo


An idea I liked in a rags-game never completed and think about making a game from. 

Starting at the end of a successful career in Imperial Intelligence (Psionik Branch)

the character is forced to use a precursor device to transport his soul and a body (with data already collected) 

to a space station just out of other reach when his ship goes BOOM. 

You get a new body, designed from some hot but dead woman's body and your mental needs (bigger brain, to be honest). 

Then you have to survive a fortnight at Fenris Station, following one of several way to survive: 

the path of tricksters, the path of the honest maid, the path of the whore, the path of the traveller and the path of the violent maiden. 

Right now, only the start is ready to play. 


General Anastacia Lupa of the Psi-Corps; His excellence, the Zhodani embassador; The Boss

techs, workers, pimps, gamblers, whores and strippers, sailes assistants, thugs, travellers and others


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Review by Jindary

Version reviewed: Start/Demo on 02/10/2018

3rg game on my very long subscribe list, unfortunatly like many of its creators games, it lies dormant a game started and never finished.   I like the background and extra text Blauz always adds to their games.  This one I  thought showed a lot of promise.  Great start. And I am only 4 years behind in leaving reviews!  If you ever came back to update this I would be very pleased

Review by Dopefish

Version reviewed: Start/Demo on 09/23/2014

Seems like you've spent a lot of time building a world, but unfortunately the world doesn't really feel alive at this point and is just a bunch of technical word salad. Either simplify it down a little bit, or find some other way to make these things matter. I don't care about the naming system of prisoners or ships, they have absolutely no impact on the story thus far and only serve to bloat things needlessly. If you were to find some ways to incorporate this knowledge into the story, sure, but as it stands: it's bloat.

Other than the bloated style, writing seems competent, I like the use of pictures. I hope we'll see some future development.

Review by AllyssaHalven

Version reviewed: Start/Demo on 09/20/2014

I personally think you have a great start. I would also like to recommend some female consequence, in the future, for sexual indiscretion.  Nothing says, "Shit, I'm a woman," like accidentally getting pregnant.


As for the previous comment on the arcs for background, information, and lore, I'm totally okay with them.  They're optional, for those who want more immersion, so it's not like you HAVE to click on them.


Keep it up, and I hope to see more updates soon.

Review by Spino2308

Version reviewed: Start/Demo on 09/20/2014

Good premise to the game btu the writing is too disjointed and confusing, especially with all the branches, simplyfy it down or find a better way to explain it apart from that it looks good.


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