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72 Hours... or so
by tghobby

12/30/2015 - No, have not abandonded the game. I've reworkd it to be more "game like" with more points of failure and an actual "goal" to win... I haven't uploaded anything since it's still in progress and I'm recovering from major surgery earlier in the month. I'll get something posted soon and look forward to your feedback.


11/16/2014 - Thanks for all the feedback. I am actually working on v4 at the moment. v3 got hosed when I tried using the Beta. When I went back to the stable 2.4 version, the game was throwing errors and the backup copy was corrupted as well.

Anyway, I will be uploading a new version with revisions and some new bOOby traps added. I am also trying to reduce the liner play and give the character more "choices" in direction and action. Hopefully this won''t blow up in my face... Yes, I can see where this can get really daunting to keep track of - quickly. Right now I'm just sort of "winging it". That will have to stop soon... :-)

Now if I could just keep real life from interfering...



11/2/2014 - True, right now of the suit case items only the dildo is active. I am working on other triggers at the moment. I will get back to those soon! Thanks for the feedback.


10/29/2014 - Added Mediafire link... And thanks for the feedback so far...


Mitch is a successful business man who has grown slightly tired of sex with his wife. The "game" is more of a walk through story right now. I was trying to figure out how things worked in the RAGS engine. Currently there are 2 endings. One is a "Mitch Wins" scenario. The other is just the end of the current walk through.

The images are a mixed bag of still pictures and animated gifs. I designed it in the old developer tool. (Will probably upgrade to finish the game if people think it's worth the effort.)

Current size is about 70mb.

Mitch has a 3 day weekend all to himself. His wife has gone to her sisters. He's going to spend the weekend "working" on his computer... Yeah right - he's gonna spend 72 hours fapping to his favorite TG/BE/GTS/etc... porn sites...

Mitch - 45 yearl old business man

Annette - his good looking wife

Suzette - Annette's yuounger sister

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Review by Dalene

Version reviewed: v2 on 01/16/2016

This might be my first review.  This game might get daunting at times when you are making it.  However, what you are doing here is really really impressive and I can not wait to see what you do with it.   I hope you see this through because you have something that I think people will remember.


Update: Keep at it, I will wait and so will others.  You got something great here


Also thanks for updating us that it is still being worked on, I hope you post an update soon.

Review by kevintheghost

Version reviewed: v2 on 08/12/2015

I really enjoyed this game but i am waiting in the author to get better so we can get some interesting new content. also i think this game needs a thrad so we can give feedback to the author

Review by Kate Southerland

Version reviewed: v2 on 11/01/2014

This game looks like a LOT of fun.

So far, I can only get the "loyal to gf' and dildo outcomes to work.  Nothing in the suitcase besides the dildo works for me, and I can't find a single bOObytrap.  Are they not yet available?

Review by livemansleeping

Version reviewed: v2 on 11/01/2014

For some reason the mediafire download link will not operate for me, and i can't get access to 4shared.  (drawbacks of being outside the USA) any chance of getting a MEGA link on here?

Review by HypnoKitten

Version reviewed: v2 on 10/29/2014

Yay more games with images!  Was very much surprised at how they'd trickled out for a bit.  Love the premise of this one, and it seems very fun and lighthearted (while potentially sexy, especially if both sisters get involved)  Navigation is a tad confusing at the moment (lots of complex space, content limited to a few spots).  This will likely be better once content starts getting put in.  Keep it up! (No pun)

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