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Version: 0.6.1


Newlife is a lifesim game where the player is transformed into a woman in an improbable mad-science accident

As of November 2014 Newlife is fully playable but still needs extensive content to be added. Nevertheless you can play it from start to finish, go clubbing and meet men, be taken out on dates, shop for and wear clothes, use your feminine wiles to seek promotions at work, have lots of sex, get carried away by your desires and accidentally (or deliberately) become pregnant.

For changelogs and more information on development, check out the blog at http://splendidostrich.blogspot.co.uk/

For tools to help with custom-NPC creation, check out the character-creators channel on the Newlife Discord

The player: The game implies that the main character is the player themselves, a few years in the future. Of course you can create a character quite different from yourself if you want! In fact, female players have no choice but to do this, considering the game requires you to start as male.

Ivy: Your only real friend. A clever and talented young woman. Who knows what surprises her brilliance have in store for you? Well, if you read the game synopsis then you know, for one.

Horse: Not actually a horse. But how did he get such a nickname? Perhaps you should make it your quest to find out.

The men: Men in Newlife are algorithmically-generated so you won't see the same ones in any two games, with the exception of certain 'special' npcs. Even special npcs only have fixed stats when this is necessary, and anything that isn't fixed will be generated using the normal method.


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Review by mysteriousforce

Version reviewed: 0.6.0 on 04/01/2020

The game is definitely worth playing once or twice.

The game is well-written and has several interesting mechanics like appearance/clothes or sex scenes. It also big enough on content to keep you engaged for an hour or so.

The downside is that the the replay value is low. Not nil, as you cant view all the variations in a single playthrough, but after playing the game like 2-3 times with cute/sexy/professional characters you'll see 99% of what the game has to offer.

Starting the game for the tenth time you'll see that there is no incentive to do anything in the game other than getting new scenes (e.g. trying for baby scenes or some hard to reach friend scenes). Money is not a constraint since you don't really need to buy anything to live. Guys are all basically the same, other than some fluff text. You can marry and get pregnant from husband or not marry and get pregnant from a guy you've met once in a park and there won't be any difference. The game doesn't reward or punish you for making choices. There are no major differences between having a baby and not. You can start a game and successfuly play it to the end without clicking anything but 'end week'. This makes it less of a game and more a... story generator? Everything is under your control, even the most devious jerk impregnator NPCs can be deterred from sex with your weak willed self deprecating slut of a character simply by not giving them your number or saying 'no' when they visit your apartment uninvited.

There's just no challenge to anything. Even getting those rare friend events is not a challenge and more a matter of remembering to get all the conditions right.

Review by Noknet

Version reviewed: 0.4.28 on 04/05/2019

I want to like this game, but ultimately it ends up being rather dull.  It's basically a clicking game.  There's very little drama.  It's purely text.  The only real question is how many people you will have sexual relations with and how many of them will become fathers, and what kind of fathers they will be (although this really doesn't matter much).  Many times, I find myself just clicking as fast as I can to get through a scene.  That's not a good sign.  It means that the words on the screen aren't worth reading...and when that's all the game is giving you...that's really not a good sign.



My review hasn't changed much since 0.4..17.  My chief complaint is that this game actually manages to turn the sex scenes into a chore.  Getting married in the game is a nice touch, but not really reccommended. 

Picture this:  Party ends.  Husband wants to screw.  You don't really feel like it, so you say no.  Maybe you say yes.  It really doesn't matter. Then you wake up in the morning...same thing...only sometimes the game doesn't give you the NO option.  So you end up clicking through it as fast as you can to get through it so you can do something more interesting.  Now if that's not a telling sentence, I don't know what is....an erotic game that manages to make you think "Gawd, sex again?"

Personally, I find myself working to get to the card game, because that's the main area of the game where you don't know what will happen.  Will the party lead her to having sex with a stranger?  Maybe, maybe not.  Will that stranger refuse to use a condom and refuse to pull out?  Maybe, maybe not.  Will she got knocked up in the process?  That part of the game adds an element of risk that makes things interesting.  Most of the other situations, you have almost complete control over what happens...even if the character has weak willpower.


One of my earlier complaints has been addressed.  There is now an option that you can enable to skip through the sex scenes if they have become a chore rather than fun.  When this is enabled, it will give you a summary of what happened...which is often that the guy had a good time, but he failed to give you an orgasm.  Sounds like a premature ejaculation joke to me.

The dates have been expanded a bit more, which gives a little more drama than there used to be.  Now if you go out to eat, it'll tell you if you were taken to a fast food joint, a fancy joint, whether your date left a tip etc.  That and what he says when he greets you gives you a pretty good idea of what kind of person you're dealing with.  It still feels...sparse at times.

Review by anyoldguy

Version reviewed: 0.4.28 on 04/03/2019

I do wish people would use the review section for reviews and shove all the essays about specific bugs or content they want to see in the forum where it's supposed to be.


This is a fast-transformation game where you spend the rest of the time as a heterosexual female. There's almost no lesbian content or agonising about how you, as a man now in a woman's body, feel about building a relationship or sex acts with men for the first time. The career path remains very slender so the bulk of the game is on developing a relationship with one or more of the men you encounter. The dates are well done with plenty of options but naturally become repetitive eventually as you see the same sequences repeat.


The game is entertaining within its limited boundaries. Unfortunately the pregnancy content does nothing to enhance the game for me so I haven't done more than skim it for the last few years to see if anything interesting has been done in other areas. It's certainly worth a play but with such slow development in recent years I would not build your hopes up that it is ever going to become significantly more than what it already is.

Review by crood

Version reviewed: 0.4.26 on 02/01/2019

I've played the various versions of this game over the past few years and check in on it every few updates.  It's mostly clicking and reading, which is fine.  If I have one complaint, it's that the TF content is mostly irrelevant to the plot.  It's something that happens at the very beginning where it mainly serves as a design your character mechanism.  After that, you pretty much play as a heterosexual female.  The only thing it really explains is why you have so few clothes at the beginning.  You could literally change it to being a young woman moving to a new city and living on her own for the first time and has her luggage stolen and it would affect nothing.  Likewise, the ending is more or less tacked on to complete the opening plot and little else.

Review by Excanda

Version reviewed: 0.4.24 on 12/15/2018

Pretty good game up set and choices, but why is nearly everything straight? If I were changed into a woman my sexual preferences wouldn't automatically change.

I have played it a bit and all flirting and other come ons are all towards men. If you are going to make such a game please include a mental change or something, as the game currently is it's kind of flat and one sided.

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