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Version: 1.51

Al Avid and Sulaman's Scepter
by tautha

Perhaps Al Avid never should have pursued the rumors, but now this master thief is hot on the trail of a powerful (and valuable) enchanted scepter. If he pulls the heist off, he'll become the most renowned thief in Asbani. It won't be easy, though. Along the way, he'll have to unravel magical traps, see through deceit and temptation, and duel Asbani's most powerful enchantress. If he fails in any of these tasks, he'll no longer be the man he used to be.


Note from IshAsh: "Hey gang, this game has been around for awhile, and I enjoyed it a lot, so I wanted to add it to the wiki for others to find and try.  Sorry, if I got anyone's hopes up for some additional content or Tautha's return.  Would love so see more quality TF Jeweled scenarios in future, but it seems that no one creates for it anymore.  *sigh*"

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Review by aaaac

Version reviewed: 1.51 on 08/07/2017

A surprisingly good game. I say surprisingly because I knew nothing about it or the engine. It’s a candy crush style matching game with the player becoming more transformed the longer your take to clear the board.


Just that however sells the game short. This game is very polished with an excellent description of the transformation, and an exceptional difficulty curve. It really is great because each puzzle introduces new elements which culminate in climatic duel. It even has multiple endings.


My only complaints are the ones inherent to the engine. You have to wait for a puzzle to fail, to get the alternative sequence of events. If you do fail a puzzle you have to start from the beginning. (excepting one) it’s a bit hard to read the transformation text while simultaneously solving the puzzle.


I recommend this game if you are looking for a fun and sexy diversion. The transforming into a harem girl and what follows is one of my favorite sequences on the site.


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