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Version: 2.0.3

Helpless Heroine

RTP required available here: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages

 ***NEW LINK TO COMPLETED VERSION 1.0.3 Put up. November 2nd 2017*** 

***BugFixed version 1.0.3B linked March 22nd 2018***

The game is complete!!! It is listed here as version 2.0.3, but only since all my versions were 0-point ssomething while the updates here always added a 1 in front. You're downloading version 1.0.3.

A young SlaveGirl, freshly shipped from her MaidenPen where she was grown to adulthood, suddenly recovers her ability to think, only to realize women in her country of Malaterra CANNOT think. She sets out to survive in a world where all women are obedient and disposable SlaveGirls, clothing is virtually unheard of, being devoured alive, raped or transformed into objects is commonplace and a tiny, ineffectual rebellion is trying to overthrow the system, the Red Sovereign in charge, and his brutal, magical Biological Imperative...

Features violence, rape, transformation into various statues and other solid objects, Vore, mass mind control, forced orgasm...

WARNING: CRAPPY GRAPHICS, AND MADE WITH RPGMAKER VX, NOT VX ACE. You need the right Run Time Package (RTP) to run the game and despite the smut content need to be willing to play a game with an actual STORY instead of ground-breaking graphics.


 EDIT: Images removes due to being NSFW. -KavenBach

Essentially, Onyx wants to escape the insanity of Malaterra alive. Just escaping the sewers after she's been thrown away as used-up garbage is already difficult! But after suddenly discovering she has unusual powers, Onyx can at least fight back somewhat, unlike most others...

After saving one woman, she eventually rescues a sorceress from an abandoned tower and the three of them begin searching for a way to escape Malaterra. Eventually Onyx begins to realize that she has more power than even SHE realized, and that escape may be secondary to breaking the hold of the Slavery Guild and the Red Sovereign over Malaterra...

Onyx: Main character. Though her body appears to be of standard (cloned) SlaveGirl stock, she soon discovers that she is somehow different from all the rest. For one thing, she has an unexplained power. For another, a mysterious girl follows her around dispensing less-than-clear "advice."

Bridget: a Gladiatrix slated for termination; the messier, the better, according to her Masters. Onyx defeats her but spares her life and, under cover of "finding a good death for her," rescues her from slavery.

Hannah: A sorceress of uncertain origin. Has no memory (that she claims), but is rescued from the dungeon of her own ruined tower.

Zeena: A SlaveGirl, one of few women brought into Malaterra from the outside. Lost her ability to think like all women due to the Biological Imperative. Was freed by the Rebels, then willingly gave up her mind again to go undercover.

Jarvis: one of the rare Rebel Males. Mans an inn in the middle of nowhere, actually a front to protect a branch of the female rebellion.

Bart: another Rebel Male. Lives in the middle of a neutral land with many SlaveGirls, but treats them well; essentially favors a neutral position wherein his girls may not be free, but he treats them well.

Brenda: An under-no-cover (ie Nude) Agent of Arianas, the country west of Malaterra. Arianas is ruked by women, so they do NOT want the Red Sovereign's Biological Imperative to spread to their lands, ever!!!

Tuteerielle: A mysterious girl who seems to pop up at the strangest times, always following Onyx around. Who is she really? Is she just some random glitch of Malaterra's Biological Imperative? And why does she refer to Onyx as "Mistress" all the time...?

Varad: the leader of a Gladiatrix-training-specialized tower known as Hot Peak Tower. 

Beryl: Master Varad's favorite CombatSlave. 

Helpless Heroine Walkthrough: Version 0.8.4

Game Creator's Playthrough time to present end content: 27 Hours




Helpless Heroine Walkthrough: Version 0.8.4




Don't miss the mouldy oranges in the crate down in the southeast corner.

Check out the Disposal pit in the northeast corner to proceed.

You can't win the first fight with a Slaver. Just ride it out... so to speak.




You will meet Tutteerielle here (Tuttee for short) for the first time. The woman in the southwest corner will have some useful information for you.

If you want, sell some or all your Mouldy Oranges to get some kind of starter gear, though you'll find some pretty soon anyway.




You're terribly vulnerable until you get some gear and level up a bit. Don't miss the Tattered Loincloth near the beginning, and don't forget to equip it! Once you get the silk gear from straight above the entrance and straight east of it, you'll be in much better shape. Don't hesitate to use your Mouldy Oranges if you need them!

You'll need the rusty old key from the east side of the floor to unlock the gate in the northeast.

Beware, though: there's at least ONE monster in here now that will seem impossible to defeat until Onyx learns some new skills!




Unless you spent time running from enemies in the first section, you should be Level 2 or nearly when you enter here. Be aware, there's one random monster you can meet here that will make short work of you at level 1, and will be tough even at level 3 the first time through the area!

By level 2, if you've geared at all, you should be able to one-shot basic rats. You'll likely have cause to use the “Kick” skill for the first time in this section, though!

Some of the gear you find here will not be equippable on your first time through. You may not want to sell it quite yet, though...




No random encounters here. On your first visit to this place, again, just ride out the fight against the Sewer Slime. Something has to happen to Onyx before she can become what she will be...




When Onyx wakes, she's alive and unharmed. How? Will we ever know? But, look at her “title” now. Something has changed...

Equip the gear you couldn't before, if you kept it. Try out her new abilities. Even the big baddie in the Second Sewer shouldn't be too tough to kill if you know how to do it!




Make your way through the sewers again. You shouldn't have any trouble this time. When the slime comes at you again, however, this time put up a fight: if you lose this time, Onyx is nothing but nutrients! You should be Level 3 by now, or close.




No sooner does Onyx escape the sewers before she's re-enslaved... willingly! All the gear you found, you will lose, but you get to keep your items. Where did she hide them? The answer is a suprise even to Onyx herself!




You really should be at least level 3 by now. If Level 4, you'll breeze through the training challenges. You have to beat the Plugger Plant, then the Ratite trio first; then you get to face the Gladiatrix, Bridget. Don't lose any of these fights, or you're monster fodder. Fight Bridget, and you can leave the training pen by the north.




Having spared Bridget's life, you now have an ally to fight with you (as Tuttee will point out). Explore Mentus Village; in most areas you are in no danger of attack. Be sure to check out pots and boxes and bags; even raw potatoes can be helpful in some measure. Eventually, once you're ready, enter the north building; examine your surroundings to find your exit from Mentus. However, only go once you're ready: you won't be able to come back!




You can pick and choose your monster foes if you're careful, assuming you want to level up at all. Just remember that you can't go back to Mentus to heal up; however at the entrance to the ruined tower is a bucket with Healing Water.

The south pass is too dangerous to go through, yet. That leaves you only one option: explore the ruined tower to the west.




At the entrance there is a bucket with Healing Water. Be sure to use it whenever necessary!

While you can enter the dungeon right away, you can't access the cells until you have a key. Wait before going down there until later.

Don't miss the HealStones in a pot on the west side of the first floor. They might save you soon!

Near the steps to the second floor, you'll find Tuttee again, turned to stone – temporarily. Pay attention to her cryptic warnings!

On the second floor, you can see the boss right away. First, though, head to the room to the west; a lab, from what the girls can figure. There's a journal worth reading here, and another bucket full of Healing Water.

When you fight the boss, don't hesitate to use HealStones: they counter partial petrification. Just make sure to use one before the turn the curse sets in completely! If you get Onyx and Bridget to Level 5 before this encounter, the fight should be much easier.

Once you've killed the boss, you get a key for the dungeon. But don't forget the pendant on the table nearby! Also, check out the fireplace for a one-time boost for Onyx's magic...

Head to the dungeon. Try the pendant on the statue in the east cell first, before the one in the southwest one. Also, check out the buckets for some gear.




Having rescued Hannah from petrification, she can now show you the secret passage under the mountain garrison. Make your way through this linear dungeon; kill the boss in the hole in the wall to get the key to the gate. Don't miss examining the bones of the unfortunate SlaveGirl that left the note.




You can wander this town freely; all the men you'll meet here assume Onyx and her friends belong to some man or other. Just be careful, though: don't overindulge in risky behavior just for some cash! If you're careful, you can in theory get all the GP you need to max out your gear, if you're patient. The Pink Loincloth and the Pink Silk Strap-Suit at the Slavery Shop are good buys, if expensive at the moment.

You'll see Tuttee here; as she suggests, you need to speak to people in a particular order. Start with the green-haired SlaveGirl against the north wall first, then enter the Pub. One of the men there demands ale; buy some Cheap Ale at the bar and give him five servings and you'll get him nice and drunk... and horny. When he demands that Hannah suck him off, have her take one for the team!

Once you've revived Hannah outside, head north from the village. You will now see a path into the mountains.




Follow the pass until you reach a middle-of-nowhere inn, with Tuttee standing nearby. Be sure to pick up the Butter on the way... it may be useless for defense, but the sexy oily sheen it gives a SlaveGirl's naked skin somehow greatly increases her magic power! Good for Onyx if you're focusing on magic use with her, otherwise good for Hannah.

At the inn, as warned by Tuttee, be sure to stock up on supplies with the redhead SlaveGirl. (Although, her warning to keep up your Magic Power is a little less relevant since I added the skill “Mana Job,” at Level 8.) When you're ready, speak to the innkeeper. Once you have, if you try to leave the inn you will trigger an attack by the Guild Members you saw back in Jarth!

Jarvis, the inkeeper, sacrifices himself to allow you to escape, but you must still fight four Slavers who found the escape path. Each Slaver is vulnerable to a different element; be sure to exploit that!




Stock up on items by speaking to the girl on the left of the tent. If you want to restore all HP and status, drink from the bucket. Do it before talking to the purple-haired girl with the cape, though, because it will trigger the Guild's attack!

Completely unprepared, the girls are re-claimed as mindless SlaveGirls... except Onyx, who flees on a pre-trained escape horse.




Onyx is alone. Save often, and keep keep more than one save file going; any monster you meet down here could take her (literally in many cases) by surprise, ending her adventure abruptly!

If Onyx has reached Level 8, The “Mana Job” skill will come in useful here, provided you know what foes to use it on. Failing that, judicious use of “Cheap Weed” and “Cheap Wine” to boost magic and attack power can make a world of difference, too. Either way, using direct combat when possible to conserve MP, and magic attacks when devoured or being raped, Onyx can still survive even this terrible situation!

Remember, “Shocking Dance” (which she really should know by now) can be extremely useful, provided you stun the enemy before the enemy does it to you! This even applies to the misguided, pissed-off female boss of this area...

Be sure to examine everywhere. Some of the many statues will have gear for you to claim... THEY certainly don't need it anymore!




You're going to be in this area for a while. For now, go for the obvious destination: the little farm just south of where you come out of the cave. Wander around exploring too much in this area and your adventure could end up cut short VERY abruptly!




The newspaper (delivered daily, somehow) boasts of the capture of the other girls; Onyx knows she has to rescue them, but to do so, she'll need to cross the river. Don't try to do it alone! Tuttee (staring at some turnips) will tell you as much, as well.

It seems the only male in this area has foolishly gotten himself wrapped up in faerie silk, and his SlaveGirls will do nothing without hearing his orders. After Onyx speaks with the green-haired girl in the northeast corner of the house, if you speak to the other SlaveGirls some will eagerly join up with you, purely to get their master back. Ask around; you'll need a full party to survive the Faerie Forest!

Buying a couple of RescueBlades would not be a bad idea, either.




Expect all kinds of traps in this place, and explore everything looking for gear and items. Don't come here alone, and don't let Onyx get turned into a tree at any time; even if the other girls win the battle, they'll just wander off and leave her here!

Around here, most foes will be vulnerable against fire magic, some against ice. Be aware that the Forest snapper, however, is immune to elemental magic. The faeries, as flying enemies, are particularly vulnerable to damage from Lightning. The final boss, as a plant, is again a target for fire or ice. Be careful, though! The Faeries have a few tricks up their... er... not sleeves... um, anyway. Just don't wait too long to reverse a slow transformation, only to get knocked down and lose the turn you needed to cure yourself!

Expect a variety of tricks from the final boss of the area, too.




Minus three SlaveGirls and armed with the knowledge that you ran the entire Faerie Forest for nothing, go back to the Farmhouse to order the SlaveGirls to cut their master free. Surprise! Their Master is now a woman! This, of course, gets YOU nowhere. But the new woman, Bartette, tells you she might be able to recover her manhood at the ruined temple down south... but that it's very dangerous. Of course.

Rest here if you need to, and perhaps use it as a base of operations to level Bartette up a little bit, so she's not purely fuck-fodder. Don't bother gearing up at this point, though; you can't get inside the temple unless you leave every last item you own behind at the entrance anyway!


* * *


As you may have figured out by now with The SlaveGirls in the Faerie Forest, the “Licky-Lick” skill doesn't just heal HP, it makes a girl Horny. Through the strange effects of the Biological Imperative, this status boosts magic power substantially! Don't hesitate to use this to your advantage from now on, particularly since the status doesn't fade over time or easily! Just be aware that in the future, being overly horny could be detrimental to a girl's chances of survival...


* * *




You can't get inside unless you leave all your gear and all your items in the treasure chests at the entrance. Don't worry, you'll get it all back when you leave... assuming you ever do, of course. No sooner do you enter than you find yourself trapped in there, nude and without any items!

Go left first; you'll get your first items, at least, and find a lever you'll need to pull. Tuttee will happily demonstrate what can happen in here... and possibly drag you along in the demonstration. Head to the other side of the temple, now, where a door will now be open.

You'll need to examine all the sexy (taller) statues in this temple to figure out what to do; to look “DEEPLY” as Tuttee suggests. Once you've figured it out, though, just remember: not all doors are worth opening, and sometimes it's worth the extra walking required to close a door behind you...

Again, there are many traps in this place, and several bosses to contend with across the levels. Don't hesitate to re-use the Healing Springs on each floor again and again, and to keep more than one Save.


* * *


In the first basement, if you go out of your way a little and are persistent, you can see an optional interlude between Onyx and Bartette. It is by no means necessary to see the interlude, but if nothing else you can earn yourself a one-time-use, one-shot-boss-kill item. Doing so might be difficult if Bartette is not at least level 10, though...


* * *


The boss of the first basement is extremely hard to harm physically, which could make Bartette almost useless, but he has ONE non-elemental weakness that can give you all the time you need to work him down. A little Ancient Wine wouldn't hurt, either...

The bosses of the First floor (which you face second) can be tough together, but if you focus on the physically weaker one first, you'll have a much better chance of survival.

By the time you face the Second-Floor boss, it should be mostly just a formality; the girls will be fully geared and Bartette should have the right skills to deal hard damage.




Once you've flicked all the switches on the first basement and the two above-ground floors, it's time to head down to the second basement. Here you will face a multi-battle boss challenge; be sure to heal up and Save your game beforehand! By now you should have at LEAST Onyx's basic “AntiCurse” ability, which can give you a chance to break free of curses that set in. Each boss should be easier to kill this time than the previous time anyway, thanks to you now having much better equipment, but the same techniques that worked the first time around can make things easier to handle, also. And if by some chance you got the special one-use item in the First basement (the gold-themed one), you can make the last of the three re-boss-fights a real quick one!




Onyx awakens to find Bartette male again. The man, Bart, has tied her up while she was passed out, and now promptly declares she's his slave and rapes her!

When next Onyx awakens, she's free, cleaned up, and in bed. Bart tells her it was partly the Imperative that made him do it... and part just that he knew he'd never have her under his power again. Everyone seems all right with the final outcome.

Bart finally confesses: he's part of the same rebellion as Jarvis was. Then he introduces Brenda: an

undercover (or under-no-cover in this case) operative from the woman-ruled country to the west, Ariannas. Despite Onyx's desperation to get to her friends across the river, Bart and Brenda insist on her meeting the rebels stationed nearby...




Visiting this place before Brenda joins you is not a safe idea. Once she is, however, you will trigger a

long scene that will advance the story, answer some questions (though ask many more) and finally get Onyx out of this area she's been stranded in.

Long story short: A group of Rebel women, led by Bart, will cross the Twin Towers to the East; from there, they will sneak into the Town of Azaranoss where the arena is and rescue Onyx's friends AND several captured Rebels. Crucial to the plan is Onyx, as she alone seems to be immune to the Biological Imperative... and can carry concealed WardingStones to restore the other womens' minds. Even Brenda submits to removing her WardingStone and being turned mindless for the trip.




When does a plan EVER go according to plan? No sooner has the group entered the tower before hidden defenses are triggered, turning poor Bart right back into a ditzy female! Onyx orders Bartette and Brenda to fight alongside her; the other helpless SlaveGirls can only tag along...

You will find, early on, that the monsters can one-shot-curse the girls. Rely on Onyx's “De-Curse” ability to revert Brenda or Bartette; you will be finding “Restoration Crystals” also, but save those for if Onyx gets cursed. Other than those, the only way to un-curse HER is a Healing Spring... and there won't be one until the top of the tower!

(If she is cursed, You CAN get Onyx restored if she dies... say, if her stone statue gets digested by a Basilisk. In that case you just revive her, the curse removed automatically. A programming flaw technically, but I left it.)

Be aware that in the West tower, Onyx cannot get possessed by any of the spirits. Not so once you reach the East tower, though...!




You will find a Healing Spring just before the bridge. Use it. On the bridge, you will encounter three young Cockubi, all intent on knocking you off the bridge and into the deadly, male-monster-infested waters far below. All the (expendable) Rebel girls will get knocked off the bridge; fight the Cockubi to avoid suffering the same fate! They are weak against Lightning, but remember that they can knock you off your feet at any time, nullifying your entire turn...!




No sooner have you entered before a trap door opens; Onyx makes it across, but Brenda and Bartette plummet into the darkness. Onyx is now alone and must fight her way through a horde of monsters, most of whom can one-shot-curse her! Plus, there are Goldmen on this side, also! Fortunately, as long as you've figured out their greatest weakness, Goldmen are just a source of easy experience, gold, and Mana-Job MP recovery. Plus, for some of the enemies, if you drain their MP to zero, you nullify their cursing threat, at least... namely the basilisks, ghost medusas, and Goldmen.

Regardless, save often. Even the ghosts can possess Onyx in this tower, and can make her masturbate to death!

Once at the bottom of the tower, you still can't escape, and haven't found the other two girls yet. Enter the basement; in the southwest corner you will find two slightly different gold statues... Bartette and Brenda. Pick them up in the way only Onyx can, and try to leave the basement... and you will trigger the boss fight for the East Tower. The Guardian Goldman seems tough, but he has the same weakness as all of his kin! Beat him, and he will smash out a wall, opening an escape route for you.




You're going to be in this town for a while, but for the most part, not in the village itself. Still, take the time to look around; if you're persistent in one instance, you can earn a really good accessory that not only boosts all your stats, but also cuts all elemental damage in half.

Tuttee awaits near the arena; speak to her first. Then, as suggested, find someone in the arena who will give you your first clue as to where to explore: the sewers, again... via a well, this time.

You should find the entrance to the sewers easily, now, but Onyx can't go in alone; she needs to cure the other two girls. Again, look around town to find one person who can tell you how to un-curse girls who don't seem to un-curse in the normal fashion. That beer-bawling master will direct you to the Slavery Shop, where you USED to be able to buy a “CurseBreaker.” You can't anymore, but the sales girl will direct you to her owner, in the west section of the Slavery Shop. You can cut a deal with him for the use of a CurseBreaker, and he'll set things in motion for you to earn one.

With the Slavery Shop owner's permission, you can now “train” in town, and pick up the pieces of a CurseBreaker you need. Start in the northwest corner, then the southwest corner, then the northeast corner, and then finally in the southeast corner. Be aware, you're only supposed to TRAIN, not wipe out your opponents! The training ground owners won't be pleased if you kill their monsters!

Armed at last with a Repaired Curse Breaker, you need to test it. Find the owner with the petrified SlaveGirl and try it out. Afterward, head to the sewers to re-charge it at the Healing Spring, and to finally restore Bartette and Brenda to flesh!

Bartette has to hold the lever to keep the entrance open for you, so only Onyx and Brenda will enter the sewers.




As usual, expect reptiles that are vulnerable to ice and plants that are vulnerable to fire. You'll need to find and trigger levers as you go to proceed farther inside the sewers. You can go back and talk to Bartette, and heal up at the Healing Spring near her, for the first two sections. Afterward, you will once again find yourself trapped... and this time, infected with an incurable slow-acting curse! KEEP A SAVE FILE FROM JUST BEFORE THE END OF THE SECOND SEWER, JUST IN CASE...!




Do NOT dilly-dally too long, and make sure to wipe out any Sporelings as quickly as you can. Every turn you spend in combat, the curse will spread; every time a Sporeling ejaculates into one of the girls, the curse will also spread. As you get near the end, a nearly-transformed SlaveGirl will be able to give you a vague estimate of how much time you have left. Don't hesitate to use MP if you need to wipe out monsters quickly! The Sporelings, it should be noted, are agile enough to dodge many physical attacks.


Typically, I (as the creator) usually end up somewhere around 40-45% cursed, and that's after the Boss plant adds about 15-20% of the curse. As such, even if you're quite a bit slower you should still be able to escape the sewers before running out of time.




The plant spores will die when you escape the sewers; phew. Now, wandering this place will be child's play by comparison; based on the equipment you should have picked up by now, the Slavers probably won't even land any of their attacks!

Onyx finds and rescues her friends at last, along with the commander of the Rebels captured north of Jarth. Unfortunately, all of the other girls have already been disposed of... except for one dark-skinned SlaveGirl Onyx eventually realizes is none other than Jarvis the innkeeper, turned female for treason!

Brenda, suddenly more self-confident, leads the escapees away from the cells, only to suddenly lock them into an area and run off! Uncertain what is going on, the girls nonetheless have to proceed.

The girls move on... only to encounter Master Slaver Hardtemiss, the one Onyx has heard was here to witness the executions. The girls put up a fight, but in the end he obliterates their minds --- even Onyx's --- and walks them right back to their cell!




Onyx soon recovers her mind again. After restoring the minds of the others with WardingStones --- since she has extra tucked away inside her “Spatial Safekeeping” crotch --- Onyx appears to break the cage lock with only her mind, and the girls make their second escape attempt.

When they emerge from the area of the cells, the girls discover they're in the middle of the arena... and that their execution was just about to begin anyway!


You will have five battles to get through to survive the arena. First will be a tentacle plant. It is most vulnerable to fire, and the Plugger itself is physically less resistant than its tentacles. Whichever girl gets “plugged,” keep her healed up, or she will turn into a plant, something you can't reverse!

The second fight consists of a horde of spiders. These are vulnerable to fire or ice. With Onyx and Hannah blasting away with Fire Fingers every turn, have Bridget use Triple Strike and Zeena use her enhancing skills or healing. Don't let the entire team get webbed up, either!

The Mother spider is less of a threat, but with the same weaknesses. You can use this fight to restore your HP and MP.

Now begins the cursing monsters. By now Onyx has probably learned “AntiCurse Other,” to protect the other members of the team... and incidentally, reverse curses in mid-battle. If not, she should at least be able to protect herself! For the Medusans, use Ice as usual, though if you're low on MP you can syphon a good amount out of them using Mana Job.

The final fight is against three Goldmen. Ultimately this CAN be an easy fight; they have the same stunning weakness as all Goldmen. Assuming your team hasn't been decimated, you should be able to keep them stunned and wear them down with Lightning attacks.




Ultimately, it doesn't matter if you win the arena battles (Though you want to, or it's Game Over); Hardtemiss just destroys the WardingStones again and declares that the “Sexecution” will simply be put off for one day. Onyx breaks free of the Imperative again, briefly, only to have Hardtemiss utterly subjugate her mind with a powerful, mysterious scroll...

In the cells later, the girls have finally given up; with Onyx gone, they have no more hope.

But suddenly, along comes Bartette, and the girl from the arena who recovered her mind on her own. The girls escape, and this time successfully make their getaway into the forest south of Azaranoss... abandoning Onyx to her fate...




You'll notice immediately what you need to worry about in this forest: lots of Tree Demons, Vegetizing plants, and woman-eating plants. Speak to Tuttee just southeast of the entrance for her warning about this place. Pay attention! She's right. For every girl turned into a tree or plant, the enemies will recover 250 to 500 HP per turn; so not only will they recover, there will be less girls to deal damage. However, the “Strange Mushroom” growing all around here will counter Rooting or Vegetizing instantly. And, don't throw out those Wooden Bindings you'll find as useless... they may not provide much physical defense, but they completely prevent the woodland curses from setting in!

Just remember, in this forest, unless you're wearing something to block the wood-type curses, things can go downhill VERY fast. The Wood Nymphs' Rooting Wave can essentially turn all four girls into trees in just a few turns; the Lesser Sporeling Plants are VERY aggressive with their tentacle-vines. Even the Snapper Plants can devour all four girls in one pass, and if they do so, they work so feverishly to digest their meals that the girls might not even get a chance to react!

The boss shouldn't be tough to defeat, though, not if you've figured out combat against the other monsters in this place...




Deep inside the forest, the group finds a Rebel hideout... and a whole lot of Wood Nymphs and Tree Demons! No sooner do they arrive before the four girls are grabbed and raped into trees! Is this the end of their adventure?!


HARDTEMISS' QUARTERS (Several days later)


Onyx has been mind-blank for days. Hardtemiss has let his men torment her since her capture; however she hasn't even been AWARE of any of it. Bored, he sends his last men away, then tells her he will obliterate her tomorrow... and wipe out the nearby rebels. Including her friends.

At last Onyx breaks free of the mind control... only to transform into a glowing being. Hardtemiss declares that he'll still put her down, calling her a half-monster crossbreed, and attacks!

Onyx is powerful in her new form, but not invincible. If Hardtemiss blows his load inside her, it will cause so much damage that even in THIS form she may not survive! With that in mind, keep her HP high for this fight. Hardtemiss is capable of some very damaging attacks, or just of knocking her down several turns in a row. Expect a possible 3250 HP of damage in a single turn if he cums!

Once (if) Onyx defeats him, Hardtemiss tries to use another scroll on her. She reacts before he can use it, using her new powers to turn him into a woman! She then summons a Goldman, watches as She-Hardtemiss is fucked into gold, dismisses the Goldman, and then transforms the gold statue into a pile of shiny gold coins. Though not the way originally intended, Brenda's plan to assassinate Hardtemiss apparently has now ended in success!

Exhausted, Onyx loses her power and reverts to flesh and blood. Barely able to stand and now unable to fight, she flees into the sewers again using the grate in the east side of the room...




Bartette and the other have been restored to flesh after several days as trees; lucky for them. Walk around and see how things are going; the Rebel girls suggest that maybe they WILL strike back at the Guild for once, using Bartette and the others since they can actually FIGHT. Speak to the nymph near the pond first, then see the commander again, then speak to the nymph once more. Save first if you like, preferably in a spare save slot, because you won't be able to save for a while...!

Just as the girls are preparing to leave, a wave of (pink) energy sweeps through the area. As a player you'll know it came from Onyx; the girls, however, don't know that. Bartette insists on leaving when the energy wave makes the others hesitate; the wood nymph helping them... gets her pet River Viper to paralyze them and swallow them!




In this section, you control the River Viper as it explores a watery underground cave complex. You can't save, can't tell what condition the girls are in its stomach, and have to negotiate a maze of collapsing ceilings to get the River Viper through in time to save the girls. The more you explore, the worse off the girls will be; but, if you don't explore, you may miss crucial things, too. You may get through the entire area only to get a Game Over; hence the no-saving around here.

Most of the statues around will just waste some time as the Viper examines them; some few ones, however, will produce an item worth selling later. “Speaking” to the living beings down here could cost you a lot of time, or just some, or could add time to the girls' lives. Generally if you explore the entire maze you will be fine, but... well, miss a few key spots, and the girls will be nothing but bones by the time the Viper reaches its destination! Likewise, the girls could be alive when you get there, but if the paralysis has worn off yet, they might just look too delicious to leave there...!

With that in mind, the most important thing is not to miss the lonely faerie in the northeast corner of the second section of the passage. The second most important thing would be the lost SlaveGirl in the west part of that same second section...


AZARANOSS SEWERS – where Onyx wakes


Onyx awakens to find herself still unable to fight and barely even able to walk. Fortunately this section of sewer appears to be devoid of monsters, or she probably would never have woken up at all!

After exploring just a little, she finds a mostly-dead Sporeling plant. Look around in the last section, where you will find your way out blocked; however there is a single living vegetized girl here amongst the dead ones... take a closer look.

No sooner has Onyx rescued Brenda from her vegetized state than Bartette and the others show up! Good timing, too, or Onyx would have remained trapped there. They leave, only to find that the River Viper has grown aggressive, and attacks them!

The fight might be quick... or could be brutally short. The girls, still utterly helpless against the River Viper's paralytic acid, are helpless prey if they get disabled or swallowed; they will never even get to try to kick free. All four of them could easily end up in its guts, being digested alive and paralyzed!

However, if they survive long enough, Onyx can --- and will --- launch a one-time wave of healing from the sidelines several rounds in. So if the girls are all eaten and paralyzed, don't quit quite yet...!

After beating on him long enough, the River Viper will reluctantly stop fighting and resume obeying. The girls climb in, and he carries them back...




Too late! The girls arrive, and Onyx has to blow the snake apart from the inside when he sees what's happened to his nymph mistress. Everything is burned, burning, or just chopped down. The Guild has come and gone, and the Rebels here are no more. Be sure to save before looking around.

Amidst the wreckage the girls find Jarvess... alive, but only barely, having apparently served as a fuck-toy for many Guild Slavers when they found her paralyzed. The slavers in question appear, intent on enjoying these six new girls who straggled in!

Onyx will do whatever she can from the sidelines in this battle; using poor bound Brenda, then intervening bodily herself, to distract and weaken the Slavers. Good thing, too; these guys are more powerful than any you've met yet.

If you win, a new threat appears. This fully-armored man is a complete shock to the girls, and beats them down in a single slice. Onyx, however, calls on her new, uncontrollable power to teleport the others a short distance away and to fight him one-on-one. Still, beware! His powerful slice can kill even her in two strokes! Fortunately when she guards she reduces all damage by three quarters...

After the fight, Onyx staggers through the forest, still in her glowing (but weakening) form, to rescue all the girls one by one from their unfortunate, unpleasant fates. She saves them all, and even reverts Bartette to his male form, before sinking into a coma...

After discussing Onyx's mysterious power a bit, everyone goes to sleep. Come the next morning, Onyx eventually wakes up, still exhausted but at least able to walk now. Having decided something has happened to the Biological Imperative, the group leaves the forest by the south and enters the little woodcutter's village there, Walldu, to see how things are going and to continue their escape south...




The SlaveGirls have recovered their ability to think for themselves; the results are at times hilarious, at times predictable, and at times surprising, but in all ways abnormal for Malaterra. Even the Slave Shop has been taken over by the SlaveGirls; if you need to buy anything, you'll have to buy from the girls!

The key to the west gate has been lost. Speak to the girl by the gate first, then to the master in the northwest corner, then to his slave, then look where she mentioned to find the key gleaming there.

If you can afford it, buy some Fire-based gear from the upstart SlaveGirls in the Slavery Shop; one article per girl can reduce her ice-based damage by half. Also, see the girl kneeling in the west side of the Slavery Shop to switch out the girls in the party if you want to verify everyone's gear.




The Rebel base you were heading for has been abandoned; the girls decided to explore the sealed cave that just mysteriously opened. Unfortunately, the party gets trapped in the Frozen Pass by a cave-in, and they have no choice but to explore that cave also!

Within minutes of entering the cave (and finding a frozen-solid Rebel girl), the party gets split up when Bart gets mysteriously re-transformed into Bartette and a floor collapses. The party will end up in groups of two: Onyx and Bartette, Bridget and Hannah, and Jarvess and Zeena.

You will have to lead each group through their own section of the Sealed Ice Cave. In each area you need to find Magic Ice Picks to break through frozen walls to proceed. In each section you will also find various articles of Ice-Elemental gear and some Fire-Elemental gear as well. Don't hesitate to use Furious Masturbation to warm up if slowly turning to ice!

Onyx and Bartette, both capable of healing and damage, should have no trouble. Hannah and Bridget, though unable to heal up with abilities, can wipe out the enemies in a single turn if they use “Rape Fantasy” and “Furious Masturbation” respectively between fights; both have learned those by Level 16.

Jarvess and Zeena won't deal as much damage as the others, but both can heal well and both can up their skills or stun enemies. Even they should have little trouble.

Eventually the three parties meet back up; it's time to face whatever was sealed in here. Equip fire-elemental gear on Onyx, Bridget, Hannah, and Bartette to cut some of the damage dealt by the boss. When Onyx turns into her glowing form, use her new “Burning Rage” to deal mass damage to the Ice Spirit; if she or Bartette gets cursed into ice, either of them can now use “Restoration” to reverse the transformation.

Onyx wipes herself out again, but saves everyone once more. Bartette and Jarvis both find themselves male again; even Brenda manages to make a getaway. Carrying Onyx, the group flees the Frozen Pass just as it collapses behind them.




You'll be spending some time around here, now. First thing you need to know is that you can now earn GP to buy all the gear available here... as long as you're willing to put yourself at risk. At certain times --- when you have a full party, basically --- you can leave by the west gate and fight monsters for their... unique male parts. One girl in Hot Peak Tower will buy those off you at a high price; you'll be able to use the money to purchase the expensive Gladiatrix gear and items, and later, the Holy-based items brought over by the fleeing SlaveGirls from the East... but that's for later.

First, fight the deluded female guards. It doesn't matter too much if you lose, but you well might; when they get weaker, they use stronger skills.

Welcomed thereafter, head to the third floor and find a place where Onyx can rest. Then head to the fourth floor and meet the leader of this female-run tower. Once you're done with her, head back to Onyx; the group will then temporarily disband, and you'll get control of Jarvis for a little. Head to the roof and find Zeena there on the northwest parapet.

When Hannah wakes up the next morning, head to the fourth floor and try to see Beryl. After that, head to the basement instead, where you'll find Bart and Jarvis. Head back to the fourth floor and speak to Beryl, and you will trigger a battle scene east of Hot Peak Tower.

After the battle, Onyx finally wakes up. Have a look around; you'll find that there was a battle, and that it did not go well. Head to the basement, where you will find Bart and Jarvis, still locked up... now as Bartette and Jarvess again!

Speak with the tower's interim leader, Varada, to get permission to free Bartette and Jarvess; go back to the basement and do so. Now, if you wish, you can train outside to the west to get some GP and gear up; don't hesitate to get some ColdStones and IceStones, either, considering where you're headed...




Expect a long trip through this dungeon. While you can still encounter SOME random monsters, most of the monsters in here you can see and try to avoid. Upon first entering, make sure to head up the left-hand side of the first floor, and examine the treasure chest and the statue there. You need to do so, or several floors from now you will be unable to proceed!

Ice spells work very well against any of the fire-based monsters here; the Clay-based ones are not AS vulnerable to ice, but it will work better than other elements. Holy damage works well, also; once she learns Boob-Beam, a horny, SPI-up Onyx can kill a Clay Brute in a single turn with it, particularly as her level rises in this place.

Speaking of Onyx, though, she will likely get turned into a ClayGirl a few times during your exploration of the volcano, unless you keep AntiCurse active on her at all times or something... if you need to un-curse the girls, use Onyx's Un-Curse spell when possible. Try to only use your Restoration Crystals on Onyx herself, if possible. Running out inside the volcano could substantially complicate things in here...!

If you're willing to spend the MP, remember that “Anticurse” can actually serve as a curse remover in battle as well, if used on someone already cursed. So, while that's MP-intensive, “Group AntiCurse” can be a real threat-nullifier once Onyx learns it at Level 21. Using “Mana Job” often will allow you to keep your MP up without needing much by way of items...

When comes the time you need to ride inside the Fire Snakes, don't do so lightly! If your party took too much damage in the process of subduing the snake, you're likely not to get across the lava alive. If you think you're too damaged, just refuse to ride; you can re-fight him as often as you need to end up in decent shape.

Remember, also, that you can only disembark from the Fire Snakes' stomach in the cooler spots; elsewhere will just deal you more damage. Save often, Save before fighting one you need to ride, and take the shortest routes through the lava possible! Also, remember that you may emerge from the snake in terrible condition; girls turned to ash, HP down to almost zero. Heal up as soon as you land, because you won't be able to do so while inside the Fire Snake...!

Also remember that if for whatever reason you find yourself stuck somewhere, touching the flames here and there on the wall will reset the monsters, Fire Snakes included.

By the time you reach the last level of the Volcano --- the one after fighting the ClayGirl General --- You'll probably want this dungeon to be over. Well, if you're cunning, by jumping lava you can avoid a whole lot of monster encounters.

Finally, the last room. Make sure you're prepared! You will have three different battles to fight, and the last of the three, three times! Equip at least one item that counters fire damage for each girl, and don't be afraid to use items that pack a punch. I recommend Group AntiCurse for the first fight, just to avoid it being tougher than it needs to be; hit fast and hit hard, one target at a time if you can, for the second fight, since the damage you can take in that fight is quite high.

For the third fight --- all three times --- hit as hard as you can with Ice-based attacks and items.




Back at the tower, Onyx is in a coma again, but everyone has been rescued and teleported to safety. Even Bartette and Jarvess are men again; so are (almost) all the men that got changed earlier!

Now in control of the three other girls --- Bridget, Hannah, and Zeena --- you can wander the tower freely and even get some more training in to the west. A new shop has opened up on the roof, in the east barracks, selling Holy Gear now; not a bad option for purchase. It will become relevant very soon.

Once you're ready to continue the story, visit the middle barracks on the roof, and speak to the girl with the red cape. Then go see Varad and Beryl on the floor just below. Save First.

The Slavery Guild attacks as the group is discussing their next move. The tower readies for the attack as best it can; you will join the defenses.

A group of the seemingly-invincible Royal Guard, identical to the one Onyx fought in the Nymph forest, seem ready to wipe out all the defenders with little difficulty. The three girls, aided by Beryl, can try to fight one off; if you win, great, if not, no biggie: the defenders will get at least that one. But the rest will be too much...

Enter Onyx again. Empowered, the group faces off against two of the Royal Guards, and Onyx faces the other two. Don't lose either fight! When the Royal Guards “growl,” guard on the next turn, or you're going to lose the fight. They are vulnerable to holy attacks, and Zeena's SlaveGirl skills can substantially lower their defense and offense.

After the battle, Onyx is out of it again. You will learn more about the threat from the east, and Beryl will ask you to scout that direction. Prepare yourself --- holy gear and holy items --- because you won't be coming back here as soon as they expected...




If at first it looks too easy, you're probably right. The girls spot some undead while scouting, but then get trapped on the wrong side of a collapsing cave floor. You'll have to fight a few, most likely, but at least you can try to avoid the wandering undead here!


* * *


When you do fight, remember that Undead are resistant to physical damage and have high HP. They also strip the girls in mid combat, possibly even mysteriously rendering them completely nude without them realizing it! This will tremendously cripple your ability to deal damage to them, so you may well be doomed if the undead have called in many reinforcements!

Between battles, re-equip whatever gets stripped off. It's tedious, but the girls will learn something to re-equip in battle soon enough.

In battle, Bridget's best skill remains “Focused Strike,” but “Holy Strike” and “Inferno Strike” do a good job too. Once stripped, though, even SHE has a hard time with dealing physical damage! Zeena is pretty much useless except for her “Muscle Massage” and “Neck Caress” skills, and as a healer, but judicious use of “Soft Hand Job” or “Pleasure Priestess” can at least lower the Undead's tremendously high defense. Hannah, of course, is best to hit as hard and as often as she can with Holy or Fire spells. Keep a good supply of MP-restoring items; Green Grapes, for example. Don't try “Mana Job” on Undead: they will drain your MP away instead!

And, if you're getting overwhelmed, don't be afraid to use a HolyStone (single target) or AuraStone (all foes) to get yourself out of a horrific situation! After all, if they get stripped, the girls are MUCH easier to damage... or just to penetrate!


* * *




This surprising ancient temple seems to give undead the ability to stay sane. Useful, because (almost) the only residents here at the moment ARE undead! Here you will be able to purchase a lot of gear --- Holy included --- and in the northwest corner you can fight Undead Males for their valuable... “assets.” You'll be able to sell those for the GP you need, but remember, lose in a battle with them and you'll lose all your accumulated GP...!

Speak to Tuttee for a little hint what to do. When you visit the library, start in the lower left-hand corner and work across and upward; when you can't read any more books, head back to the main room of the temple to continue the storyline. While in the Library, though, don't miss the book in the lower right, where an unfortunate zombie SlaveGirl is having little success with something...

Once the male survivor has arrived, you can leave the temple and head for the east passage: the door will be open to go through, now.




Watch your step! Undead in here have a nasty habit of bursting up out of the ground... and sliding right into a shocked SlaveGirl's body! Always be ready with some garlic...

At the end of the passage, you'll have a... surprise encounter with a new type of animated corpses: Ghouls. Their HP and damage resistance are a little lower than Undead, and their form of curse is a little slower to act; you'll also perhaps be a little surprised by the result: even as ghouls, the girls can still act. You won't have any control of them in battle, but in regular walk-around time you still have control of them. Could that actually be useful, maybe...?




If you enter here with any of the girls as humans, you'll have a tough time exploring, and you won't be able to get the crucial clues you need to continue. Best to visit the Oasis just south of Myniros first... you'll find a way to quickly (and painlessly) turn them all into ghoul-girls. That said, the girls need to at least SEE how dangerous it is in Myniros first!

If you explore the town as ghoul-girls, you'll be left alone by the Living Dead, but don't provoke the non-sentient Undead. Without any control in battle, you could end up watching the girls fight until they all get torn to bits! If you're having a tough time telling the difference between the Undead and Living dead, just look at their eyes before you talk to them.

You'll need to explore Myniros a bit to figure out where you're going. In the house in the northeast corner of town, you'll find a ghoul picking scraps of fresh meat out of his teeth. Until you have an idea what you're looking for, he's useless. So start by visiting the house in the southeast. Be sure to check out the dress in the middle of the entrance area, then speak to the cook and her loverboy. After that, go back to the ghoul in the northeast home and have a little fun with him. Just be aware that depending on your choices, you could leave the girls in pretty messy condition!

Eventually, you can coax the information out of him: you're looking for a grate on a wall. Well, visit the house on the west side, north of the Inn, and check out the grate. You'll find the entrance to a secret passage. Go on inside...

In the secret passage, speak to the ghoul-girl in the far right of the room; she'll give you an idea what to do to earn passage through here and into the temple. Oh, and, don't be silly and heal up at the Healing Spring...




Northwest of Myniros you'll find a small hut where fishermen used to live. Talk to the zombie girl at the entrance, and this time you'll get through; you wouldn't, before.

Talk to one of the men in the right-hand room for permission to take a net.

Head out the west side of the hut, and be ready for a fight. If you win the fight, you'll earn a grappling hook and a net. With these, go back to Myniros. You'll want to swing by the Oasis to get turned into Ghoul-Girls again first, though.




Head to the roof of the Inn. Using the grappling hook and the net, this time you can catch that pesky faerie up there. Bring her back to the secret passage and offer her as payment to get through the temple. Tough luck for her, but you're inside at last!




There's not too much for you to do here. Look around a bit, speak to the novice priest near the altar, then go to the back room and examine the monument there. Once you open up a passage, you can head down the stairs...

At the bottom of the stairs, you'll get into a fight. Don't waste any items; even if you win the fight, the girls will be defeated...


HOT PEAK TOWER – Yet again


Onyx finally wakes up. You can explore the tower if you want to see how recent events have affected the residents, both male and female, but you won't be able to train all alone. Besides, the girl buying unique “items” seems to have left.

Head to the roof and have a look around. Talk to the three faeries taking a rest break on top of the east barracks. Then go back downstairs and pay Varad and Beryl a visit.

After your conversation, you get one more chance to prepare. Make sure you have all the items and weapons you can afford to get. Then go to Beryl's room again.


HOT PEAK TOWER EAST PASSAGE – Onyx's turn through


Mostly the passage is empty of monsters and full of CombatSlaves. At the end, however, you will enter battle, controlling Onyx while Beryl and the CombatSlaves assist. When you exit the passage, you'll find a horde of undead awaiting! Work your way through them all, remembering to re-equip gear stripped off in each battle. Speak to the SlaveGirl Healer at the passage entrance to get yourself healed up. In theory, it should be difficult for you to lose these fights, with all the help you'll be getting! Once you've cleared out the entire area, THEN you'll be able to enter the temple. Heal up one last time before doing so, as you will have a boss fight to handle before getting inside.




Once inside, speak to Tuttee if you like. You can train to make gold if you need to, and buy whatever gear or items you need; when ready, speak to the lone male near the Healing Spring again. Having learned the other party members' whereabouts, you can then leave the temple and head east again, through the passage leading to Myniros.




It's the same passage as the other girls went through, except Onyx and Beryl will have help from the CombatSlaves the whole way through. Like before, you shouldn't be able to get a Game Over unless you let both the girls run out of HP... and there's nothing special about that Game Over, either.

At the end, Beryl tells Onyx about a secret way into the temple in Myniros... then, for now, that is where we leave these two...


HOT PEAK TOWER --- yet again, but Bart this time


Here we are, back at HotPeak Tower. Bart finally wakes up, only to discover everyone but Jarvis has left him behind. Jarvis seems perfectly content to stay there and fuck everything that moves, but Bart wants to catch up with Onyx... and will do so by any means necessary.

Speak to Varad on the top floor. Then, after being denied the right to leave, head to the roof. Bart will have an idea to speak to the faeries up there, for them to fly him down from the tower...

Speak to the faeries. They will grant his request... but not in a way he was expecting!


Once you recover control of the party, such as it is, head to the East Passage. You'll get to skip through it, but can't go any farther east yet. Head into the temple.


LIBRARY TEMPLE – Bartette's turn


Once at the temple, speak to the lone male near the Healing Spring. After events play out, check out the books in the library again, starting at the last one Onyx was able to read. The party learns of the same secret passage Beryl knew about, and of its exact location.

Stock up on whatever you need; Holy gear mostly, but don't be stingy on the AuraStones and Holystones if you don't want this next section to be a bit rough...!

Now you can leave the temple and head east; the CombatSlave Healer there will guide you through. Once on the other side, not far northeast of the bridge you'll see a sparkly spot... that's where you're going.




Speak to Tuttee first; heed her warnings. Stock up on what you need, and remember that you can leave this place to resupply and that the monsters will still be gone when you come back.

You will need to examine the tombstone first. Once inside, you will need to examine the gate to see you need a key. After that, examine the mummy just north of you, which has begun moving... you'll get a key for defeating her.

There will be many mummies laying about, and some wandering ones. You'll need to find a Myniros passage key to proceed through each section. If you find the key in each section quickly, you can certainly move on without fighting everything, but you might be missing useful items and gear... or just fighting for no reward. Entirely up to you.

At the end you will face a horde of mummy girls who can call for help from an ancient undead male. Don't let him act too freely, as he's the one that can curse you, but remember that the girls can just call for more!

Finally, when you pass through the last area, with many mummy girls lying on stone altars but not attacking you when you examine them... well, save first, then make sure you've looked around properly before proceeding...




With Onyx and Beryl back in the party, the four girls find themselves stuck beneath Myniros Temple. You have no choice but to head deeper, into the catacombs.

In the catacombs, expect to fight Undead and Living Dead alike; you're likely to get surprise-penetrated more than once by ghouls surging up out of the ground.

If you can, however, get all your girls turned into ghouls before entering the fourth basement of the catacombs... you'll discover that you can speak to the Living Dead down there if they think you're just like them! You'll actually be able to buy gear and items here in that case. However, just make sure your girls are not ALL ghouls by the time you move into the fifth basement's final room...


*** NEW IN VERSION 0.8.4 : Some of the ghouls will now sometimes drop a “Living Dead Penis.” While the rare-parts merchant SlaveGirl won't purchase those like she will an Undead Penis, you can still sell them to regular merchants for 1,000GP apiece. However, you can now use these to transform party members into Living Dead; I've added a treasure chest with a few of these right near the steps to the Myniros underground town, to make it easier to all be ghoul-girls when you enter. ***


Finally, the Spirit of Darkness. Don't be afraid to hit her hard with HolyStones, just like her guard at the entrance. She has some pretty heavy-hitting dark magic, but if you're wearing any holy gear you should be perfectly fine. As always, it will come down to Onyx fighting her one-on-one; while her curses don't hold for long, make sure you heal yourself if you un-curse and have low HP.




When Onyx wakes, she finds herself alone, bound and gagged. Brenda appears, expresses some anger and yet some chagrin, then declares that Onyx is going to be sacrificed to Sand Demons!

Have a look around, and pay attention to Tuttee's advice. You can't do anything here yet, but you should at least get an idea as to what the situation here in the pyramid is. When you're ready, speak to Brenda

again at the only exit... and face your fate...




Brenda takes Onyx to a crater in the desert, formed ages ago by a falling meteor. She tries to toss Onyx in, only to have Onyx drag her dow also!

Once Brenda's fate is sealed, Onyx will have to fight off the Sand Demon. Even though she's gotten rid of her bindings, her powers are still gone; you'll have to rely on her physical combat skills to somehow survive his fucking frenzy! GearChange still works to equip some gear in this battle, however, and if raped Onyx has one recourse to substantially better her odds...

After the fight, you can't save the game. Quickly look around for a way out of your situation as the next Sand Demon slowly chases you down. Remember what Tuttee said? Look around at anything that looks different, and even after her transformation into a pile of sand, Brenda might still be useful...




Captured by a HermEarthrodite, Onyx appears to be doomed; powerless to resist, she gets claimed and is being fucked into a clay statue, until the hourglass she picked up saves her life.

Eventually Onyx's powers come back, and she turns the tables. The Pariah, contrite, offers to help Onyx save her friends. Take her advice, and pay attention. Things are going to get mighty dicey after this...!




This area is a little different from any you've gone through before. Using the slow clay transformation curse, you need to sneak through using stealth, only fighting if you're seen moving or have lost your camouflaging clay look. You can certainly fight your way through, but the fights will likely be tedious affairs and will not yield much experience or items. And, as always, there are exceptions to the rule, times here when trying to be stealthy way well make your exploration all the riskier!


If sneaking around looking like clay, pay attention to how fast Onyx can move. The slower she moves, the more likely she is to harden mid-step; Game Over! Likewise, if she is moving slowly before you have her pose as a statue to avoid detection, while posed she hardens more quickly, so her pose might become permanent! And, if being fucked by a HermEarthrodite, the curse will ALSO set in more quickly, particularly when the HermEarthrodite ejaculates. It'll all be about balancing the risk! It would be wise to keep a couple of Savegames going.


HINT-1: Notice Onyx's expression in the menu screen. It can give you a good idea how close to hardening forever she is...!

HINT-2: While you cannot KEEP gear equipped, you can still use GearChange to equip gear in battle; you have a free round at the beginning of most of the HermEarthrodite battles to use, anyway, as they require a round just to unsheathe their cursing cock...!


HINT-3: While they use no magic attacks, HermEarthrodites have a lot of MP for you to steal using Mana Job. Since their curse is so slow to take hold, Onyx can drain all the magic she needs in a leisurely fashion while they're frantically raping her...!


*** NOTE: sometimes the game seems to freeze randomly in these sections. Usually pressing “S” (as though to use the SafetyGlass) will un-freeze it. ***



If you want to make SandCastle less tedious and don't care about missing out on items, you can head straight west from the main entrance and into the center keep. The towers on the four corners hold nothing but gear and items. That said, the gear you can find here is all Lightning-based or made of Mithril, a strong magic-enhancing metal with decent defense.


Once you tackle the center keep, you'll need to explore the rooms to find keys and passcodes. On the first floor, look for a diary so that Onyx can read up and know what to look for. After that, you can find a key in each of the four rooms on the east side of the keep. Just bear in mind that in each room, Onyx will have a bit of a threat to deal with... and the way you choose to deal with each may affect her odds of surviving said threats!


Once you have four keys, you get access to another room, only to find that you need a numeric code. If you go into the basement, which you can now reach, if you head to the northwest corner room you can obtain the code you need. Just remember it by heart, because if you forget it, you'll have to go back and put Onyx in danger all over again...! Again, you can skip all the other exploration if you don't care about missing gear and items... however like in the Volcano and Myniros catacombs, there is one unique, seemingly useless item to pick up here which will only be relevant much later in the game... it wouldn't be necessary, just will make things easier later on.


When you finally reach the second floor of the keep, you'll have to find four more keys to proceed to the next floor. Again, you'll find them in the four rooms on the east side; again, you'll have to face some extracurricular threats to obtain them.


Finally, on the third floor, you'll encounter the Earth Spirit, possessively holding all of Onyx's friends... as clay statues. The Earth Spirit will send a group of HermEarthrodites at you, then a single, more powerful one, then will take Onyx on herself. Use GearChange in the first round to equip lightning gear you picked up, because she can hit quite hard with earth-based attacks. After beating her once, she will reveal herself to be a HermEarthrodite herself, but be careful: her curse will set in fast. If you beat her that second time, you'll need to fight her one more time, this time as glowing pink Onyx. If you performed a specific act of kindness earlier in the keep, you can get a small head start in damaging her in this last battle...


After finally defeating her, Onyx succeeds in un-cursing Hannah, at least, before collapsing powerless. Hannah un-curses the others, and they make their escape through a secret passage. The girls will not be able to return to SandCastle, so any gear Onyx did not collect during her trip through there will be lost forever...




Upon arrival, the girls find the handful of combat-capable SlaveGirls from the Pyramid set up against an attack. While Beryl and Hannah seem to be talking their way inside, a horde of Sand Demons appears, ready to slaughter everyone.


Surprise! The HermEarthrodite Pariah appears, at the head of a HermEarthrodite army of her own, and saves everyone. Seems with the Earth Spirit's death, she has taken over... and she decrees the pyramid to be a safe zone for all SlaveGirls!


After Onyx collapses again, the remaining girls can wander the Pyramid safely. You'll find that the women here aren't much more hopeful, even with the new ruler of the area setting their home as a safe haven; there is a severe shortage of food. However, there's plenty of water in the well... something the party has to make sure of when Bartette smells something odd down there...






Bartette leaps into the well inside the Pyramid, only to reappear inside the Library Temple! Beryl, Bridget, and Jarvess soon join her; after a short discussion, Beryl leaves the party, and Bridget leaps back through the portal now visible to let the others know the food supply issue has been solved. You can train with the Undead Males here if you like, with just Bartette and Jarvess; now that there is lightning and Mithril gear available at the Pyramid, you might want some gold to stock up with...!


Once you're done at the temple, jump back into the portal where the Recovery Spring is.




Have another look around. The women here are in a much better mood now that there's food again! When you're ready, check up on Onyx, still sleeping on the east side of the Pyramid. The party breaks up for the time being, every girl wanting to get some rest of her own since the ordeal with the Spirits of Darkness and Earth...


Now, for the first time, you will get to see the Red Sovereign during a cutscene. It seems he is aware of the effects Onyx is having on the Biological Imperative, and of her general location. The Master Slavers, of which Hardtemiss was once a member, are sent out to quell the rebellion! Listening to the Red Sovereign's musings, it would appear there is more to all this than meets the eye...


Back at the Pyramid, Onyx wakes up talkative and hungry. She tells Bartette how she got all the way to SandCastle to recue the others, and Bartette explains how she and Jarvess became female again. After that, Onyx sets Brenda free from the SafetyGlass and restores her to flesh. However the moment Onyx and Bartette turn their backs, Brenda jumps out of bed and flees through the portal in the well...


After another short (but worrisome!) cutscene in the Red Sovereign's chambers, Onyx and Bartette wake up in the Pyramid again, only to find something has happened to the Well Portal. Gear up fully and make sure you're fully stocked on items before you explore the well... there's a fight coming...!


When they try the portal, they get spit out in a small room instead of the Library Temple. A Master Slaver, appears, and sends two Royal Guards to capture them! As usual, rely on holy attacks to fight them off. At this level, as long as you re-equipped gear, the fight should be easy, but don't forget to Guard when they prepare to swing their axes...!


After that fight, the Master Slaver shows them he has captured all their friends while they were trying to travel through the portal. Heavily outnumbered, the girls leap back into the portal, and Onyx seals it behind them...


Back at the Pyramid, Onyx is in despair over having had to leave her friends behind. But After a short pep talk from Bartette, they prepare to set out again to the rescue, since it seems the others aren't actually being held very far away!





Upon arrival, Onyx and Bartette discover that the previously-only-dangerous swamp has become a lethal quagmire of sucking mud. With no other choice, they nonetheless venture forth...


Read the signs at the entrance of the swamp; they contain valuable information. Still, to summarize:

-The mud is bottomless. If you stop walking, eventually you sink to your death.

-The lighter mud will make you sink more slowly than the darker mud.

-Climb onto the patches of solid sandy ground using the “action” button repeatedly to jump out.

-If almost sunken out of sight, get into a fight. If one girl gets swallowed by a monster, she will get pulled back out of the mud, and the other will grab her and be pulled out also. Of course, staying inside the monster that swallowed you isn't healthy, either...!

-Don't get caught from below by the Mud Worms. That's an instant game over. Wait until they're fully exposed (fight) or fully under the mud (pass over safely) to go by.

-The Mud Worms have only 5 HP, but are virtually impossible to hurt. Using some weapons (Mithril Whip, Bell-Mount Whip) will give you 2 attacks per round with basic strikes, which will better your odds of killing them. Using either of the ShellBuster weapons you can get by defeating them or in some of the crates lying around will better your odds, also; get your ATK as high as possible and you should be able to one-shot even the boss of the level with one of those weapons...

-It wouldn't be a bad idea to keep two save files going. Just in case...!





We re-join with the other girls as Hannah is being released from a stasis crystal for interrogation. Ruutharas, the Master Slaver, reacts strangely to her after using a scroll to seal away her mind; then, when he leaves, Hannah makes an escape attempt when her mind comes back... assisted, it seems, by a mysterious voice and random spells to weaken the Royal Guards...!


The Royal Guards Hannah must fight have been weakened, but make no mistake: they can still kill her quickly! Don't hesitate to use items or spells to increase her spirit and make her horny, or just to do massive damage to them. At Level 23, equipped in Mithril Gear and made horny and by SlaveGirl Cheese and with her Spirit boosted by Good Weed, Three rounds of “Labia Light Laser” will kill each Royal Guard.


In the Eternity Tower, you will find three different types of crystalline foes. Hannah now knows some dark-elemental spells, even if she hadn't learned them yet when you last played her; you'll need them to survive the fights here. Save often; the Crystallettes can't take a hit, but one hit by them will probably put Hannah down permanently! As for the Crystal Ooze and Crystallites, just don't give them too much time to act, lest Hannah run OUT of time entirely. The good news, however, is that the monsters don't respawn in here...


Fortunately, after only four floors Hannah will recover her first ally: Zeena. A few floors later, she'll pick up Brenda, also. Just be aware that each time she will trigger a boss fight with multiple Crystallites; don't spread your attacks out too much, giving them too much time overall to fuck their curse in...!





At the gates of the castle, you'll have to fight three SlaveGirls. They have powerful skills, but their most dangerous one is their suicide tactic: as their HP gets low, they cast a spell more likely to affect themselves than the party... but which can instantly transform any girl into a statue of Stone, Gold, or Ice! You'll get less Experience if they transform themselves, too. If you can, therefore, kill them outright as fast as you can, instead of leaving them weak but not defeated at the end of a turn...


After the first fight to get inside, you'll have some choice as to whether to fight or not. In the basement arena you can earn some good GP to buy gear, however losing a challenge is just as fatal there as if it were anywhere else, so again, save before fighting! As for the rest of the castle, for the most part if you leave the girls alone, they'll leave you alone, also...


At first, other than the arena, the only place you can go is into the dorms. This is the only place where you can buy Darkness-elemental stones to deal mass damage; if you want to stock up, now is the time. It's not a bad idea, either, to make sure Brenda and Zeena are both equipped with Mithril Whips, as all the SlaveGirls in this area are very weak to said whips. Once you're ready to continue the adventure, find the pile of bones in the dorms and pick up a Snake Charmer's Training Bell. Then you can head to the southwest rooms... where the Snake Charmer Slaves train...


Only Hannah will go into this section. Be sure to examine the cupboards for a useful item, even though at the moment you won't really be able to use it yet.

Here, Hannah must complete Snake Charmer training to leave, and to proceed elsewhere into Caplann Castle. But of course, the training is HIGHLY lethal! Don't try to skip steps, as that will be fatal. Instead, take them one at a time, starting from the right-hand room... and perhaps keep a save game from before entering.


The training battles are explained before each one, but pay attention: you might forget what you need to do mid-training! If you don't do it right, when Hannah gets spit out entirely in battle, the trainer will repeat what you need to do for each specific battle. Ultimately, all you need to do is ring the Charming bell often enough and at the right intervals to get Hannah devoured up to a certain point, then spit back out...!


Once you finish her training, you have access to the Prayer Hall. Head inside, and you'll get to see just to what extent these HolySlaves take their submissive teachings too seriously! Unfortunately, the three girls get noticed, and all three are selected as Sacrifices to the Biological Imperative. After Brenda and Zeena have been turned into statues and discarded to the mysterious “Pit,” it's Hannah's turn. However as a last resort, she throws herself at a hungry snake!


For that fight, just make sure she SURVIVES long enough for the snake to DEVOUR her. That, it seems, is the end of those three girls...


When Hannah escapes the snake, barely alive, she is thought to be dead and can now explore Caplann Castle more thoroughly. While her HP and MP are bottomed out after her ordeal in the snake's stomach, Hannah is under a tremendous horny, post-orgasmic Spirit buff; heal her with some grapes instead of the Healing Spring if you want to keep that buff active! What she overhears in the Council chambers soon will differ a little bit if she's still in her hot and bothered state...


You can finally explore more of the castle. Hannah will sneak into the council room to listen in on a council meeting; then, she will finally explore the last closed-off section, the Storage. The HolySlaves here will pay her no heed as she wanders around. Listen in on another conversation, then go retrieve the gold Zeena statue from the southeast room. After that, climb down the chain, into the Pit...


A Slaver spots Hannah and escapes. With the entire castle's worth of HolySlaves about to come down on her, Hannah has no choice now but to go deeper; she'll need to cross a couple of rooms full of monsters --- the same ones as in the Eternity Tower --- to find Brenda. Once she does, and heals Zeena also, the three of them will have to battle several Crystallites; fortunately just before the battle you get a chance to equip everyone and apply some buffs.


Trying to escape their pursuers, the girls enter the crystalline catacombs beneath Caplann. As it turns out, it's another of the Spirits, the Spirit of Light, that has been guiding them this direction! Fight your way through the hordes of HolySlaves and crystal monsters. When you reach the final room, be prepared to fight the King Crystallite with as much intensive damage as possible. Otherwise, once he gets “nervous,” if he penetrates one of your party members, the very next turn she will likely transform into a Crystallette, who will in turn join him in attacking you! Fortunately a single hit will kill them, but you won't be able to retrieve you fallen members during the battle, either. Be sure to save before fighting him...!


The three girls find the Spirit of Light, bound and power-sealed. They set her free, expecting her to be an ally, but circumstances force her to attack them anyway. As with the other elemental spirits, wear opposite-type gear to prevent some of her damage (so Dark against her Holy), don't be afraid to hit her HARD, and expect a powerful spell thrown your way as she gets weak.


Having defeated her, she comes to her senses just before dying. But she gives the girls advice and information, and many things to think about... and a little something else for Hannah...


Teleported to the surface, the girls make their escape from Caplann after all the Royal Guards in the area have rushed to the collapsing Eternity Tower and Caplann Castle...!






Here come Onyx and Bartette to save the others. However they meet said others here in the badlands, perfectly safe on their own! However it quickly becomes obvious that it was a trap. Along comes Ruutharas and a whole lot of Royal Guards!


Hannah, in an unusual reaction, insists on taking on Ruutharas alone. Then she shows signs of having the same power as Onyx does! For the fight, don't forget to use her new skill, “Masochism,” to endure his brutal sexual assaults. Ultimately it doesn't matter if she loses; she still has fun... and the overall outcome of the situation won't change.


Onyx reacts defensively, and turns pink, then turns Ruutharas into a woman, just like she did Hardtemiss some time ago now. However right at that moment is when the Red Sovereign himself appears at last! And who else is with him but Hardtemiss, healed from being gold coins but still female, and named Hardtemess now!


Overwhelmed by sheer numbers, Onyx teleports her friends a short distance, shouting at them to escape from Malaterra. She then battles mightily... and the result is a messy, high-casualty catastrophe...





With Onyx's apparent demise, the girls she teleported away feel the Imperative taking over their minds again. Rather than become mindless, Jarvess opts to obey Onyx's final orders, to flee Malaterra entirely; Hannah and Bridget decide not to flee, at least not yet, but decide to stick with Jarvess, as her earring will protect her mind and she will in theory order them not to surrender to every horny or hungry creature to come along... in theory. A quick trip to the gates of Caplann reveal that they can escape through the mountains to the northwest, beyond the jungle there...





The SlaveGirl at the entrance warns you: inside the jungle, all your combat abilities will be utterly annihilated. So to get through the jungle, all the girls will be able to do... is try to AVOID the many hazards just waiting to END them, or actually chasing them...!


Keep more than one save file going if possible. While saving often can help you restart where you left off each time you get caught, if by some chance you save in a situation where you can't avoid an oncoming threat, you don't want to have to restart the entire game! Also, the AI isn't very smart. If you can get onto the opposite side of an obstacle from a pursuing threat, said threat will usually wander back and forth behind it instead of going around... use that to your advantage. Since you can't even sprint in this area, you'll need to use every trick you can think of to survive!


Ultimately, after being chased through the jungle for a while, the girls get cornered by a horde of Lamias. There is a single snake in the clearing; run straight to it. In a variation of how Hannah survived in Caplann Castle, if you time her use of the Master Snake Charming bell just right, she can save herself from being killed here... unfortunately in a fashion that doesn't bode well for any of the three girls...!





For the next little while, you'll have little to do but sit back and watch events play out. Bartette is a battered, beaten prisoner; Ruutharess is nearby, not taking well to her new reality as a SlaveGirl. Enter none other than Onyx... as a male!


Onyx will proceed to rescue both those women. Just in time, as the Red Sovereign decides it's time to interrogate Bartette; it would seem that the Biological Imperative is not recovering as well as he expected, after Onyx's demise...!


Ruutharess leads them to a flooded prison, telling them they can escape to the outside that way. Within minutes, however, Bartette and Ruutharess have been separated from Onyx by a horde of horny merfolk...!





The prison is flooded, and partially collapsed. Bartette and Ruutharess will have to alternate between swimming underwater sections with monsters and wading through damaged cells, looking for a way through the mess. When fighting monsters, Ruutharess, like Hannah, is best using magic attacks, lightning-based in this case. Bartette is in good condition using a lightning-type weapon, but if being raped she can use the ZapStick from the Sethi Swamp (assuming you went out of your way to pick it up) to do good damage despite her situation. If you purchased a good supply of them, don't be afraid to use LightningStones and ThunderStones to wipe out the mermaids; otherwise they can stun-lock you (with the strange effects of the ambient water helping) and work their cruel transformation magic...


Be aware that in the underwater sections, you can encounter a FEW random monsters, but mostly the threat comes from the ones you can see swimming around. When they are swimming slowly, they are harmless; when they are swimming faster, they will be actively searching for you. However their window of opportunity to spot you is quite small, so you should actually be able to avoid a lot of the underwater fights!


At the end of the Flooded Jail, there is no boss battle. Just watch as events play out...





Inside this mine, BrOnyx first hears of a strange pink ore. The slavers working in here --- grumbling all along because their SlaveGirls are no longer doing all their work FOR them --- remark that the Red Sovereign has never needed this ore before. So what has changed?


Explore the mine as BrOnyx. You'll start seeing the effects of the ore on all the men here. Eventually, BrOnyx will find the Master Slaver, Scolff, and will act to get rid of all the ore... only to fall into the same pit he sends it down into...


After events play out again, Onyx is once again herself, Scolff becomes a girl, and Onyx teleports both Bartette and herself to the Library Temple! You'll find things have changed a bit around there. There is one more entry in the Library, but otherwise there is nothing for you to do here except purchase supplies and heal up. Speak to the one male wandering the main hall to re-activate the Portal so you can continue your adventure.


Back in the Mine, now Onyx and Bartette find a whole lot of girls, all of them previously men, most of them raped into various statue forms. Monsters have appeared, as well. While they can be brutally lethal, most of these monsters appear to be a little confused or drunk, and they use odd techniques in combat that reflect this! The good news here is that you only need to fight each monster once; they don't respawn. Also, using Dark-Elemental skills (Bartette has now learned some), you can generally make short work of these monsters. They all have the same amount of HP.


At the exit, you find Scolff, still female, now turned into a statue of the Femininium ore s/he was sent to collect. The monster that appears seems to be conflicted, but he attacks anyway.


When fighting the Femininium Demon, I recommend using Group Anticurse. His ability to enthrall both girls, followed by raping her into Femininium, can be utterly devastating. On the other hand, there are strong odds that each turn he will double over in pain as he fights his urges, sometimes even as he's about to finish one of the girls off. You'll need to take advantage of his inner conflict, because he has a lot of HP!


After that battle, the girls escape, having no choice but to leave Scolff's statue there. As they flee, they encounter none other than Hardtemess, who attacks them with various SlaveGirl skills! She's not super strong, but she is quite versatile and only has one weakness: whips.



JARATI JUNGLE – again (but one day earlier)


Hannah has kept her friends alive inside her, but only for fun, not because she really plans to spare their lives. But just as she is about to consume them utterly, the wave of energy caused by Onyx re-becoming female sweeps through the area. Freed of the Imperative if not from her new Lamia form, Hannah recovers her sanity and brings up her two friends... soggy, orgasmic messes, but still alive.


Hannah is restored to human form, and the girls escape the jungle. Now they are north of the Capital, in an area called Serpent Lake. It seems the Rebels have taken control of this area following the destruction of all the Red Sovereign's Royal Guards. However, concerned about a possible rear attack, one of the local Rebels --- and old acquaintance from the Azaranoss Dungeons --- gives them a key and asks them to investigate an old tower north of there, in case there is an active Portal in there somewhere.





You will not be able to enter the tower unless you've found the key. Once you do, though, be prepared for some risky exploration and fights. The monsters in the Wind Tower are all vulnerable to lightning, but all use some relatively-quick to fast-acting curses in battle. The StoneWallers, in particular, are impossible to break free of once they've nabbed one of the girls, and you cannot reverse their petrification curse at all, meaning you will gradually lose combat power. If all three girls get petrified, that's the end of them!


Don't take the Pixies lightly. They do little damage, but constantly use Rooting Wave to turn the girls into trees; they also heal up constantly once hurt and guard against damage while waiting for their curse to wipe out the party. Holding back can be risky against them.


Be sure to explore the tower thoroughly. There is at least one good weapon hidden in plain sight, but you have to be persistent to find it. Also, be aware that the StoneWallers aren't NEARLY as fierce if you're FACING them when they surge out of the wall... though there will probably be some times, on the higher floors, where you won't have much of a choice in the matter...




Once the girls get teleported up here, there's no going back; when Tuttee warns you about that, at the top of the Wind Tower, pay heed.


The monsters are the same here as in the Wind Tower. You can bypass a lot of the fighting if you're quick and careful, but you may miss some good gear if you do that. In particular, gear to guard against the attacks of the final boss here... The Spirit of the Wind.


Like the other Spirits, this one will stop and focus to cast a powerful spell when she gets weak enough. However, in the meantime she may summon up a “Penetrating Wind” which, if it penetrates the girls as intended, can blow them up like balloons! Just remember, if you get a warning that the girls can't take much more, Bridget has a skill that can possibly fend off that vicious wind... for all of them.




In this area, the fighting will be fast and furious. The idea is to work your way south, wiping out the monsters as you go, but realistically you could probably just wait for them all to come to you. Essentially, you must destroy 25 enemy units to clear the pass. If you're wondering how you're doing, speak to one of the Oscurean soldiers wandering around.


You will begin the battle with 10,000 Oscurean troops assisting you. Every turn, the enemies you are facing will take damage according to how many troops you have left. However, every turn, you will also LOSE some of those troops to the enemy. As the battle rages on, you will get less and less help from the troops, making the fights progressively more difficult. If ever you run out of troops, the battle will be lost, so don't let that happen! If you're getting low on troops, the wandering Oscurean soldiers will give you the option to retreat, essentially restarting the battle. You will restart with 12,000 troops instead of 10,000. This could be your saving grace. Remember, though, that the Oscurean girl at the far north of the Pass can also sell you supplies, even during the battle!




Onyx and Bartette have re-joined everyone else. You will get to see several scenes, and you will get a few answers about previous events, though much of what they discuss is just hypothesizing. However, once the talking (and fucking) is over, you will get one last chance to sell those rare cursing male monster parts and you can gear up some more. Then, once you are ready, speak to the head guard at the south entrance.


You will be able to make a short walk south to your next challenge, Sentinel Castle. Take the time to Save before you talk to General Raithe.




This will be another battle, but things will be a bit different this time. You will switch back and forth between Onyx alone (in pink form) in one section and Hannah, Bridget, and Jarvess in the other. If either the three-girl party or Onyx are defeated, the entire assault will fail and it's game over.


The three girls will have gained some power and skills now, but it's playing with Onyx that will be out of the ordinary. She has gained the ability to control her powers more and HOLD her pink form, and to not pass out if she reverts to human form. Essentially, you need to fight through many dangers while finding ways to recover her power. Based on what you learned if you read through the long story scene after the Capital Pass battle, you'll know Onyx can gain power from sex --- not just her own --- and “SlaveGirl acts.” In other words, anyone having sex nearby can boost her reserves, but even glancing at a petrified girl --- who “surrendered herself to the Imperative,” willingly or not --- will give Onyx power.


Basically, Onyx should get power from the army as it ends up fucking its way through the castle. Take a glance at any cursed girls you come across; even having the other party of girls do so will channel the power toward Onyx. And, as they can substantially drain her reserves, try to avoid the StoneWallers (who happen to only be in Onyx's combat areas)... or at least tackle them head-on.


And if Onyx IS getting low on power, she can also use “Draw Power” a single time. This will give her a little more reserves to work with, but again, it is a single-use power that will then disappear from her inventory of skills.


At the end of the castle, both parties will have to fight a boss battle. For Onyx, do what you can to stay in glowing form, as it will protect her from her opponent's various digestion and transformation abilities. If swallowed, don't hesitate to use “Stomach Blast” to accelerate the end of the fight!


For the other three girls, before the fight you have a chance to save or re-equip; perhaps equipping your most powerful whips would be in order for Bridget and Jarvess, as that is the second boss' only weakness. As unusual as it may be, for this battle it may be best to rely on Hannah to do the healing with Curative items!





After Onyx saves everyone, again, she is out of action as usual; however the rest of the girls continue the advance on the Capital. Surprise: the joint army of Oscureans and Rebel SlaveGirls succeeds in capturing even the Red Sovereign's Capital city! Only the palace itself remains defended...


Speak to General Raithe to continue, but you can at least save and stock up first if you want to.


Following the conversation, it is decided a small force will attempt to sneak into the palace, led by Hannah, Bridget, and Jarvess. However, following a flash of mysterious memory, Hannah tricks everyone and decides to sneak in all alone, in quest of answers...!




Hannah is alone to make her way through some narrow, dangerous pathways that are being constantly patrolled by male monsters. She is relying on an illusion spell to sneak through, holding very still as an apparent statue, or posing as a ratite, as the sentries walk by. However if she takes on the wrong form, the cursing males will not only see through the illusion and attack her... she will also briefly go catatonic, just long enough for them to curse or devour her...!


Keep a save file going, and as you progress through the passageways, note down what disguises work, what directions are safe, and so on: the pattern will never change from one playthrough to another.


Eventually, Hannah will reach the palace itself, and will discover that the palace's defenders have exterminated themselves already! Unfortunately, the Red Sovereign finds her... and at long last appears to RECOGNIZE her. He casts one more powerful spell...




Let's not spoil the surprise, here... suffice it to say there will be a long interlude here. The army, and Onyx and her other friends, storm the Palace gates. After a long storytelling session, you finally get to face him... the Red Sovereign himself!


For the first fight, you have a chance to equip the girls and apply some buffs; DO so. He attacks with direct damage only, not at all what what would expect from the tyrant leader of depraved Malaterra. Do what damage you can with Holy-based attacks, but have at least one of the healing-capable girls using Healing Boobs or a better version every turn. This way you may defray some of the damage he deals...


For the second fight, it can end up being a very LONG one... but the party will have so much extra assistance that it should be difficult to actually LOSE the fight. For that one, the Red Sovereign does very little actual damage, and relies on multiple cursing abilities; since Onyx is immune at this point, you're not likely to lose! If you want the fight to go faster, focus on damaging the Sovereign, not his limbs. The limbs might get one last strike in after he is defeated, but they will then die.


More shocking events will then play out... including Onyx realizing there is still one last big threat to face. It's not QUITE over yet...




This will be your last safe Haven. You can come back here whenever you want to while you're exploring the final dungeon; good thing, too, because the monsters here are a cut above all the rest! However if you're persistent, you can gear up the girls, ALL of them, with some truly powerful gear. Also, if you were thorough in your exploration of the many Elemental Spirits' dungeons, here is where picking up those ancient scraps will come in useful...


For most of the battles from here on out, “AntiCurse” is your best friend. Most of the enemies here can instant-curse the girls VERY quickly in battle, and some of them can do it to ALL the girls at the same time.


One of the boss battles on the way to your final destination is a damage-only one, but use LoreCheck and you'll have an idea what to do to survive. The optional boss can be tough, but defeating her will allow you to power up the Femininium weapons you can buy at the surface; well worth the GP. And as for the final boss, it's all about resisting or countering curses; keep AntiCurse up on all characters at all times, and have Hannah use Greater De-Curse, or have other girls use a Glowing Restoration Crystal if Onyx gets cursed herself. Don't hesitate to destroy the summoned monsters in the final battle, either!


Latest Reviews - View All Reviews

Review by Seph56

Version reviewed: 2.0.3 on 05/22/2019

Gotta say, as bad as the art is, it really does start to grow on you after a while. Sort of like awful fanfic that KNOWS it's awful but you can tell it's made with love. Combat can be stupid difficult if RNG doesn't like you, especially with stun-curse/eat combos but keep in mind you can be just as unfair to enemies by spamming stuns. This isn't the kind of game you're meant to get super strong and one-shot everything in. You're a girl in a country where everything is designed to fuck you, kill you, or both at the same time, things aren't going to be easy, but if you're smart about it and take your time, it's doable. I do agree that the encounter rate should either be lowered or made totally optional; as it is, battles are more annoying than anything else, especially with how long they can be only to have a second one in just 5 steps or so. Still, cheat engine is an option if you REALLY hate it. 

Review by Shayoko

Version reviewed: 2.0.3 on 01/04/2018


This was a bad experience. between the swearing ruining the dialog, the tedious battles with no option to stop the random ones from happening and the amount of padding (stuff done to increase playtime) i couldn't even finish this.


I would not recommend this. i dropped it.


There is nothing wrong with TBB in general. but there is something wrong when you do not have something to stop them from happening. this isn't a dungeon crawler. yet if a person is playing mainly for the story. then...they have to go through a lot of boring repetitive time wasting battles. had there simply been a accessory accessible from the start that negated random completely. this aspect could of been far more pleasant.

also there are just FAR too many battle skills and items! the main character (when learned everything?) has 34 skills!

and that is one character! I'm not even going to bother counting how many types of healing items and stuff there are!


Putting aside whether it's entertaining or not. the plot is dumb. there is no way around that.

especially when you get to more specific things like why women cannot wear clothes. they keep saying they can't  but never explain why exactly. do the clothes disintegrate? do there bodies refuse to put them on?

a simple detail like that would be far more effective then just saying they can't.

or how about how they say your character is immune to the effects of the Red ????.

she is NOT immune is is RESISTANT!

or often having to do several things to get to a main objective (can be a lot of battles each time....)

just to finally get to the main goal at the time and something go wrong again!?

or your character knowing things that would be common for us. for example wearing clothes or having rights.

how does she have this belief? even if you want to claim the "curse" it still does not change as far as we know she has always been here. and even if she has not always been here...she does not remember anything before the start of the game!

or not being able to revive characters when COUNTRY LEVEL magic exists that controls EVERYONES minds....

in a coutnry with magic they decide to build a long and unsafe long bridge to get into the country instead of a teleporter?!

and if all that was not enough nonsense...how about how a girl turned into a tree,gold or stone can still feel things...

yeah...even without a functioning brain or nerves they can still feel what's happening to them...

Review by Brigantrino

Version reviewed: on 10/21/2017

An amazing game with a challenging battle system focused on instant KO, an intriguing story fueled by lust, comedy, romance, unpredictable protagonists and kinks ,so many kinks.

The graphics and animations are quite retro , but they grow on you after a few hours, like old school Mario, except with less clothing and a few bits hanguing around.

A perfect example that you can't judge a book by it's cover.


Review by avsa18

Version reviewed: on 08/25/2017

The game is interesting, but the art is very bad, the girls look like Rambo with chest

Review by Gromelon

Version reviewed: on 08/23/2017

A great game catering to various extreme fetishes. It's a shame that many players prefer to see standart RPG Maker art for the 100th time, and can't appreciate even moderate battle difficulty.

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