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This game is something I started a while back trying to learn to code, and is written in C# WPF.


The story for the game itself revolves around the idea of an ancient war between two nearly godlike beings with the power to change themselves and those around them. One good, the other Evil, their battles are the stuff of legends across the galaxy. Long dead, their legecy is about to be reborn, leaving the main character at the heart of a turning point in a fate effecting whole worlds.


The engine is still being worked on, but I wanted to throw this out there just to see what kinds of suggestions I could get for it.

#### Change notes######

Been super busy lately, but I managed to make some changes to the system and add a little content. Still ends pretty much with Alexus, but he has more dialog.

-Wearing and removing things has dialog now.

-Hey, its possible to jack Alexus pants now.

-Bug fixes, made some new ones.

#### Change notes######

Not a big update as this week has been brutall at work. Still all backend changes, though I hope to get some content this weekend.


-Testing out a way to set the text from previous interactions in a different color.

-Added a button to clear the history

-Started fleshing out the interaction history system for NPC's.

-The window should be resizable now, though its still not optimal.


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Review by ShadowKitsune

Version reviewed: on 08/13/2015

Would like to play, but i have an old copy. Good for a story starter.

Review by naminenam

Version reviewed: on 01/10/2015

fun gaame but it crashes if you try to save or open a save

Review by dragontamer8740

Version reviewed: on 01/10/2015

Is very nice; too bad it requires windows (not tried mono's .net implementation but it's unlikely to work). Linux users like me and BSD / OS X users as well are left out...

Review by romansampo

Version reviewed: on 01/02/2015

Hi, I still get a crash when I pick Orphan/Military in Character Creation

Review by Caromarger

Version reviewed: 0.1.1 on 12/23/2014

Seems interesting but honestly i dont know why but im crashing every time i click attack on the first encounter

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